Shimmer and shine like never before with this radiant John Foster designer furniture. This talented artist has developed pieces that are light-years ahead!

John Foster is a Minneapolis based artist and furniture designer. His work has been featured in magazines, such as, Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and Cosmopolitan (Germany). Foster received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, specializing in sculpture and mixed media.

John FosterArtist and Furniture Designer

[He wants his] art to influence our experiences, so [he uses] materials that we intimately relate to, such as silicone, acrylic, and textile. [He embraces] chance, and [allows] the experimental aspect of [his work] to inform the composition of prints, painting, sculptures, jewelry, and utilitarian objects.

Talk about a gentleman with a clear vision! Not only, does he aim to transcend our regular thinking when it comes to how we relate to everyday objects, but he also masterfully creates pieces of sheer brilliance.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “what is SO great about his designs?” I like to think I have a keen eye for things that are extra innovative and creative. I’m always on the lookout for designs and ideas that I’ve never seen before. In my opinion, this young man’s work is nothing short of that!

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The Building Blocks aka Sparkles

Designer Furniture Vibrant Colorful Prism Sculpture by John Foster

c/o John Foster

Initially, looking at this element you might be a little baffled. It looks like some sort of glow in the dark children’s toy, or maybe a standalone night light. Au contraire, as small as it is in stature, this little guy is, literally, the home-base for where the magic happens! I promise, it might not look like much now, but it’s about to blow your mind how such a simple piece can literally transform an entire room!

This luminous prism takes on a completely different look when incorporated with the rest of the design. Each of these handcrafted prisms is completely unique, originally made, and formed from dichroic acrylic. If you weren’t already aware, acrylic is a clear, hard, “plastic” material that is shaped into various forms, and used for just about anything and everything you can imagine. It resembles glass in appearance, so it makes a great glass-like substitute for more durable needs.

Now, dichroic acrylic is acrylic that has a similar effect as a dichroic filter. What this means is that the acrylic is formed with colored filters that absorb light and reflect vibrant colors against the receiving or background surface.

Each of the rainbow reflective prisms is gathered in a luminous collective base and topped with a sheer sheet of glass. Now that you see how these prisms work, let’s check out some of John Foster’s designer furniture!

Sparkle Interstellar Cocktail Table

Designer Furniture Tiered Glass and Acrylic Accent Table Modern Design Sculpture

c/o John Foster

As with each of his modern tables, the Interstellar Table consists of a reflective, two-tiered, base that is topped with a simple, circular, clear sheet of glass. This design is unique, in that the prisms all take on a transparent, aurora borealis appearance. None of the actual prisms are overly saturated with color, so this gives off the ultimate rainbow effect with beams of light brilliantly scattered across the floor and walls! Compared to Foster’s other designs, you’ll notice a small change in the overall appearance due to a few minor variations.

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Sparkle Galaxy Cocktail Table

Designer Furniture Tiered Acrylic and Glass Geometric Coffee Table

c/o John Foster

Similar in the overall color scheme to the Interstellar design, the Galaxy Table's design is slightly different. Each coffee table base is topped with a sheet of glass that is shaped as an elongated hexagon. It might not seem like it makes much of a difference. But when you consider how each delicate ray of light has to bounce off a surface or shine through the glass, a little variation like this can go a long way!

Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table

Designer Furniture Acrylic Neon and Glass Side Table

c/o John Foster

This brilliantly colored creation is sure to have visitors talking! Like the previous two designs, it includes the sparkle tiered base separated by functional sheets of elegantly cut class. But, unlike the previous two furniture designs, the Palace Table has a different color scheme that truly sets it apart. This modern furniture piece comes with a few colorful, saturated sparkle bases that give off an almost neon glow when exposed to sunlight!

I’ve never seen a light show nearly as breathtaking as the one that John Foster’s designer furniture has to offer! The genius combination of simple crystal clear glass and geometric forms arranged into two-tiered furniture masterpieces is absolutely stunning. As if that wasn’t enough, when exposed to light these little gems create an almost fluorescent parade of lights!

I’m a genuine fan of statement pieces for the interior, but these furniture designs are on a whole other level! I feel like you can literally transform the most minimal, bare bones, living space with this modern design furniture.

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As I’m sure you’ve probably already guessed, this high end furniture comes with a pretty hefty price tag, as it should, but do not let that deter your interior inspiration! There are so many affordable options for any budget. Acrylic furniture comes in many shapes, colors, and sizes, so there’s literally something for everyone. From dining room tables and chairs to chandeliers and shelving, the options are nearly limitless. I like the additional durability that it offers in comparison with glass and other more fragile materials. Let’s just say it’s a creative way to get a little more bang for your buck!

Designer furniture, like these pieces from John Foster, has a lot to offer! John Foster’s creations exemplify the brilliant use of modern materials combined with artistic edge. Please leave a comment about your favorite designer furniture inspiration and share with your friends!

**Featured image c/o John Foster