Catch some ZZZs and snuggle up in your new cozy bed with these ideas on how to create the perfect comfy bed. You’ll never want to leave your bed ever again!

If you’re like me, you do everything in your bed. I eat, study, sleep, watch movies, do laundry, etc. all on my bed. My bed is my favorite place to be in my house, and over the years, I’ve put a lot of time and money into perfecting it so that it is the comfiest and coziest that it can be!

When I was a freshman in college, I lived in an apartment (thankfully), and so my parents bought me a new full size mattress and bed frame. I bought some cheap pink sheets and a quilt from Target and called it a day, but as each semester passed, I no longer went to the library to study; instead, I studied in my bed. I ate in my bed. If I could sit in my bed and do what needed to be done, that’s where I did it. So after some time, I decided that if this is the place where I was going to spend all my time, I wanted a comfy bed. I wanted my bed to be the comfiest thing on this planet. 

To do that, I bought way better sheets, six new pillows, a headboard, a mattress pad, a down comforter, and throw blankets. I made an investment in my comfortable bed, and I’m constantly on the lookout for ideas on how to make it better. That’s why today I’m going to list some ways to make a cozy bed! Hopefully you’ll read through and find some inspiration and figure out how to make the most comfortable bed ever!

Cozy Bed with Blush Pink Bed in Messy Bedroom with Lots of Pillows Fireplace and Candles


Check out the bed in the photo above. This is a pretty good representation of how my bed looks now (except that I have a headboard). Though my bed is typically made, it has all of these elements. This bed is inviting, and it’s the type of bed that you could just crawl into and crash. Layers are important in creating a comfy bed! Layer your blankets, and layer your pillows! Invest in the most comfortable mattress for you, and don’t forget about getting a good, soft set of comfortable bedding! These things are the basics for creating a cozy bed in a cozy bedroom! This is the goal for a cozy bed because remember, we’re trying to create the most comfortable bed in the world.

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Cozy Bed with Perfect Bed Diagram and Cat

Via Trulia

For some more inspiration, I found this cool article that will show you how to build the perfect bed. It tells you how to align your pillows depending on your bed size, among other nifty little things! Check it out here.

Now, onto how to create the comfiest bed you’ve ever had!

1. Get a soft headboard.

Cozy Bed with Pink Soft Headboard and Pink Bedding White Furniture

Via Rita Chan Interiors

It took me 3 years to buy a headboard, and I am constantly wondering why it took me so long. I have a headboard that is very similar to the one in this photo. Mine is also soft, and that was something that I was looking for. I wanted a soft headboard because I hate when you accidentally hit your head against a hard one. Ouch. I also like to lean back against my headboard when I’m studying or watching a movie and eating popcorn. There are so many different types and styles of soft headboards. I highly recommend one if you are interested in building the most comfortable bed ever. Find one that is right for you and your design style.

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2. Find the perfect blanket(s) and pillows.

Cozy Bed with White Anthropologie Stitched Kantha Coverlet

Via Anthropologie

There are two things about this photo that I want to talk about. First, I want to comment on the number of pillows. I think pillows are essential to creating a cozy bed (the more the merrier!). My bed has 6 of the most comfortable bed pillows ever, and I like to position them in a shape similar to a bracket (like this symbol: “[“) when I’m going to sleep because it’s like a mini pillow fort. I sleep right between all those pillows, and let me tell you, it’s so comfy.

Second, check out that Stitched Kantha Coverlet. This particular silk cotton coverlet is made from a running stitch. Now, I’m more a big fluffy down comforter kind-of-gal, but I think using a coverlet would be a great way to create a cozy bed. Blankets are still something I’m working on. You’ll see what I mean below.

3. Purchase a soft throw blanket for layering purposes.

Cozy Bed with Dark Gray Knit Blanket Cup of Coffee Croissant Book Pillows

Via Brit + Co

Now, this is something that I personally don’t have but am seriously thinking about purchasing for my cozy bed. Knit blankets are all the rage right now because they’re incredibly soft, snuggly, and warm. If you already have one of these, please let me know what you think of it. I think it would be an amazing addition to my really comfy bed!

4. Hang string lights for a calming effect.

Cozy Bed with Huge Bedroom Window and String of Lights on Ceiling Teal Walls White Ceiling

Via Homedit

I love strings of lights. There is something about them that is incredibly calming and soothing. Maybe because they remind me of nighttime? Christmas tree lights? I’m not sure. This particular photo embodies everything that I love in a chain of lights. I love when they are draped across a ceiling like this, especially high ceilings (I love high ceilings). They remind me of stars in the night sky when they’re positioned like this. What better way to make your bed feel cozy than looking up at these gorgeous string lights and feeling calm?

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5. Take advantage of the view.

Cozy Bed with Window View of Autumn Trees


If you have a huge bedroom window overlooking an amazing view, take advantage of it. I would die for something like this! Waking up to a beautiful view of fall foliage sounds so ideal and comforting. Position your bed to look out that window and take in that gorgeous view!

6. Snuggle up with your pet.

Cozy Bed with Cat and Person Jumping on Bed

Via teal + tea blog

What is a comfy bed without a fur baby? 🙂

Relax in your new soft and cozy bed, and wake up refreshed. Let me know what ideas you have on how to create a comfy bed. Share with your friends so y’all can collaborate!

**Featured image via Endlessly Inspired