If you need some ideas to update your dining room and make it more inviting, check out these 10 restaurant design tips.

Hi All! Our posts have been a little sporadic lately, and that's because we had a big life change. The good news is that we're back and back to a more regular schedule! That being said, today we have a special treat - a guest post from Shane Curran, CEO at Interact Group LLC. So, without further ado, here's Shane!

Great restaurant design involves more than just enticing the eyes and sense of smell. The most memorable restaurants provide customers with a holistic experience. This involves engaging all of the senses. Every aspect of the design is considered: design, furnishings, the look and feel of the space, the texture, the smell, and even the sounds.

All elements must work together to create an environment that makes the diner feel that s/he is in an entirely different world. But you don’t have to spend every evening at your favorite restaurant to get that unique experience. With these ideas, you can recreate that same environment right in your own dining room.

1. Use a Comfy Sofa.

Restaurants often feature sofas to one side, usually  nearest the wall. Not only does this accommodate more people, it makes for more intimate and comfortable seating in the restaurant.

You can do the same inside your home. When you do pick a sofa, be aware of the seat height. Look for one that is not too low. The aim is to get the seat heights between your chairs and sofa as close to each other as possible. Also, look for sofas with no armrests. This way, if you decide to add more sofa seats, you can get a more seamless look.

If you wish to give your space a more eco-friendly feel, you can use a combination of wooden pallets and cushions as a more practical alternative to the traditional upholstered sofa. You can also use the pallets as the base for your tables

Consider  leather as an option if you want more comfy sofas and chairs. Leather is timeless and easy to clean. When picking leather seats, choose a classic style in your favorite color. This way, you’ll enjoy looking at your seats and using them for years to come. Your family, friends, and guests will feel the same way.

2. Choose Colorful Chairs.

Dining Room Table Orange Chairs Fire Centerpiece Pendant Lights

Via Jessica at Pexels

One quick way to add color to your dining space is to use colorful chairs. If your walls and the rest of the space appear bland and lifeless, adding a few vibrantly-colored chairs is an easy way to liven things up.

Depending on the style you are going for and the size of your dining room, you can opt for chairs in a single color or mix it up by using chairs in a whole range of different tones and hues. Imagine having a gray or dark blue sofa lining a brick wall. Metal chairs painted in pink or orange can be added to introduce color into the space and make it more lively.

3. Dip It in Paint.

Do you have old chairs or wooden pieces in good condition that you don’t want to throw away? Try dipping part of them in paint. It is  a great idea to consider if you want to give your older pieces of furniture a fresh new look.

You can either have your furniture pieces painted by a professional or you can do it yourself. Keep in mind there is a lot of work involved when it comes to painting furniture.

4. Keep the Lights Down Low.

Dining Room Pink Flowers Bay Windows Candles Rose Wine Glasses Table Setting

For some people, dining areas are reserved for more intimate gatherings and conversations. To create that dream-like environment, turn off those harsh overhead lights. Replace them with dimmers. This way, you can control the amount of light that falls on the dining room area.

Another idea is to add candles or table lamps on the table. When using low lighting and weaker light sources, the aim is to illuminate more specific areas of the dining table instead of the entire space. With the mix of subtle lighting and shadows, you can generate a more dramatic effect.

5. Fill Up Your Walls.

Simply painting your walls in a single flat color won’t do any wonders for your dining room. If you want to recreate a look that’s similar to restaurants, you’ll need to think of your walls as much as your flooring and the accessories that are going into the space.

There are many ways to jazz up your walls. You can use shiny subway tiles or,  if you’re going for a more retro look, installing a vintage sign can also work. One restaurant in California has a full wall mural lining its walls. The gray tone acts as a great backdrop for more colorful chairs. If in doubt, you can also add framed artwork to quickly spruce up your dining room.

6. Add  Some Green.

Dining Room Bamboo Botanical Bundle Plant Decor Agriculture

Via Toni Cuenca on Pexels

Plants are known to bring life to any space, regardless of the size, design, or style. Vines such as the Pothos can give your dining room a warm and cozy feel. By adding plants, you can bring texture, warmth, and color into your dining room without changing its overall style. In one restaurant in Copenhagen for instance, the designers used tall, oversized plants. As the space contained a scheme of grays, blues, and metallic colors and materials, the addition of this natural green made the space more inviting, while still maintaining its minimalist look.

7. Mix Up Your Wood Tones.

Try mixing light and dark tones if you use a lot of wood in your dining room interior. You can use light-colored wood as the main material for your interior then have lamps or other accessories in dark wood. The dark-toned wooden accessories can act as highlights for the space.

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Using wood in two tones can also work when it comes to flooring materials. One restaurant that utilized this approach is the Lolita Cafe in Slovenia. When you look at the cafe’s floor, you can see what appears to be wood in three different tones. There is a gradation from light to dark, creating a light and shadow effect on the floor’s herringbone pattern.

8. Consider Open Shelving.

Open shelving offers a number of advantages:

  • It works as a display for your ingredients such as herbs, spices, and even liquors. Your ingredients can work as part of the decor of your dining room, much like what you would see in a restaurant or  bar.
  • Open shelving saves space. With no cupboard doors to worry about, you can easily access all of your ingredients. No need to worry about spacing between under-counter cabinets or hitting someone when you open the overhead cabinets.

If you wish to make your space brighter, consider adding open shelves in your kitchen and dining room.

9. Add Table Linens.

Dining Room Small Wood Tables Four Settings White Tablecloth

Even the napkins or linens you put on your table can drastically change the way your dining room looks and feels. Table linens, cloth napkins, and table accessories don’t have to look formal. It depends on the style you’re going for with your dining room. You can even make your own linens for a unique, more customized look.

10. Create the Illusion of Space.

One well-known trick to making a space look bigger is to add mirrors on the walls. If you combine it with repeating elements inside your space, the result is an optical illusion that makes your eating area look bigger than it really is.

Design is normally associated with more visual aspects. The best restaurants are changing the way people view design by creating an environment and experience that captures all of their senses. Use these ideas to create a dining room space that you and your family will enjoy spending time in for years to come. If you need additional ideas, contact a professional interior designer. Designers can provide you with options based on your needs, requirements, and the space you have for your dining room.

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**Featured image via Shane Curran

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Author Bio: Shane Curran is the CEO at Interact Group LLC. Interact Group is a design-led interior fit out company that aims to set new standards in the UAE interiors market. Driven by their dedication to total customer experience, the company's mission is to bring truly specialized teams to complex design and fit out challenges, utilizing their unmatched ability to deliver spaces efficiently and above expectation.