Red is a powerful color that can look great in any room of your home. Check out my ideas for decorating with red!

Hello, wonderful readers! It’s been quite a while since I have talked about how color can impact your space. Remember my color theory posts? Man those were forever ago! Today I’m taking a different route. Instead of talking about what colors are best for what space for optimal use, I’m going to take the time to go through the entire rainbow, and how each color would specifically impact each space in your home. Who else is excited? I can’t wait to go through the entire rainbow. This is going to be a long, but a really fun series! Well, we gotta start somewhere, so let’s kick it off with red decor!

Decorating with Red and Black Living Room Abstract Art

Red is just perfect for a living room. It’s where most of us spend a lot of our time, especially with people around. This is a very engaging color, and it’s fun and bright without being too in your face. I love pairing black and red. The sleek style of the furniture keeps this red living room very modern without going too dark. I also want to point out that they kept the ceiling white, which was a brilliant move because that helps keep the space from getting too dark or feeling claustrophobic. I also love the artwork and that really cool lamp, and that’s why I had to share this space. It’s an awesome red living room, and really makes me want to add some red painted walls into my life.

Decorating with Red Living Room Artwork Coffee Table Modern Design

I had to add in this red and white living room decor for several reasons. One, to show that you can add a lighter color to red and it still looks awesome in the right space, like a living room. Two, the awesome way the accent walls are painted, especially that splatter over on the left. Now that is an awesome statement wall, and I want one in my future home. And third, the fantastic decor in this space. I have no idea what half of it is, but it’s modern, fun, and definitely makes this space more interesting than just red walls. What a cool living area!

Decorating with Red Kitchen Painted Cabinets Backsplash Hardwood Floors

If you really, really want a bold kitchen, this space is for you! So much red! I think it’s awesome. Red is a great color for the kitchen for a couple of reasons. Red is bright enough to keep the space interesting, comforting, and engaging, while also increasing appetite. So, remember if you want people to eat all the food you made, add something red around the food. Or, have an entirely red kitchen. I love how warm and welcoming this space is. It would definitely keep me interested in any conversation that was going on while I snacked on whatever food was handy (which is basically me all the time anyways). I like the added brown, which keeps it warm while still grounding it. Black would be way too harsh in this space.

Decorating with Red Kitchen and Dining Room Backsplash Island

Alternatively, if you don’t want quite so much red in your kitchen decor, then this is the perfect way to add it in. I love the combo of red countertops with white cabinets. I don’t normally like white cabinets, but this is just fantastic. Darker counters are one of my favorite things, and this is a great way to combine both dark counters and red accents. Pus, this is just a well-designed kitchen. So much counter space, lots of cabinets, and a great little island perfect for prepping! The little dining area off to the side is absolutely wonderful as well. Overall, a great kitchen!

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Decorating with Red Office Hardwood Floors Floating Shelves

Red is the perfect color for an office. It’s a color that helps drive you, helps keep you going. Also, it’s a very powerful color that will help you feel like you’re the boss, even if you are the only worker in your company, or if you don’t have a company at all. I like the idea of pairing it with black. Black really grounds red, and helps give it a sleek and classic feel (think black dress with red lips and pumps). But, you gotta be careful on the style of your decor here. Too much ornate furniture in black with red walls can really give this space a Gothic feel. However, if you like that, I think it’s a fun look for an office! But, it’s just something to be wary about.

Decorating with Red Bedroom Pendant Lights Abstract Art Headboard

Red bedroom decor is something that I’m not exactly 100 percent for, but I kind of dig it. Red is the color of passion and fire, so it sort of makes sense to have it in a bedroom? I definitely would stick to a darker tone though. Nothing like scarlet or fire engine red. This red here is darker, and is grounded by the added bits of chocolate brown.

Decorating with Red Bathroom Freestanding Tub Vanity Wall Mirror

I love the idea of having red in a bathroom. I think it would be a great way to start the day. Red is a powerful color, and it’s bright enough to wake you up. I would definitely consider a red bathroom because of this. It could be a really fun color to add to a bathroom. Also, can we talk about how that clawfoot tub is also red? How awesome!

And that’s a wrap for our red painted rooms! What do you think about this color as the focal point of a home? Would you add in red home decor to your spaces? Let me know what room you would consider painting red in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your decor loving buddies. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Ultimate Home Ideas