Remember, the best days end in the dirtiest clothes. Check out these country laundry rooms that will make you want to do your laundry!

I have a love-hate relationship with laundry. I love clean laundry (who doesn’t?), but I hate doing laundry for the most part. My “laundry room” (it isn’t even worthy of being called that) is basically a closet in my bathroom. When you slide the door open, you’ll see my stacked washer and dryer. They are so tiny that if I want to wash my sheets and bedding, I have to do three loads. THREE LOADS! It’s okay, though. My tiny washer and dryer do get the job done - even if it may take all day. I even have enough room in my laundry room closet to hang my mop and broom, and I got creative and pushed the machine over so that I could create much needed laundry storage. Okay, I shouldn’t hate so much on my laundry closet.

On the days when laundry does take me all day, I usually dream of the day when I will have an actual laundry room. I love laundry rooms because that’s the room where disorganization and dirty goes in and clean and tidy comes out. So, since I am living vicariously through this post, I’m going to write about the decor style that I want one day for my future laundry room: rustic and country. If you’re a fan of Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines like me, you may have an idea of what I’m talking about. Being from Texas, I love Joanna’s decor style, her taste in colors, and her love for shiplap and open spaces. She is a fan of clean, crisp, and tidy, and she is the inspiration for my country laundry room.

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Just look at this picture of the Gaines' house. I bet they have a gorgeous laundry room in their 1895 farmhouse!

Country Laundry Rooms with Chip and Joanna Gaines White 1895 Farmhouse

Via At Home

Anyway, let me show y’all some of my favorite country and rustic laundry rooms that you can use as inspiration to decorate your laundry room (or laundry closet)!

Country Laundry Room with Blue Paint and White Shiplap and Modern Appliances

Via DecorPad

So the laundry room I have to show y’all first screams Fixer Upper to me because of the white shiplap on the walls and ceiling. Joanna would be so proud of me. This blue and white color combination is beautiful. The laundry room cabinets and shelves are very country because of the design and woodwork. I love that the owner of this room placed wicker baskets on the shelves as laundry room storage. You can put laundry pods in them! Or maybe place a country plant, like fake bluebonnets, into a rustic vase and have some cute decor. The shelves are a great place to store any laundry room accessories or cleaning/laundry supplies, sheets, etc.! This is a beautiful laundry room, and I love how simple and country-chic it is.

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Country Laundry Room with a Red and White Laundry Room and Brick Flooring

Via DecorPad

This next laundry room is bigger than the blue and white one I showed y’all. It’s still country because of … I’m sure you can guess … the shiplap! Shiplap is common in barn houses, farmhouses, and old country buildings. This laundry room has a modern touch with the granite countertops and updated cabinets. I think the pull-down laundry racks are a gorgeous touch! And practical! The red and white subtle color combination makes me think of a barn, and this laundry room is perfect for a larger family. Take some decor and design ideas from this one!

Country Laundry Rooms with Grey Shiplap and High Ceilings Wicker Baskets Hardwood Flooring


Okay - y’all can totally see my love for shiplap. I’ve watched way too much Fixer Upper. I watch too much TV/Netflix/Hulu in general, but that is a tangent for another day. This laundry room design is my favorite of the three for a couple reasons. This laundry room looks like it belongs in a farmhouse. It has the farmhouse windows, wood flooring, and (of course) shiplap. It is very clean because of the gray paint, and it has a gorgeous modern update with the cabinets and countertops. I love it - even if it is narrow. It’s still way better than my laundry closet. The shelving is a great place to store extra pantry items and spices, and imagine all the things you can put in those drawers! If I could, I’d have this country inspired laundry room in my tiny apartment right now. I don’t need a bathroom, hah. Just kidding, totally need a bathroom.

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Country Laundry Rooms with a Country Shelf for Storage

Via The Home Depot Blog

Do you need laundry storage ideas or are you looking for laundry room wall decor? A shelf will solve all your problems. Some of us (unfortunately) don’t have much space in our laundry room. If this applies to you, you still can add country-chic decor by adding laundry room shelving similar to the photo above! Place wicker and wire baskets and fill them with whatever, and like I said before; add a country plant in a mason jar or a cute vase to create a rustic vibe!

A shelf like this is the perfect way to display your favorite laundry room decor. Hang a laundry room sign above it to tie the decor together! On another note, I really like how the laundry pods are stored in a clear jar. That’s super nifty and better than the huge plastic box that they come in. What a great laundry room organization idea!

Hate doing #laundry? Check out these country laundry rooms for inspiration!

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Are you a huge lover of shiplap, too?! If so, which of these three country laundry rooms was your favorite? Comment to let me know and share your laundry room ideas with me! Also, show this blog to your friends so y’all can live vicariously through these laundry rooms - like me!

**Featured image via Futurist Architecture