Ever wanted to see decor styles from other countries? Well, now you can travel the world of home decor without leaving your home! 

When you're short on creativity and feel stuck in your four walls, you can look far beyond them, into a vast ocean of home design ideas and solutions. A touch of global inspiration could be just what you need in order to give your home a nice makeover. The whole world is a designer’s stage, and we are players selecting elements that fit our vision and match our taste. Putting all the pieces together should lead to the unique puzzle that spellbinds us and lifts our spirits.


Decor Styles Germany Interior Gold Brass and Velvet Living Room

Via Brabbu

In Europe, many countries borrow heavily from the Art Deco movement. This home decor style has introduced us to splendid materials in the league of brass, gold and velvet. Germans like to use them strategically throughout their living environment, with a sharp focus on statement pieces. Therefore, their apartments are adorned with focal points in the form of daybeds, cocktail chairs, dressing tables, as well as folding screens. This is elegance reinvented and made competent for the 21st century.


Decor Styles Bahamas Tropical Living Room in Blues with Wicker and Wooden Furniture

Via DecorPad

Pearls of the high seas, Bahamas are a tropical spice ideal for sprucing up a home. The open, casual living is in the nature of people inhabiting sunny Caribbean islands, but they have also welcomed some of the notable artists from the rest of the world, and are no strangers to western culture. They appreciate comfortable armchairs, rattan screens, console tables, tranquil paintings with sea themes, decor which originates from the ocean bottom, and a ton of navy blue within their home design.


Decor Styles Russia Vintage with a Modern Twist Antique Furnishings with Elegant Accents

Via Salon

This immense country is quite sentimental when it comes to the past, and designers are always keen on merging it with modern interior wisdom. The grandeur of Belle Epoque still shines bright, with its dachas, lavish apartments and old estates. It’s a small wonder that homeowners invest much time and money in finding vintage pieces, antique art objects, and complement them with fine, elegant fabrics. Thus, Russian-inspired interior decoration is perfect for those who adore timeless charm and a sense of resplendence.

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Decor Styles India Bright Colorful Patterned Pillows and Glasses

Via Stylish By Nature

The vivid interior landscape of India is a well of creative ideas. Although the crafting has declined under the pressure of industrialization, designers are going to great lengths to resurrect it. Rich cultural motifs and special techniques are used to bring to life a spectacle of textiles, colors and decoration. Indian home interiors have a place reserved for picturesque accent pieces, wall treatments, cushions, rugs, throw pillows, and bed linens.


Decor Styles Spain Country Rustic Kitchen with Exposed Beams and Stone

Via Ironhaus

When sublime sophistication meets youthful vigor, marvelous things are bound to happen. This room design is proud of its Mediterranean heritage and infused with a vibrant, colorful touch. Traditional decor elements are a must-have in Spain, but they are accompanied by what is called young design. It refers to the use of materials like ceramics and new textiles, and sunny patios and rustic villas representing pinnacles of carefree, stylish living.


Decor Styles Mexico Vintage Antique Furniture in Bright Orange and Green Kitchen


The new vintage is all the rage in Mexico. Here, remodeling the space and adding vintage pieces is one of the ways to preserve the past. At the same time, Mexicans strive to give their abodes a personal stamp, and invest every element with purpose. They admire amazing, tiny details and intricate objects, which makes the style difficult to reproduce. But, those who are not put off by this home interior design will be surely blessed with a warm and inviting ambience.


Decor Styles Morocco Living Room with Fur Rugs Rich Colorful Cushions and Plants

Via House & Home

The hidden gem on the northern coast of Africa, Morocco is an excellent place to get high on design ideas. Both glamorous and functional, it is brimming with cultural diversity. The Moroccan style is characterized by carvings, domes, decorative tiles, colorful fabrics, arched doorways, and the bliss that is Moorish architecture. So, feel free to bring a romantic and lush fantasy into your home decor ideas and enjoy the amazing spectacle before your eyes.

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Decor Styles Japan Concrete Kitchen and Dining Room with Plants

Via Homedit

The people of Japan nurture their love for nature, which shows in their interior decorating styles. It is also a way for them to tackle the problem of rapid urbanization, and make up for the lack of living space in megalopolises like Tokyo. They are very resourceful when adding green in their homes, which are always full of lively plants. Also, a green approach is embedded in the widespread use of eco-friendly materials, and fittings that adhere to their frugal nature.


Decor Styles France Romantic Design Living Room Antique Furniture and Fabrics

Via Decoholic

Interior colors and patterns are not limited to fabrics only, and France is living proof of this. So, let them take hold of the walls, ceiling and other surfaces. Antique pieces such as 19th-century chandeliers are a special treat, which also goes with the antique fabrics that often cover the tables. Incorporating the old is a top-priority in Parisian style decor, and doing this with passion is the only way to live like a Parisian (especially if you have an attic apartment). This country has a reputation of going for style over substance, but that’s not always a bad thing, is it?

South Africa

Decor Styles Africa Bedroom with Bold Patterns and Rich Earth Toned Colors


Those seeking to embark on an African design adventure need look no further than South Africa. This country is the epitome of new luxury: it embraces sustainable philosophy, a playful mix of provocative colors, loaded textures and mesmerizing finishes. South Africans just love daring techniques such as pulling together an accent wall with colored glass. I’ve also seen a lot of decorating styles with brown walls that echo the desert dream and hardwood floors that fully define the visual spectrum.


