From fireplace mantels to staircase banisters, Christmas garlands are a definite ‘GO!’ for the holidays. These ideas will make you feel jolly! Guaranteed! 

Hey, friends! Every Christmas growing up, one of my many aunts would host a Christmas party and at the end, all the cousins would gather together (there were a lot of us!) and we’d fill up the top and bottom of the staircase and take a picture. Every year, on that staircase, there was always a beautiful garland that decorated the banister. So, when I think of Christmas, I think of Christmas trees and beautiful Christmas garlands. In today’s blog post, I’ll be sharing with you guys a few ways you can decorate with garlands for your indoor Christmas decor.

Fireplace Mantel Garland

The first way that you can decorate with garlands is on fireplace mantels! There are a number of ways that you can decorate a fireplace mantel for Christmas, but today, I’ll be giving you guys my suggestions for supplies that you'll need to do a classic style Christmas mantel.

There are three main components that you’ll need: one long garland, some sort of decorative anchor for both ends of the mantel, and filler decorative pieces. Since even a ‘classic’ Christmas fireplace mantel can be done up in a variety of ways, I’ll list an assortment of supplies for each component that you can pick and choose from.

Garland Supply Options:

  • Evergreen Garland - There are a variety of evergreen garlands out there, but one great option is white pine because this type of evergreen tree is generally long-lasting.
Christmas Garlands Fresh Evergreen How to Decorate Your Mantel for the Holidays Holiday Spirit

Via Chiot's Run

  • Metallic Faux Magnolia Garland or Sprigs - This will add a classic, luxurious touch to your fireplace decor. Check your local craft store to find this particular item. If you can’t seem to find a metallic version of a magnolia garland or sprigs, then simply get the original color and spray paint it with your color of choice.
Christmas Garlands Faux Apple and Magnolia Garland Classic Christmas Fireplace Mantel Garland Happy Holidays

Via Pier 1 Imports

Mantel Anchor Supply Options:

  • Hurricane Candle Holders - Make sure to get these in varying heights in order to add extra visual interest to your fireplace decor.
  • ​Large Candle Holders
  • ​Large Metallic Vases
  • ​Small or Medium Sized Peonies
  • ​Lanterns
  • ​Large, Tall Bowl of Fruit or Ornaments
Christmas Garlands Holiday Fireplace Decor Large Bowl of Fruit Candle Holders Happy Holidays

Via Ideal Home Garden

Filler Supply Options:

  • Pine Cones
  • ​Ornaments
  • ​Fake Fruit and Flowers
  • ​Christmas Stockings
  • ​Christmas Swags
  • ​Smaller Decorative Garlands
Christmas Garlands Ornament Fillers Happy Holidays How to Decorate Your Mantel for the Holidays


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Phew! Now that we’ve finished with that lengthy list of supplies that you can get, let’s get to actually decorating. Alright, as I said earlier, there are three components of decorating the mantel: the garland, mantel anchors, and fillers. Essentially, garlands are like the foundation of our fireplace decor and anchors add elevation, while fillers add visual interest. Make sense? Why don’t we check out some fun garland mantel ideas, shall we?

Christmas Garlands How to Decorate Your Mantel for the Holidays Burlap Christmas Stockings Peace Joy and Love

Via The Lily Pad Cottage

I absolutely adore this idea because I love the way the burlap looks against the crisp white accents in this living room. Also, the emerald green of the garland adds a festive pop of color that, in my opinion, is SO delightful to look at!

Christmas Garlands Colorful Fireplace Mantel Decorated for the Holidays Presents Christmas Trees Holly Jolly Christmas


Red and green is definitely a classic way to go about decorating for the holidays. This fun Christmas garland is unique and I love how they used a non-traditional white artificial garland versus a traditional green one. I think that anyone with a fun, eclectic style would love this garland inspo. Plus, garlands with lights are so fun and festive. Don’t you think?

Christmas Garlands Non-Traditional Fresh Fruit Garland on the Mantel Presents by the Fireplace Cozy Holiday Decor


I like that this garland incorporates fresh fruit into this home’s holiday decor! Fresh fruit as fillers for a garland is definitely a unique touch and can be quite affordable if you’re decorating seasonally. Beware of rotting fruit though! Moldy and rotten fruit on your mantel Christmas Day might possibly be the worst thing that could happen (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration). Let’s keep the celebrating jolly this holiday season. If you decorate with fresh fruit, do it a few days before your holiday party. Alternatively, artificial fruit may be the best way to go because you can keep them all year long!

Christmas Garlands How to Decorate Your Mantel for the Holidays Colorful Ornaments Fireside Chair Happy Holidays

Via Better Decorating Bible

Let’s add some color into the mix! I love how unique, bright, and colorful this idea is. The mix of bubblegum pinks and vibrant green accents is definitely fun and worth a try if you’re wanting to do something non-traditional and out of the ordinary for your Christmas decor!!

Christmas Garlands Holiday Decor Christmas Tree Cozy Wintertime Decorations Happy Holidays Holly Jolly Christmas

Via Founterior

Metallic holiday decor is literally my favorite. If I had my own house, I’d love to decorate with rich reds, whites, and tons of metallic ornaments and holiday trinkets. I personally love this space because I like how they incorporated silver and gold on the mantel garland in order for it to match the tree. Talk about fun fun fuuun! Am I right? Seriously, glitter and metallics make the holidays so shiny and fun. This idea definitely gives me those happy, jolly, and festive Christmas feels.

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During my internet search for holiday mantel decor ideas, I happened to find this video on how to decorate mantels and can I just say that it is AH-MAY-ZING. I learned so much from watching this. So, as a good friend, here’s a little holiday Christmas treat for each and everyone one of you reading. Check out this video and I can guarantee after you watch you’ll not only be a pro at decorating fireplace mantels, but you’ll also be inspired to take your holiday home decor to a whole new level of festive!

Via Lisa Robertson

Moving on from fireplace mantels, let’s check out another fun way to decorate your home with the use of garlands.

Stairway Banister Garland

If you live in a two story home, your stairs are another excellent way in which you can use garland to decorate your home. If my home were a two story house, you bet your bottom dollar that I would definitely decorate my banister with a gorgeous garland of some sort!

Christmas Garlands Magnolia Garland on the Stairway Banister Happy Holidays Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Via Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive 365

I love the mix of silver in this magnolia garland. This idea is definitely classic and it doesn’t scream CHRISTMAS, which is nice, especially if you want to keep this garland on past Christmas and all the way through the New Year (or even longer!). My philosophy with Christmas decor is make it shiny and make it sparkle because you can definitely get away with using more metallics and glitter in your home during the holiday season!

Christmas Garlands Traditional Style Banister Garland Decorate for the Holidays with a Wreath Happy Holidays

Via Christmas Around the World

I think this staircase garland is perfect for a traditional style home. I love how the white fillers in this holiday garland contrast beautifully with that lovely green fresh Christmas garland. Just from looking at this holiday decor, you can tell it was a labor of love with all the details and ornaments that are mixed in. If you’re interested in DIYing this garland, I say go for it! It’ll be a little time-consuming, but definitely worth it. I mean seriously, just look at it. It’s gorgeous!

Well, friends, I hope your brains are overflowing with tons of Christmas garland decor ideas because mine sure is! I had a blast finding all these ideas to share with you. Let me know in the comments below what you thought. Also be sure and let us know how you like to decorate with garlands for Christmas. Please share this post with all those near and dear to your hearts and spread Christmas cheer to everyone this year! Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!!

**Featured image via Founterior