I’ve learned two lessons about making the most of your space and they are: curtains and area rugs. You’ll be shocked at what these simple tricks will do for your home! 

Hello! I have three things to share with y’all today. The first one is pretty straight to the point so I’ll cover that one first—this is the 50th blog I’ve written for FurnishMyWay! It’s on the corner of crazy and scary how fast time is flying by. Someone please tell me how to make life slow down! Ok. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I have two other very important things to tell you about. If you’re tight on space but love a chic look, then keep reading. If neither applies, still read and enjoy my 50th blog. 😉

Generally speaking, I think it’s safe to assume we all have windows and floors in our homes, as well as a desire to make our interiors look as amazing as possible. Now I know what they say when you assume, but I’m willing to overlook that and bet those are pretty accurate statements! From a home decor perspective, the inside (and outside, but for now we’re focusing inward) of a house should be decorated with the intent of making it look bigger. Space is often the most coveted property of, well, a property...so it’s important to take advantage of all that is available to us. Making the most of square footage can be done with the help of these two components: curtains and area rugs. For our purposes, these two are pretty much considered best friends. But remember this: it’s not just about having them, it’s about what you do with them.

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Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, April 24, 2017

Curtains will be our starting point today, ladies and gents. Windows are our friends and we want our friends to be stylish and luxe, which is exactly what they’re transformed into when you throw some fabric on ‘em! Ok, let me clarify—don’t just go to Jo-Ann’s and bring a bolt of fabric home to be hung over and around the window...I’m talking wonderful, beautiful, long curtains!

Custom is usually best so the measurements are precise, but if your budget doesn’t allow for that always go for longer lengths. I’ll tell you why, and this is the real reason I’m even talking about them today, curtains should go from the ceiling to the floor. I know, I know, that might sound like an exaggeration but it’s not! The only thing that is exaggerated is the height of your ceiling. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a closer look.

Curtains and Area Rugs Height Length Elongate Illusion Fabric Tall Ceilings Home Decor Interior Design Decorator Red and White

Via Country Living

Same window, same ceiling height...and no the ceilings did not grow, but the curtain rod hung at ceiling height makes the window appear bigger, ceilings higher, and therefore home larger! Don’t you love styling tricks?

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Take a look at the finished product of a top-to-bottom curtain situation in this living area below. There’s something about it that looks SO much better than curtains hung at a lower level. Just as in the diagram above, the fabric should touch the ground to achieve the full effect. Side note: love these modern curtains!

Curtains and Area Rugs Living Room Interior Design Styling Tricks Home Decor Area Rug White Table Couch Pillow Cushions Den

Via Brit + Co

As I said before...curtains and area rugs = besties. Where one goes, the other follows. Even in the example of curtains I just talked about, an area rug is present! Now, it’s important to consider all of the things that can make something that seems so right, look so wrong. With curtains, placement is pretty simple: the higher you hang them, the higher your ceilings will seem. But, with area rugs, there are more boundaries and guidelines to follow to create the aesthetic you want, with the space you have. This diagram will tie all of this together when you see how each room looks depending on where you place the rug.

Curtains and Rugs Placement Pros and Cons Dos and Donts Living Room Bedroom Dining Table Furniture Optimal Interior Design Home Decor


If you take a look at each room shown, it is pretty obvious what looks good and what doesn’t! The labels just confirm our suspicions! Now that we know where to put an area rug, we have to consider what will be most pleasing to the eye. Everyone is different in this department because not everyone has the same taste. I prefer more muted tones for, let’s say, a couch—grays, browns, creams, etc. whereas others love BRIGHT, colorful rugs. The reason I like neutrals is because I’m constantly changing things around in my house and it’s easier when I don’t have to consider the color of my sofa to do so...but that’s just me!

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I like area rugs that bring something extra to the table (i.e. floor). Texture, pattern play, hue...all of these are important to think about! Area rugs or mats should be bold enough in their design to make a statement, but not so daring as to go out of style next month. These carpets are not only expansive, but they can be expensive. In fact, I advise against getting cheap rugs just because they’re cheap and decent looking. Quick example: growing up, my great grandma had several oriental rugs in her house and just kept buying them to switch out every now and then. One thing to know about those is that they are not cheap—they are a definite investment. Years later, the proof is in my mom’s living room as I type, because she ended up with one of them and it looks awesome! A great area rug should be treated as a home decor investment!

Curtains and Area Rugs Gray Couch Sofa Living Room Home Decor Sectional Nesting Table Hardwood Flooring Artwork Throw Blanket

Via Webneel

I love that this rug is subtle, but not unseen. It looks great with the rest of the decor in this living room and is perfectly placed! What do y’all think about this pic? P.S. I’m obsessing over that sectional.

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Remember these styling tips when you begin the hunt for the perfect curtain-rug pairing. They work in favor of each other, not to mention of your home! The pickings are not slim...in fact, now that you know the rules (thanks to those handy diagrams) the hardest part is going to be narrowing down options and making the ideal selection for you! Thin rugs or thick rugs, light curtains or bright curtains...as always, if you love what you’re living in, then that’s really all that matters. 

Before I sign off, I hope you all are inspired to lift those curtain rods, buy rugs to place, and love your home more than ever! Good luck! Comment with thoughts, below!

**Featured image via Emily Henderson