Decor Styles Argentina Wooden Table with Wine Bottles Candlesticks and Decorative Plates

Via Blissliving Home

With waves of historical immigration and a fascinating history, Argentina’s colonial mansions are some of the most incredible pieces of architecture in the country. They have dozens of spacious rooms, high ceilings, stained glass windows, and many characteristics of French Classicism. A more contemporary approach to these decorating ideas is growing strong in spellbinding Patagonia, with innovative homes marked by sloped roofs and black metal cladding. They build on the experience of wood-and-metal dwellings that popped up in the 20th century.

United States

Decor Styles United States Steampunk Wooden and Metal Vintage Gothic Accents

Via Vagabondish

Sometimes it is hard to single out the design components that elucidate the style of a country like the U.S. Yet, if I had to choose one distinctive trait, it would be statement lighting. Americans are drawn by attention-grabbing fittings, and opt for glittery table lamps or bold ceiling fixtures. Art Deco chandeliers and geometric wire style are the cream of the crop, serving as a basis around which stellar interiors are structured. Remember that lighting makes all of the other home and decor elements shine, which is why it must never be uncared for.


Decor Styles Austrailia Wooden Outdoor Deck Open Floor Plan Grill Mini Fridge and Sink


Australia is among the hippest and most innovative places in terms of interior design ideas. Inspiration is drawn from the stunning landscape, but also global role models that bring international flavor. The homes of Aussies are characterized by a laid-back, open approach, with outdoor / indoor lifestyle being king. It gravitates around timeless, personalized solutions that are both sophisticated and relaxed: an open plan look, gardens with Geostone features, polished spaces, layered and textured accents, and effortless decoration.

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Decor Styles Italy Industrial Metal and Silk Living Room with Exposed Beams and Pipes


Another European paragon, Italy is a land where people are adept at integrating industrial materials into their homes. However, they also soften the industrial edge, and contrast it with some homey craftsmanship. This is evident in the popularity of wood finishes, as well as striking stone features. Italian home decorating styles are not complete without the illuminating presence of metal and silk, and furnishings that are a treat for the eye, and feel nice to the touch.


Decor Styles Arabia Living Room Silk and Ornate Fabrics and Throw Pillows in Rich Colors


The pristine deserts of the Arabian Peninsula are a flawless environment to get your creative juices flowing. Since the dawn of time, people here have used silk fabric, ornate prints and Persian rugs, particularly in extravagant colors, to decorate their homes. They have immersed themselves in the aura of mystique and fantasy, and to make their homes inviting, they chose a host of throws and accent pillows. Moreover, detailed valances are employed for window treatments, while lamp shades create a warm, romantic feel.


Decor Styles England Bedroom Vintage Pastels with Antique Prints

Via Victoriana Magazine

The birthplace of Victorian style, England has spread its design styles and philosophy across the world. The colors are warm and subdued, with some soft tones on the gray and cream scales. There’s a wide array of period reproductions, sumptuous furniture and vintage fabrics available, making Victorian style a sound choice. Don’t hesitate to utilize complex patterns all around, via wallpapers, oriental rugs, and luxurious fabrics.


Decor Styles Vietnam Rustic Wicker Baskets and Wooden Accents


The interior design of Vietnam reflects the dynamic past of the country. It is relaxed and rustic, with a twist of neoclassical. One often comes across French-influenced furnishings, nautical accents, restored chairs, and traditional coffee tables. Native elements are also essential, with Indochina fashion, maritime decor, and conventional baskets. So, try to get your hands on some handcrafted treasures like Sapa rugs, jar lamps and objects made from rugged wood or industrial iron.


Decor Styles Scandinavian Natural Colors Minimalist Living Room

Via Home Designing

The allure of the snowy north has shaped many designers’ sense of style. The holy trinity of this remarkable school is: minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. Natural colors reign supreme in the interior, and calm muted tones serve as a proper backdrop. White wood is another crucial element, fit for all designing tasks from the ground up. Scandinavians also have an admiration for nature, as well as natural lighting, making these two aspects paramount to design endeavors.


Decor Styles Turkey Dining Room Exotic Motif Rug with Wooden Furniture

Via Ultimate Christoph

This country was not on designers’ maps until recently, but now it has an aura of buzz around it. The artisanal tradition is opulent and full of exotic motifs and materials, and is also augmented with industrial-style appeal. In Istanbul, one can find amazing lofts with traits such as warm wood ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, sleek fireplaces, cool concrete walls, and massive couches posing as focal points. If you want to emulate this style, you should try to bring in some interesting ceramic patterns, and mix tradition with clean, contemporary style.


Decor Styles China Bedroom Glossy Furniture with Gold and Red Accents

Via Decoist

When you possess thousands of years of cultural heritage behind you, the way ahead is clear as day. At first, the Chinese interiors may resemble Japanese and Zen ones, but subtle differences are what matters. The color spectrum is influenced by black and glossy lacquer, shades used mostly for finishes. Furthermore, gold and red serve as accents, often coupled with bamboo and oriental vases. The atmosphere relies on the lighting as well, with paper lanterns being a favorite pick.

A Visual Symphony

Each country has different ideas and solutions woven into its style, and you will have no trouble finding your own cup of tea. Use layers of materials, colors and textures to create a magical effect, one that resonates with distant landscapes and exotic destinations. Let your inner designer loose and treat yourself with the new physical experience of your home.

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**This is a guest post written by Derek Lotts. Derek would like to thank the following websites for providing him with information used in this post: Elle Decor, My Domaine, Dwell Candy, Homedit, Houzz, HouseBeautiful, Home Designing, Freshome, The Globe and Mail, Geostone, iDesignArch, and Dezeen. The featured image is via Froy Blog.