Curtain walls aren’t only for commercial high rises anymore. Add this stunning feature to your home and experience the best of indoor-outdoor living. 

I have a serious love for curtains walls and I believe that everyone should consider them for any new home design. I have a feeling there’s at least one person reading this right now that’s thinking, why in the world would you want me to have a wall full of curtains? You’re probably thinking about having to deal with all the curtains, where to get them, and whether or not I have gone completely insane. Well, I can’t verify that I am sane (I mean, who can really?), but I’m not talking about fabric curtains. I’m talking about a glass curtain wall.

An architectural curtain wall is “an outer covering of a building in which the outer walls are non-structural, but are merely designed to keep weather out.” These types of walls are typically seen in commercial buildings, but don’t let that shy you away from the idea of putting one in your own home! I mean, if they look this cool on a business or school, how cool will they look on your home?

For those of you still questioning my sanity, the lake house pictured below is the ultimate example. It shows exactly why glass curtain walls are a great architectural feature. Doesn’t it just give you this overall feeling of serenity? Almost, like you are actually a part of nature. You can wake up in the morning and instantly see the sunrise, nature, and best of all, be in the comforts of your home and not in a tent. It’ll feel like you're always on a camping trip, without dealing with all the bug bites or poison ivy!

Curtain Wall on Modern Single Room Lake House with Wrap Around Deck and Patio
Curtain Wall on Modern Single Room Lake House With Wood Flooring and Stove Heater

Lake house images via desire to inspire

The main reason I love glass curtain walls is because they allow you to interact with exterior spaces. Integrating interior and exterior spaces gives you the ability to create remarkable places where you can entertain. Personally, I think it would motivate me to stop watching Netflix and go outside for at least a little while. Especially if I had this lake house. Hello, gorgeous! I would seriously feel like I was always camping. Check out that stove! It totally adds to the feel of camping! Who wants to go with me?

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The residential example below demonstrates perfectly the combining of exterior and interior spaces. Having the kitchen open to the patio really brightens the kitchen area and makes it feel so much more spacious. It’s perfect for cookouts and gives you more room to accommodate guests. Friends and family can enjoy the outdoors, while still staying connected to the indoors. Plus, this is the perfect place for a backyard bash. Party on, folks!

Curtain Wall in Spacious Semi-Outdoor Kitchen Leading to Backyard Patio with Mismatched Deck Chairs

Via desire to inspire

Kitchens aren’t the only good place for a curtain wall. Any other gathering space such as the living room, game room, or dining room, is ideal for a curtain wall. In homes where privacy isn’t an issue, they even blend well in bathrooms and bedrooms. I love the idea of a curtain wall in the bedroom. If I still lived way out in the country, I would totally have glass curtain walling. I just love the thought of having the sun peek into my room every day through the giant glass curtain wall. I would get so much done!

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Curtain Wall in Bedroom and Dining Room Kitchen Area and Stairway at Ansley Glass House

Image via World House Design

Growing up I spent a lot of my time at my grandparents' home. They lived in an L-shaped house with one extended curtain wall along the backside. The curtain walling opened up the main living room, den, hot tub room, and master bedroom to the back patio and underground pool. The house was situated on a corner lot, almost a full acre, so the yard was surrounded by a 10 foot wooden fence maintaining the privacy of the home.

Having the curtain wall maximized the use of space. You could leave all the sliding doors open and it would create one big functional space between the patio and the surrounding interior. Thus, began my admiration for this amazing architectural feature. To me, it’s aesthetically pleasing and I love to be able to view the outdoors as much as possible.

Hopefully after hearing what I have to say you are now on board with my invisible barriers notion. Even for someone like me who enjoys traditional styles more than contemporary ones, I would make an exception just to incorporate a curtain wall into my home.

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**Featured image via HomeMyDesign