Tight on space and those pesky wooden doors getting in your way? Swap them out with curtain doors! They’re cute, sleek, and save you some much-needed space!

Hello lovely readers! I don’t know about you guys, but I hate when the doors in my apartment get in my way. Like, I can’t put a dresser or a shelf in a certain spot because of the door. Sometimes that’s the only place I can fit my desk, and it frustrates me. Or, like in one of my apartments, there wasn’t a pantry door - just an open space leading to the pantry and laundry room. I didn’t like that at all. So I made the best of all of those situations and installed curtains instead! Let me tell you, it can actually look very pretty, and if you choose well, curtain doors can fit perfectly with your decor; and you can have all the space you crave, while still having a 'door!'

I have a few examples of what I am talking about, and I’ll show you how you can incorporate curtains for doors into your home easily and how great they can look!

Curtain Doors Bedroom Closet Open Concept Curtains Designs and Ideas

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I have done this a few times. Sometimes closet doors are ugly or get in the way. Like I said earlier, I have had several apartments that were poorly shaped and I couldn’t set my desk in the one spot it would fit without the door hitting it. So, the door just had to go.

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It’s really easy to install door panel curtains too, so it’s not like it took a long time to fix. You can add in curtains that match your decor, like these double door curtains here. This looks so elegant, and fits well with the style of the bedroom. The only doors that would go there would be folding doors or mirrored doors, and they would not work with this decor style at all. So glad they went with curtain doors instead.

Curtain Doors in Bedroom Little Girls Room Colorful Organized Closet

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I love the difference between these curtain doors and the first curtain closet. The first one had the curtains on the inside of the closet, and this one has them on the outside. These are for a kid’s room so the door curtains are whimsical and cute, whereas the ones above are sleek and more ‘adult’ if you will. 

I think these are a great idea for kid’s rooms, especially little kids, because I know as a child I constantly pinched my hands on my closet doors. This would stop all of that. Talk about being kid-friendly! They are easy to install and easy to use. All the child has to do is pull the curtain closed and there is no risk of smashing or pinching any fingers. I also love this because you can use the curtains as part of the decor, and as they outgrow the style, you can easily change them out. Way easier than painting.

Curtain Doors in Bathroom Organized Linen Closet Freestanding Bathtub Wall Art Plants


Who said the bedroom is the only place for closet door curtains? If you have a closet space in your bathroom for linens or other items, you can definitely put up curtains in place of the door. I love how this looks. There would be no door to fit in this place at all, but the curtains are so elegant and beautiful. It really gives a spa-like vibe to this super awesome bathroom. I especially love that they chose two curtain door panels here, and made them so you can tie them open like this.

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Another sheer layer behind those two would have also been a lovely addition. You could do something similar even if your linen space has a door. It looks so much more relaxing than a regular door, don’t you think? Also, I love the Pothos in the window by the tub. Great place for a good indoor plant!

Curtain Doors to Pantry CrockPot Bottled Water Potatoes Onions Dining Room

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You can even put up door panel curtains in your kitchen. Pantry doors can get in the way, especially if you have a very small kitchen. Solve that problem easily by taking those bulky doors off the hinges and installing some pretty curtains instead. You can put up sleek double curtain doors like this one here if you have a larger doorway into your pantry.

I love how this is set up. I  love the contrast between the light walls and the dark kitchen door curtains. I don’t know what the rest of the space looks like, but I really enjoy the contrast. You could easily do something like this in any space where you want a nice contrast, or you can go with something more subtle and soft, like organza or lace curtains.

Curtain Doors to Pantry White Kitchen Scandinavian Design Stand Mixer Hardwood Floors

This is similar to the curtain doors that I put up to close off my pantry. There wasn't a door, but I also had a washer and dryer in that space and I needed something to cut off some of the sound. So, I installed a door curtain panel and it was the best thing ever! Mine was a contrasting single door curtain; it was a bright lime green zebra that went with my living room decor, but I do love how soft and pretty this one is. It blends in well with the rest of the light space. 

You don’t always have to put up double curtains if you won’t want to, and especially if you don’t have the space. This shows that even a single curtain door can look beautiful in the right space.

There you have it! Some great ways to save space by using curtain doors! Have you ever used curtains for a door? What do you think? I love that they can save you some space, and look great too! Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

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