Love quaint and cozy home decor? Cottage style decorating might be right up your alley! This home style is simple and inviting, and will stand the test of time. 

I’ve noticed that I love researching home decor that I feel reflects the personalities of my friends and family. Anybody out there with me? Lately, I’ve been really digging cottage style decorating a lot because I feel that this style fits with the personality of one of my closest friends, Christa. Christa is the definition of soft, sweet, and loyal. Something about cottage home decor has this soft, cozy style that truly makes me think of her. So, what I’m trying to say is if Christa was a house, she’d be a warm and quaint country cottage home! And no, I don’t think it is at all odd that I like to imagine my friends as houses.

Now, cottage decor is a rather general home decor term that encompasses a wide array of styles. For today, we will be focusing on country cottage home decor. Why? Because, like I said, if my friend Christa was a house, she’d be a country cottage style home. Anyway, let’s continue onward with our country cottage style decorating escapade.

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Cottage Style Decorating Table Setting Cottage Decor with Quaint Prints Antiques and Flowers

Via Tidbits & Twines

For me, whenever I think of country cottage, I think of displayed antique china, floral and checkered prints, flowers, rustic touches, and shabby chic decor. I personally find this style very inviting and cozy because of the delightful cottage feel it gives, hence the name country cottage. I love the way this table setting incorporates checkered tablecloths, china, and a gorgeous flower arrangement. This decor definitely embraces that cozy, rustic style! Doesn’t it just make you feel like you’re inside a cozy cottage in the middle of the country?

Cottage Style Decorating Bedroom Decor with a Muted Color Scheme and Flower Prints

Via Better Homes & Gardens

Here’s a great example of a country cottage style bedroom. Take note of the soft, muted color scheme. When it comes to this style of home decor, it’s okay to embrace a soft (or even all-white) color palette. This bedroom features crisp eggshell whites, warm creams, and tonal blue-grays. The room is very feminine and charming because of the floral prints and textured ruffles used in the textiles of the bedroom. The key to incorporating country cottage themes in a bedroom is to always incorporate warmth and comfort whether it be through the colors or textiles. What I’m trying to say here is if it’s not cozy, it’s not cottage style decorating.

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Cottage Style Decorating Combo Home Decor with a Muted Color Scheme Rustic DIY Bed Frame and Chandelier


Now look at this lovely space that also features soft, muted colors. This is a rustic glam space that I wouldn’t mind living in. The first thing that caught my attention in this gorgeous shot was the rustic headboard. Rustic pieces, like the headboard, can add to that cozy lived-in look that is customary of country cottage decor. In other words, when it comes to cottage style decorating, age is beauty. In the words of Better Homes & Gardens, “The comfort of a country cottage comes from the timeworn patina of age. Wear from repeated use hints at the generations of families who have come before you.” Well said, BHG!

Additionally, something else that catches my eyes in this country cottage space is the amazing chandelier hanging over the bed. Although in no way, shape, or form is the chandelier ‘rustic,' it is a beautiful contribution that adds a unique, feminine touch to this country cottage. Whenever you style your country cottage homes, consider incorporating antique rustic pieces with traditional pieces like the chandelier. As rustic and cozy as country cottage home decor is, it’s visually nice and pleasing to the eyes to incorporate glam pieces in this style to add subtle touches of elegance.

Cottage Style Decorating Cottage Home Decor with a Blue Color Scheme Floral Prints and French Doors


What I love most about this country cottage bedroom is the use of vibrant reds throughout the textiles. Floral prints are a common sight in the country cottage world. So for all you floral print lovers, cottage style decorating may be perfect for you! However, don’t let the excitement of floral prints go to your head. Keep in mind that you still need to have balance and tranquility in your country cottage decorating ideas. Remember: country cottages are all about cozy, relaxing spaces!

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Cottage Style Decorating with Floral Prints and Pink and Mint Color Scheme

Via myLusciousLife

I think the biggest reason why floral prints are so suitable for country cottage home decor is because cottage decorating embraces natural elements like rustic woods and flowers. Since the origin of country cottage home decor is farm cottages, it's easy to see why it often gives hints of country living. For that reason, flowers, rustic woods, checkered prints, and cozy linens are perfect for country cottage interiors.

Cozy Country Cottage...try saying that five times fast! Or, take the easier route and peek at decor that uses soft colors and light prints we can't help but crush on!

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Cottage Style Decorating Sitting Space with a Muted Color Scheme Floral China and Quaint Accessories

Via House to Home

So whether you incorporate country cottage home influences in your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or bathroom, just remember to incorporate prints, textiles, and accessories that have the feel of country living. Keep your spaces serene, airy, and cozy. Cottage living is supposed to be simplistic and charming. So when it comes to this home decor style, just remember turn down the drama and turn up the charm. Because I mean, seriously, what’s more charming than living in a country cottage?

Do you love the quaint coziness of cottage style decorating as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below! And, if you have a friend, like my friend Christa, who reminds you of country cottage home decor, be sure to share this post with them as well. Remember, sharing is caring!

**Featured image via On Trend Interior Design