Decorate your home southern style with Disney decor inspired by your favorite frog fairy tale—The Princess and the Frog!

Welcome to the third and final installment of my Disney home decor series! The Princess and the Frog is best known for being one of the last traditional hand-drawn animated movies Disney has produced in recent years. When it comes to the set design of this film, it totes diverse motifs inspired by classic Victorian era and art deco themes. The film just so happens to also be one of my favorite Disney movies ever! I've been inspired by the heartfelt story and exquisite Disney home decor featured in the movie so much that I decided to create a guide on how you folks at home can decorate your place to match the look of this princess fairy tale. I will focus on the diverse scenes featured throughout the film by using screenshots and their modern-day interpretations as Disney decor inspiration. Come take a journey with me through Disney’s 1920s New Orleans, won’t you?

Disney Decor Tiana Bedroom Interior Design Credenza Baroque Princess Frog Four-Poster Bed Frame Divider


The pink-toned princess bedroom we see in the beginning of this movie exhibits ornate pastel statement pieces that are downright royal. Note the floral accents on the four poster bed frame and equally exquisite room divider featured on the left-hand side of the frame. The walls of this bedroom feature intricate woodwork that matches the Baroque style of the 18th century. The pink and gold embossments further emphasize this royal Disney room decor. Baroque-inspired elements such as these scream royalty as the Baroque style was practically invented by the royals themselves!

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Disney Decor Tiana Bedroom Interior Design Credenza Baroque Princess Frog Bed Frame Divider


Want to incorporate elements of this sovereign space into your very own Disney bedroom decor? This modern day rose-colored bedchamber is a perfect match when it comes to mimicking the pink boudoir of this princess. The satin headboard coupled with the delicate linen canopy and matching room divider add a luxurious touch to this royal pad. Rounded off with subtle wooden wall embossments and hardwood floors, every inch of this room has been perfected with a princess’ touch in mind. Furthermore, the intricate woodwork of these pastel home furnishings matches the original film’s bedroom to a T.

Disney Decor Tiana Princess Frog Kitchen Restaurant Design Art Deco 1920s Chandelier Dining Table


Food plays a very important role in this movie as our main protagonist has aspirations of opening her very own restaurant one day. The film’s decked-out dining spaces are designed to the nines with their early art deco inspiration and subtle botanical motifs. The geometric and fabulous flapper art deco-inspired chandelier and lighting motifs are emphasized during this princess’ show-stopping number “Almost There” aka my favorite song from the movie! I would also do anything to get my hands on those fabulous palm tree lamps. If only I had room for home accessories the size of my entire house...

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Disney Decor Tiana Princess Frog Restaurant Design Art Deco Kitchen Tile Backsplash 1920s


Though seen only briefly in the movie, there’s no doubt in my mind that a modern day Tiana-inspired kitchen would be defined by its early 19th century art deco elements. The green and yellow backsplash tile and ceiling metalwork of this kitchen exude a 1920s look. Add a vintage mint green or canary pale yellow Sunbeam mixer to complete this style. If you’re not looking to splurge on full-blown art deco pieces just yet, you can easily incorporate art deco era artwork such as prints by famous artists Erté and Tamara de Lempicka.

Disney Decor Vanity Tiana Princess Decor Picture Frame Mirror Bathroom Mirror Table Credenza


Tiana’s personal vanity space is defined by its humble wooden motifs, intimate photographs of her family, and motivational reminders. Tiana is one girl who keeps her family close and her dreams big, so this room was naturally used as an opportunity for this heroine to grow her aspirations while reminding her of the family she loves. The space is unpretentious and completely devoid of any extraneous accessories. Like Tiana, the room may be often overlooked but displays what is truly important right out in the open for everyone to see.

Disney Decor Bathroom Clawfoot Tub Washroom Bathroom Fixture Rustic Country Hamper Laundry

Via CountryLiving

Incorporate elements of Tiana’s turn-of-the-century vanity space into your modern-day powder room with motifs that pay homage to this early Americana home decor. This rustic clawfoot tub is sure to have been the staple piece for this princess' bathroom decor. The hanging shelf offers an opportunity to display framed family photos just as Tiana does. The warm toned shiplap walls are what makes this room so inviting, and the wicker hamper offers a place to store your “dainties” as my mother would call them. The vintage style candle holder is an absolute essential for when it comes to setting the mood as you take a soak in this early 19th century tub! Overall, the simplicity of this early American washroom matches this princess’ humble demeanor in a fabulous way.

Disney Decor Princess Frog Wicker Living Room Odie Area Rug Lanterns Bayou Louisiana New Orleans


The living rooms featured throughout the movie illustrate an authentic bayou look. With wicker accents and gorgeous glass lanterns, these rooms dazzle in the light with their eclectic boho flavor. The elements we see featured in Mama Odie’s bayou living room such as colorful hanging jars, candles, and area rugs are mismatched to create one harmonious look. I personally think this type of style from the movie has the most potential to have fun accessorizing with! Then again, I’m a huge fan of the eclectic boho look. Because of the lack of restraints that come with decorating in this style, this look provides the opportunity to make your living room uniquely you.

Disney Decor Bayou Louisiana New Orleans Living Room Area Rug Wicker Home Interior Design

Via Atlantis Home

Want to incorporate elements of the movie’s bayou abode into your living spaces? This modern day boho look incorporates everything we love about Mama Odie’s bayou tree house. From the wicker seating options to the plants and alternative lighting fixtures, this re-creation nails every element that defined the original. The unique area rug paired with eclectic mantel elements and other illuminating wall accents further define this iconic bayou style.

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Disney Decor Bayou Louisiana New Orleans Tiana Princess Frog Lanterns Party Victorian Mansion


Outdoor decor plays an important role in this film as much of it takes place in the Louisiana bayou wilderness. For example, the landscape architecture of this colonial mansion featured in the movie is defined by its Victorian era motifs. Elements such as mossy wisteria trees juxtaposed with hanging lanterns give off an ambiance of misty bayou mystery. The outdoor home decor components of this stately mansion are further defined by the wrought iron accents and glorious glowing water fountains. This is one Victorian masterpiece that is not to be outdone or overlooked!

Disney Decor Bayou Louisiana New Orleans Tiana Princess Victorian Fountain Blue Conservatory

Via Zillow

If your wish is to incorporate similar elements into your Disney garden decor and landscape architecture, look no further! This gorgeous Victorian era green space totes components that are comparable to the ones featured in the outdoor spaces of this princess flick. The wrought iron hanging chandelier and exquisite blue fountain give off an aura of a time gone by. Highlighted with stained glass window accents and equally intricate wrought iron patio furniture, this space is a Victorian outdoor decor dream come true!

Tiana is a princess who is known for her strong work ethic, dazzling aspirations, and fabulous taste in home decor! This look is perfect for any modern-day prince or princess who is looking for an early 19th century touch to add to their 21st century chateau. Which Disney movie or character themed-decor is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below and don’t be afraid to share this post with your fellow Disney fans! Until next time!

**Featured image via Home Design Lover