Distressed wood accents, antique fabrics, animal prints, warm tones and colors… what’s not to love about the country decorating ideas? 

Country style is wide-ranging and depends on geographic location. For example, there are differences between the French and the U.S. South's ideas of what constitutes country style. Nonetheless, country decor is generally epitomized by rustic furniture, muted colors, and vintage fabrics. In addition to the typical, country decorating ideas implement various animal prints ranging from zebra to cowhides. Countrified interiors may also utilize animal sculptures such as deer, horse, and moose.

Because country designs are organic in nature, they're often confused with, or thought of as, rustic styles. Though many country interiors mimic rustic designs, especially with their use of antiqued woods and darker muted colors, country and rustic should not be used synonymously in the world of interior design

Rustic decor has more muted colors like chocolate brown, rust, deep blue, and forest green, while country decor tends to add more warm tones like canary yellow, royal blue, and cherry red. There are many differences, and many similarities, to these decor styles. Country designs can take on rustic themes, and vice versa. Also, rustic themes tend to play on regional history, small town culture, and geographic features, while country themes have more general categories that spread across cultures and areas. 

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Now that we know what country style is, here are 7 country decorating ideas that bring the heat and show some of the different dimensions of country interior design.

Country Decorating Ideas Interiors Design Log Cabin Style Living Room with Stone Fireplace


There's something about this space that grabs me and refuses to let go. The wooden floors and walls, the large stone fireplace with the mounted moose head, and the antiqued wooden table are all very typical of country home decor. However, the designer added to the organic undertones of the space by incorporating native patterns and prints. The chandelier adds extra lighting in a way that really opens up this interior, while also adding elegance and sophistication. And man, I just love the stonework mixed with the woodwork in this space!

Country Decorating Ideas Interiors Design Living Room with Vaulted Ceiling Large Windows

Via One Kindesign

See? Told you I loved the mix of stone and wood! This living room is typical country style through and through, and it's perfection. The space has layers of natural and organic decor. The fur-like texture of the blanket and pillows, the stone fireplace, the muted natural colors, and the antiqued wooden floors add a natural feel. The dark antiqued wood is why so many people often confuse country style homes with rustic interiors, as this is one characteristic that they can both share. But, if you look at the color of the furniture, it’s a warm brown tone making it a country home.

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Country Decorating Ideas Interiors Design Bedroom with Wood Panelled Walls and Stone Fireplace


Speaking of warm tones, check out this bedroom! Usually I stick to finding designs from one room in the home, but today I had the urge to show you different dimensions of country designs by showing you how they appear in different rooms. This country bedroom is giving me a dungeons and dragons type of feeling. Well, more dungeons than dragons. 

With that being said, I am digging the smallness of the space. Don’t get me wrong, I love wide open spaces when it comes to living rooms and kitchens, but when it comes to bedrooms I feel like they are supposed to be close-knit and comfy. The various antiqued patterns, the wood on the walls and floor, and the stone fireplace are all classic features common in country interiors.

Country Decorating Ideas Interiors Design Wood Stone Kitchen with Large Island

Via Rilane

This country style kitchen’s unrefined and simplistic appeal reveals a more resourceful side to the classic country style. Country styles are not one-trick ponies though; they can be very versatile to fit your taste. Whether you like country style Texas big or Rhode Island small, it can easily be shifted to suit your needs. One thing you may notice is the lighter shade of the wood in this country kitchen decor. This definitely makes it country over rustic, as rustic primarily uses deep wood tones. And, there we are again with the stone and wood combo! I can’t help it, I just love it!

Bring home some Southern charm with these fabulous country style home-spirations!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Thursday, April 14, 2016
Country Decorating Ideas Interiors Design Style Open Concept Kitchen Island Dining Bar Seating

Via Homedit

But here I chose something that doesn't have stonework, just to throw y'all for a loop! This space is a more feminine country interior. It's softer and less robust than some of the other interiors we've seen. The walls are a creamy white, the floors are made from a lighter wood, and the space overall is not as deeply antiqued as other country interiors; it's sleeker. Yet, it still has that warm overtone that country spaces have!

Country Decorating Ideas Modern Country Interiors Design Kitchen Dark Wood Cabinets and Dining Island

Via Hendel

Another beautiful example of warm toned country kitchen ideas is this one! This country interior design has multi-toned floors and cabinets that are simply gorgeous. The smooth marble countertops add elegance and grace. Due to the reduced amount of antiqued wood, I would consider this design to be a modern country interior. Instead of incorporating a chandelier, this country kitchen opted for modern lighting options. Overall, I find this space very appealing and a great modern take on country kitchen designs.

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Country Decorating Ideas Modern Country Interior Designs Dining Room

Via Hendel

This is the dining room that goes with the kitchen from above. You’ll notice the same light floors. Like the kitchen, which you can totally see in the background, the dining room design is a very modern interpretation of country interiors including modern lighting options. And, of course, the use of zebra print is very common in country interiors. The brown and cream color of the fur helps bring more light and warmth to the space, encapsulating the idea of warm toned country decor.

As you can see, country house decor is quite diverse and can vary from room to room, from home to home, or from location to location. Send me some pics of your country style homes. I'd love to see them! Do you prefer the more traditional or modern take on country interior design? Please share and comment to let us know! Thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Decornorth