I’m no craft beer connoisseur, but I do know that each sip tastes different according to the type of beer and glass you’re drinking from! 

Hello! For those of you who have read my past posts, you probably know I love a good glass of vino every now and then (with dinner every night). My favorites are Sauv for a white and Cab for a red...you can usually find me nibbling on cheese and drinking one or the other if you stop by my house after 6 pm. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is an avid beer drinker and prior to dating him I wouldn’t touch the stuff! The very thought reminded me of the nasty, carbonated, yellow, water-like stuff that they serve at frat parties and I was just NOT down. He assured me it was definitely not the same taste I was imagining and that was because he wasn’t sipping on beers like Keystone, but had moved onto bigger (in price) and better things: craft beer. Scratch out anything that comes in a can (for the most part) and picture something that looks a little bit more like this:

Craft Beer Bottles Shelves Liquor Store Grocery IPA 99 Bottles of Beer On The Wall Drinks Happy Hour 5 O’Clock Somewhere

Via Rudy's

Anyway, he would pour his fancy bottle out into a glass and I gradually tried them out. After several attempts and tries, I found which beers I liked and which ones I didn’t. Eventually, my palette acquired the taste and now you can often find me shopping the craft beer aisle. With this sudden branching out happening in my life—something I don’t usually do—I learned a few things.

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Have you ever taken a sip of red wine from a white wine glass and noticed a difference in taste that you weren’t expecting? This just in—there’s a reason for that! Likewise, with each and every style of beer a different glass should be used to get the most out of its flavor. I mean, you’ve got ales, lagers, porters, stouts, the list goes on and on and on. If you’re interested you can click here for an extensive infographic! It will astound you. The bottom line is that even though my boyfriend had told me the difference was in the glass, I was skeptical until he poured a little bit in two different cups, one right and one wrong, and I could taste a huge difference!

The glass guide shown below is just a simple rundown of what types of beer should go in which glass. Though this doesn’t cover all of the glassware you might use, these are the basic six types of sippers you’ll want to sip from!

Craft Beer Glass Guide Pint Snifter Tulip Pilsner Weizen Mug Special Glasses Keg Bar Happy Hour IPA India Pale Ale Liquor

Via The Jax Beer Guy

This is not a marketing tool like I thought it to be at one time, it’s the real deal. Some craft brewing companies even engineer a special glass for a specific beer they’ve made. These peeps don’t mess around! I know, I know...you’re probably saying to yourself “I don’t have these glasses,” I say to you “get them." In your head, pick the best beer, the one that you like most, match it to one of the styles above, and get that one glass. Once you do that, do a taste test, and make sure you tell me if you can tell a difference!

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Craft Beer Different Glasses Tulip Pilsner Weizen

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Aside from the pint, snifter, tulip, pilsner, weizen, and mug shown in that infographic I showed not too long ago, there are a couple of other glasses you can use that almost everyone has on hand in the cupboard. Oversized wine glasses and a champagne flute. Beer in a wine glass and champagne flute? Yep! It works just as well. A big Olivia Pope-sized wine glass works well with Belgian Ales and typically serves as a replacement for a tulip or goblet. The flute enhances carbonation and aromas. You won’t have to say goodbye to those precious bubbles with this glass!

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For an extensive list that showcases what beer to use in what glass, click here. It's super helpful! Once you figure it all out, throw a beer tasting party! I want to know what you guys think. Have you tried this out? If not, go to the store and get yourself a good beer (I tend to like anything Lagunitas or Dogfish Head) and test it out in different glasses! You can literally taste the difference. Thanks for reading, everyone! Share and comment below!

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