Here’s a home decor trend that we couldn’t help but ‘dip’ our feet into! Get ready for some dip dye and ombre decor inspiration that you’ll be sure to love. 

I think it’s safe to say that the dip dye and ombre fashion trend has made its way into the world of home decor and the hearts of avid DIYers! This two toned textile and furniture trend is setting the world of design ablaze with bohemian and eclectic furnishings and accessories. According to BHG Centsational Style, “The technique is referred to around the design community as 'dipped' or 'dip dye' and it combines the best of both worlds in home decorating – wood tones and pretty paint colors.”

I know there are some readers out there who are wary of this trend and are hesitant to join the bandwagon of dip dye and ombre decor lovers. (I can literally feel your hesitation!) I think, in the back of our minds, many of us might think of dip dyed furniture and textiles as something from the 70s and outdated. Believe me when I say that this super cool trend can be done in a way that is fabulous, chic, and modern. Trust me… I’m a blogger. (I’ve wanted to shoot that one out for SO long!) So let’s set aside our hesitation and set off on a cool dip dye adventure. Shall we, friends? 

Ombre Decor Dip Dye Paint Dipped Dining Table White Dining Room with Eclectic Wall Gallery and Colorful Striped Rug

Via Desire to Inspire

For starters, let’s check out this eclectic dining space! Fun fact, this picture was actually the image that sparked my interest to write this blog post. Being the happy, color-loving girl that I am, I’m an avid fan of colorful eclectic home decor, which is why I’m a huge fan of this dining room. From the unique wall gallery and mismatched chairs, to the colorful rug and paint dipped table, there’s a lot of character in this space. 

In regards to the paint dipped dining table, all I have to say is that it's absolutely perfect for the style of this space. Why you may ask? Not only does the lime green paint on the table complement the wall gallery, but the wooden portion peeking out at the bottom of the legs of the table complements the wooden chairs and wooden elements of the wall gallery beautifully as well. Furthermore, this dining room shows how paint dipping furniture is the perfect way to add unconventional pops of color into a space.

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Ombre Decor Dip Dye Chair Home Decor Hallway with White Walls Wooden Floors and Blue Rug White Wall Gallery Umbrella and Coat Rack

Via Just the Bee's Knees

Here’s another example of how paint dipping furniture can add unexpected pops of color. If you’re familiar with your primary colors (hooray for preschool color lessons!), then you’ve probably recognized that blue has been used as a primary accent color in this cozy hallway. Rather than going the traditional route of a solid white chair or a solid blue chair, why not opt for something fun and unique? I love how this distinctive DIY chair incorporates both blue and white. Color dipped furniture really offers the opportunity to get the “best of both” worlds when it comes to color. If you’re stuck between two colors, why not do both? Dip dyeing allows you that freedom!

Ombre Decor Dip Dye Paint Dipped Side Tables Home Decor Hallway

Via Just the Bee's Knees

These side tables are yet another fun example of how cool paint dipped furniture can look! What I love about these side tables is that they could easily transition into either a contemporary or an eclectic space. What’s even better is that they can easily be replicated and DIY-ed. Just hit up your local flea market or IKEA, get yourself some painter’s tape and high sheen paint, and then you’ll be ready to make your own dipped side table. Tackling a painted furniture DIY would make a lovely weekend project, don’t you think? You could even get some of your friends together and have an all-out dip dyeing extravaganza!

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Ombre Decor Dip Dye Paint Dipped Paintings Wall Gallery

Via Decor8

For you DIY-ers itching to give this trend a try, you can do so with just about anything from wooden utensils, to paintings, to vases. The possibilities are just about endless. Mix and match colors you want to “dip” into. You don’t have to paint your large furniture to have awesome ombre decor. You can start with the little items you own! The main thing you need to remember with this trend is to have fun with it. It’s easy, fun, and looks super awesome!

Ombre Decor Dip Dye Paint Dipped Vases Gold and White Vases with Branches

Via Cacique Tribe

I mean, check out these awesome vases? The gold really looks awesome, and makes these vases shine! If you can paint vases, what else can you paint? I’m thinking the legs on a dip dyed stool could be cool too, or combinations of everything mentioned above to make a super fun dip dyed paradise in your home! The cool thing about painting your furniture and decor like this is that you can go as big or as small as you want, and it will still have an awesome impact!

Ombre Decor Dip Dye Home Decor Table Cloth Dip Dye Decor Eclectic Dining Room with Purple Walls and Flowers

Via StyleBlazer

Alright, now let’s transition from dip dyed furniture to dip dyed fabrics. In regards to fabrics and textiles, dip dye has an entirely different look. Dip dyed fabric takes on more of an ombre effect. You may be familiar with this trend in regards to fashion and beauty—specifically ombre hair. Let me just say that dip dyes and ombres look just as wonderful on fabrics and textiles as they do on hair!

Dip Dye Decor Fabric Pillows and Ottoman

Via Homelife

Although dip dyeing fabric isn’t quite as easy as paint dipping furniture, it's still a super fun DIY. If you're in search of some fabric ombre design tutorial tips, check out this post. Dip dyeing fabric is the same concept as dip dyeing furniture, but, because of the texture of fabric, the dye travels and fades upwards quite easily, creating that oh-so-loved ombre style. Dip dyed fabrics, just like paint dipped furniture, look fantastic in eclectic spaces. Additionally, due to the tie-dyed appearance of dip dyed fabric, it looks fantastic in bohemian spaces as well! The ombre trend is alive and well, people!

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Ombre Decor Dip Dye Tie Dye Fabrics Hanging on the Line Clothespins

Via A Kind of Love

Although painting ombre fabric is fairly straightforward to replicate, just remember to have a place where you can leave your dip dyed fabrics to properly hang and dry. Please remember friends, dye can easily stain other objects, things, and people! With that wisdom in mind, let’s dip dye responsibly.

Ombre Decor Dip Dye Fabric Placemats and Napkins Formal Dinner Table Setting Blue and White Tablescape

Via Simplified Bee

Do ya dig dip dye as much as we do? If so, let us know in the comments below. Be sure to share this blog post with your friends and family. They might love it too. Thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Joss & Main