He’s a villain, he’s a dad, he’s Darth Vader. Photographer Pawel Kadysz puts things in perspective, proving Darth is just like you and me! 

Have you ever wondered what movie characters do on the day-to-day? Assuming we live in a world where movie roles are real and there's life beyond the script, what would Elle Woods or Katniss Everdeen be doing right this second?

Photographer Pawel Kadysz has given the subject some thought and has even taken it a step further by showcasing what Darth Vader does in his spare time. In this case, it looks like he’s pretty excited about vacuuming! But, then again, who wouldn’t be pumped to do such a fun task?! Vader can come vacuum my house any day...it is my absolute least favorite house chore.

Darth Vader House Cleaning Pawel Kadysz Yellow Vacuum Chores Routine Clean Up Wood Floors Hardwood Flooring Star Wars Selfies

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Kadysz titled his series of Star Wars inspired selfies, Daily Life of Darth Vader, a name that means exactly what it says! The point of the album is to show us that this villain does the same ol’ mundane tasks as we do—he just does it with a mask on. Take this for instance:

Darth Vader Brushing His Teeth Pawel Kadysz Routine Dental Hygiene White Sink Bathroom Decor Star Wars Toothbrush Toothpaste
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“We never think of movie characters like they were regular people. And they are. With different life goals, obviously, but they’re just people,” Kadysz told Mashable. He continued by saying, “Hannibal Lecter had to shower. John Doe from Se7en probably had to do the dishes. And Darth Vader has to do groceries."

Darth Vader Goes To The Grocery Store Pawel Kadysz Death Star Market Fruits and Veggies Bananas Receipt Star Wars Black Leather Gloves Shopping

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Pawel Kadysz proved his statements to be true with this very persuasive photo of Darth doing what we all do, checking the receipt post-groc. I can’t help but laugh at some of these pictures because not only are they funny, they’re true. We all do these things, but it’s comical to see it all being done by a Sith Lord. I mean, where are the lightsabers and talking robots? Perhaps D.V. is contemplating the same thing whilst camping!

Darth Vader Goes On a Camping Trip Pawel Kadysz The Great Outdoors Camp Outside Tent Forest Trees Star Wars Nature Chillin Like a Villain

I’ll leave you be so you can share these cleverly captured photos of the bad guy we all love, doing the things we all hate (for the most part anyway). What do you think of this roll of film—especially all of you Star Wars fans out there? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time...

**All images c/o Pawel Kadysz