The dining room. That one space most houses have, and yet it’s normally not the most decorated. We’re going to change that with these fab dining room decor ideas!

Hello, everyone! Over the weekend, I was thinking about dining rooms. I know, weird thing to think about. But the dining room is an interesting place. I don’t know about you, but I have barely ever used a dining room, and honestly I rarely eat at my dining table. Terrible, I know, but I tend to eat on my couch most of the time or at the kitchen island. This got me thinking. Why don’t more people use their dining rooms? Maybe it’s because they don’t like the decor? So, I scrounged around and grabbed some fun dining room decor ideas for you all to check out. Maybe adding bits and pieces of them into your dining room will make you want to use it more…

Dining Room Decor Industrial Dining Area with Cool Pendant Lighting and Artwork Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

This industrial looking dining area is kind of awesome. I love those light fixtures. I’m pretty sure I have seen something similar at IKEA. Sadly, I don’t have the set-up to have lights like that right now. One day, I will. In the meantime, I can check out great decor like this. The metal chairs mixed with the dark stained wood table is spot on, and I love the almost steampunk accents in this kitchen/dining room, like the portraits! You can totally add industrial elements into your dining room design to give it the wow factor it’s been missing. Just think wood, metal, and Victorian!

Dining Room Decor Urban Chic Dining Room Metal Chairs Red Flowers Bubble Chandelier

This is a simple dining room that really looks fantastic. Cute metal chairs, paired with a pretty table, and those flowers at the center are just lovely. If your dining area is similar to this, think about upgrading your table or chairs to help open the space up. This space would look so small if a larger table was used. If upgrading isn’t in your cards, you can never go wrong with a vase of pretty flowers!

Dining Room Decor Large Dining Room Table Pendant Lights Abstract Art Hardwood Floors

Modern dining room ideas are always a hit. Sleek and chic is a great way to go if you don’t know what you want. Modern doesn’t have to mean boring! Look for a cool piece of art or some unique lighting to really jazz the room up. Using black and white is also a great idea, since you can always switch out the accent colors or flowers to change up the feel of the space. Though, I do love those purple blooms!

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Dining Room Decor Simple Dining Table Wire Chandelier Fireplace Hardwood Floors Wall Art

Having lots of natural light will really change the look of your dining room and make it feel much more relaxing. If you can move your table closer to some great windows and have your meals in the natural light, perfect! You can then have less decor, and go with a simple, neutral space and let the light shine as the focal point. This is a pretty cool dining room set, don’t you think? I love the chairs and the metal legs of the table. And you know I love that light fixture!

Dining Room Decor Breakfast Nook with Yellow Chairs Silhouette Tree Accent Wallpaper Dog Hardwood Floors

The addition of the accent wall in this room is a complete hit! I love birds and trees in my decor (literally, I accidentally created a bird theme in my home without realizing it) and this would make a great addition to my future dining area. I love the brightness of the yellow chairs and how fun this dining room looks. If you have a cute little corner, think about adding a splash of paint, a wallpaper mural, or even a decal like this onto one of the walls.

You can also think about painting or reupholstering the chairs you have to give them new life! I’m thinking a really cool teal, purple, or red would also be fun, but it really depends on your favorite color and your existing decor. The yellow is fantastic and cheerful here. Keep color theory in mind when choosing your accent color to really get the most out of your color choice.

Dining Room Decor Sleek Dining Area and Table with Interesting Spherical Chandelier Fireplace Oversized Mirror Area Rug

If you can’t change much in your space, think about adding a big mirror, or many small ones, to the space to help reflect light and make the space appear bigger. You can add some metallic accents by painting the frames of the mirrors, like this one here. Also, adding a cool light fixture can totally change the look of your space, whether it’s a chandelier, a floor lamp, or even a table lamp. You can find unique lighting fairly cheap now or even DIY it!

Dining Room Decor Black Dining Table and Chairs in White Room with Blue Accents Built In Shelves

I am so in love with this all black dining set. I love all black decor, and the way the stark black pops against the crisp white of this room makes me happy. In a space like this you can easily add an accent wall or cool shiplap accents. You can also easily add colors like they did with the blue wall hanging. This would be such an easy upgrade. If you already have white walls, all you would need to do is stain or paint your table and chairs darker to create this bold contrast. If your walls aren’t this white, it will still look awesome. Just make sure you go with a stark black paint to really get the contrast. Then, add in your accent color and you are all set!

Dining Room Decor Eclectic Boho Dining Area with Colorful Chairs Patterns and Textiles

Boho decor is one of my favorites. It’s so easy! You just need bold colors, patterns, and textiles, add in some eclectic decor like the stuff on the shelves, and voila! You don’t have to go this far, though. Paint the chairs in mismatched shades and add some patterned cushions and a table runner or cloth that brings it all together. That’s pretty much it! You can probably make this dining decor pretty easily. This is totally the style for those who love to DIY!

There you have it, folks! An eclectic set of dining room ideas that will inspire you to make the best of your own dining room. What elements did you like? Personally I loved the dining rooms with the cool and interesting light fixtures or patterns. Definitely something I’ll figure out when I create my own dining room in my next house! Let me know what your favorites were in the comments below, and share this post with all your decor loving peeps. Stay creative, my friends!

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