Don’t have enough storage space? Store your stuff in plain sight with these creative storage ideas and decorate with things you’d usually hide away. 

As an apartment dweller, I know the perils of having small storage space. In my kitchen, I currently have stacks of cups sitting out on my limited counter area because I have even more limited cabinet capacity! Not having enough room to store all your stuff is frustrating, but all that lack of space has inspired me. I may not be blessed with storage space, but I do have lots of empty walls! And as people say: where there’s a wall, there’s a way!

Oh… people don’t say that? Well they should! If you have even a little bit of wall space, you can decorate with things you’d normally store away. I know the idea of storage in plain sight may sound silly, but give the idea a chance!

Creative Storage Ideas Coffee Mug Storage Coffee Station Pallet Upcycle Pallet Shelf Reuse Tea

Via Mike D Carpentry

My roommates have a supply of seemingly never-ending coffee mugs and other extraneous coffee products. As a non-coffee drinker myself, I don’t really understand why they need 50 different mugs when, let’s be honest, they use the same three or four every week. Regardless, most people have a collection of mugs, but don’t want to use all their cabinet space storing them! One option is to attach hooks to the underside of your cabinet or wall and hang the mugs from their handles. However, I think my favorite storage idea (and by far the most stylish) is to repurpose an old pallet into a coffee storage station. By adding hooks and shelves to a pallet, you can store all your coffee mugs, beans, and other items all in one spot! Not only does it look cool, but you’re also being green by upcyling a pallet. Go you!

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Creative Storage Ideas Fruit Wall Hanging Fruit Produce Food Garden Bananas Apples Flowers

Via Design Milk

Don’t stop there! Your coffee storage isn’t the only thing that can double as decoration. Get your fruit off the counter with a fruit wall! This creative kitchen storage product turns your fruit into living art. Not only is it attractive, this nifty shelf also helps you keep track of how much you have and what fruit you need to get next time you run to the store. How convenient!

Creative Storage Ideas Pegboard Yarn Wall Storage Yarn Knit Crochet Yarn Art Craft

Via Knits for Life

I may not be a coffee drinker, but I am an avid crafter. This past year I have taken up knitting and crocheting and it’s opened up a whole new world of craft storage issues. I thought keeping track of all my paints was hard, but keeping up with yarn is worse! Between leftover yarn from finished projects and impulse sale purchases, my yarn supply is quickly getting out of hand… and I can’t keep track of what I have when it’s tucked away in boxes. Insert what yarn enthusiasts are calling “the world’s best yarn storage idea.” All you need is some pegboard and hooks - instant yarn storage that looks like art!

There are a lot of craft room storage ideas out there, but this is by far one of the most clever storage ideas I’ve ever seen. The best part about this storage solution is that you can make it anything you want or need it to be. Your pegboard can take up the whole wall or just a small portion. That’s the beauty of DIY storage ideas - they’re completely customizable to you!

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On another note, how awesome is pegboard?! It’s not just for the garage anymore! Now you can buy shelves and baskets specifically made for pegboard - so your options are endless! You can mount your craft supplies, jewelry, artwork, or whatever you want. You can even have a garden wall with pots that attach to pegboard! Anything that can hang or sit on a shelf or in a basket can be stylishly stored on pegboard.

Creative Storage Ideas Hat Wall Art Storage Fedora DIY Storage

Via Eat Sleep Wear

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a hat person. I love all kinds of hats: baseball caps, fedoras, cowboy hats… You name it, I’ve probably worn it at least once. Depending on the hat, they can be a bit difficult to store without smashing them and a smashed hat is not a good hat! Why have your hats take up valuable closet space when, let’s face it, hats are pieces of art?! They belong on the wall! With this DIY storage solution, all you need is a wall, some hooks, and your hats. Instant hat art! How cool is that? You can free up closet space and make your room more stylish all in one swoop!

Creative Storage Ideas Toilet Paper Cloud Storage Concrete Bathroom Toilet Tissue Bathroom Storage

Via Homeli

Your living spaces aren’t the only places for creative storage! Bathrooms are notorious for not having enough storage space. Toilet paper can take up loads of precious cabinet space, especially if you buy it in bulk like me (less trips to the store - yes!). If you’ve got space next to your toilet, you could always use the standard upright toilet paper container… but that’s no fun! If you’re running low on floor space, try out something like this toilet paper cloud. Not only does the cloud get your toilet paper off the floor or out of the cabinet, it’s super stylish, too!

Alternatively, you could DIY a similar version out of an old picture frame and a few scrap pieces of wood. Be sure to use enough scrap wood to make the frame deep enough to house your toilet paper. Plus, anything inside a frame counts as artwork, right?

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Creative Storage Ideas Bathroom Storage Hanging Baskets Towels Toiletries DIY Storage

Via Her Beauty

Need more bathroom storage ideas? Toilet paper isn’t the only item in the bathroom that can double as decoration! Almost anything looks better in a basket... and by hanging baskets on the wall, they look even better! Wrangle your loose items like hand towels, soaps, and lotions in these bathroom wall baskets and you won’t have to worry about them getting lost in your cabinets or taking up counter space.

Creative Storage Ideas Game Board Art Storage Games DIY Storage

Via Infarrantly Creative

Last, but certainly not least, is one of my favorite creative storage solutions. I’ve seen a lot of toy storage ideas, but this one takes the cake! Board games turned into wall art! It’s the simplicity that gets me on this one: the board goes in the picture frame and the pieces are put in baggies attached to the back. No more crushed boxes. No more awkward games of Tetris as you try to fit all the games in the closet. Everything about this storage solution is perfect!

I love taking what I already have and turning it into something beautiful. The fact that this can be done with storage is simply astounding! How do you stylishly store things in plain sight? I’d love to hear your cool storage ideas! Share and comment below!

**Featured image via Honestly WTF