You’ll fall head over heels in love with these sweet Valentine’s Day nails. It’ll be love at first sight—guaranteed! 

Hey, friends! I’ve been obsessed with doing my nails lately. To be honest, I never used to do my nails because I was SO bad at upkeep. I tend to chip my nails quickly and I very much dislike having to wait for my nails to dry because, well, ain’t nobody got time for that! In all seriousness, I treat my hands like tools so I’m prone to breaking my nails, chipping them, and smudging wet paint.

But lately, I’ve been obsessed with shellac and I love getting my nails done or doing them myself. Even if I’m not super gussied up, if my nails are done and I have a tinted lip gloss on, I feel girly and feminine. So for today’s blog post, I have some ultra-fun, girly, and chic Valentine’s Day nail ideas that we can all heart! (That was cheesy, but bear with me!!)

Valentine’s Day Nails Pink White Black DIY Nail Art Gold Heart Ring Valentine Day Nail Inspiration

Via Your Style Journey

This gorgeous nail idea is so fun and unique. For starters, let’s talk about that fun black and white statement nail—y’all know which one I’m talking about! What I love about this nail design is that the black and white provides a bold contrast to the gorgeous ombre pink nails. Also the beaded gold accent nail? So fun!

Valentine’s Day Nails Navy Red White Nail Design DIY Nail Art Ideas Valentine Day Inspiration

Via Beauty Frizz

What I love about these Valentine’s nails is that they are different from the typical pink or red Valentine’s nail art. Sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different. If you love this cute design, take this photo to your local nail shop and get ‘err done (or, if you’ve got skills, do it yourself)!

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Valentine’s Day Nails Rose Pink Nail Art Manicure Nail Designs Valentine Day Inspiration Nails Inc London

Via So Nailicious

Back to classic pink nails, I love the little rosettes on these baby pink nails. The detail in this nail art is absolutely stunning. If you love feminine nails, are a HUGE fan of rosettes, and would describe your style as “classic English rose,” then these sweet nails just might be right up your alley.

Valentine’s Day Nails XOXO Nail Art Pink White Glitter DIY Valentine Day Manicure Happy Valentines Day

Via Fab Nail Art Designs

These nails make me think of one thing: Gossip Girl. Did anybody else get the Gossip Girl vibe from these fun and trendy nails? Come on, friends… think, “XOXO… Gossip Girl.” Anyway, I love the mix of colors in this nail art with the pink and white, and sprinkling of glitter.

Valentine’s Day Nails Light Pink Nail Polish with Glitter Accents DIY Nail Art Valentine Day Inspiration

Via Nails by Arvonka

I love how the pink glitter looks with the light pink in this gorgeous manicure. This is exactly my taste and I will probably give this Valentine’s nail design a try this year. The only thing I might change is moving the all pink glitter accent nail from the index finger to the ring finger.

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Valentine’s Day Nails Red and White Nail Art Design Valentine Day Manicure Inspiration

Via Nail Art Love

Last but not least, check out these fun red and white nails. If your personal taste is something dramatic, then you’re definitely going to love these nails! If I had to come up with a few words to describe this Valentine's nail design, I would say: color pop, contrast, and well… fun! If you were to wear a little black dress (oh, the classic LBD!!) on V-day, then these fun nails might add a nice color pop to your outfit.

Are you as in love with these Valentine’s Day nails as we are? Let us know in the comments below. Also, spread the love by sharing this post on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever your heart desires. Seriously, we’d appreciate it a ton. Thank you for reading, and from FurnishMyWay to you, Happy (early) Valentine’s Day!

**Featured image via POPSUGAR