Channel the rooms of Beast’s Castle with Baroque and Gothic style Disney decorations inspired by your favorite princess fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast

It’s a tale as old as time as they say... This is the second installment in my Disney Decor series, and this time we're focusing on an enchanted castle that existed once upon a time in a faraway land. We’re talking about Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast, of course! Beauty and the Beast is a movie steeped in historical art and cultural references, which makes it one of my favorites to watch! One of the most fascinating classes I took while in college was a study of Baroque Architecture, which, serendipitously, is one of the defining architectural themes of this classic Disney film.

Throughout the movie, we are exposed to Baroque motifs and even some Gothic architectural themes within the many rooms of Beast’s Castle. From extravagant staircases to large dining rooms, and even the forbidden West Wing (beware!), this handy guide will show you how easy and fun it is to incorporate Disney decorations into your real-life living space! Won’t you be my guest?

Disney Decorations Interior Design Grand Staircase Tapestry Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Candelabra Statue

Via Animation Backgrounds

Let’s start with the grand staircase, shall we? The grand staircase and living rooms of this enchanted castle are defined by their use of drapery, golden Baroque motifs, and substantial accent windows. Large, almost human-sized statues were incorporated into the scene for emphasis—something that can easily be incorporated into your living quarters as well (though, more likely on a smaller scale). Blue and gold were used as complementary colors for the grand staircase, though this doesn’t mean you have to adhere to a strict color palette. If you’re in the market for a more subdued color palette, colors such as baby blue and even a gray-green would be gorgeous!

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Disney Decorations Interior Design Living Room Fireplace Mantle Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Gold Candelabra Lamp Mirror

Via 1Decor

When it comes to the living room of your stately mansion, this golden mirror is the one true love you’ve been waiting for! As previously mentioned, more subdued paint colors such as this cool-toned green can easily be incorporated into your rooms. Green may not be an extremely obvious color option when it comes to wall paint, but this splendid shade makes it a winning choice!

Floral and other botanical prints and motifs are essential to styling this Baroque decor theme as well. If you’re looking for prints or pieces that specifically reference the 1991 classic movie, consider subtle home decor items such as rose motifs as an homage to Beast’s curse. Small figurines are also highlighted on the mantel of this intricate fireplace. Don’t be afraid to mix up contrasting candle holders and candelabras here as well. I’m sure Lumiere would agree that this is a bright idea! This is a project you can easily DIY by repurposing old candle holders and painting them a brighter accent color.

Disney Decorations Interior Design Dining Room Tapestry Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Candelabra


The dining room of Beast's Castle is defined by its ominous tall ceilings and statement pieces. Check out that royal tapestry hanging on the wall behind the table! Can you spot the twirly-swirly style of these dining room chairs? That’s the classic Baroque style. Because this movie is set in 1700s France, the Baroque style would have been extremely popular with this beastly prince and we see many examples of this iconic style throughout the movie. There's something about this historical style that truly screams regal. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be royalty to incorporate these themes into your very own palace!

Disney Decorations Interior Design Mirror Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Yellow Chandelier

Via The Everyday Goth

Talk about a statement piece! This enchanting Baroque mirror is the perfect addition to this vibrant living space. Painted black, the mirror provides a startling contrast to these yellow painted walls. The color also serves as a fabulous representation of the darker Gothic themes throughout the movie as well! I imagine it wouldn't be too difficult to find a smaller version of this mirror at a thrift store and paint it black. This enchanted mirror is sure to reveal your heart’s true desire, just as Beast’s does!

Disney Decorations Interior Design Bedroom Canopy Bed Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Gothic Architecture

Via Fanpop

The private bedchambers and wall decor of Beast’s Castle are highlighted not only by their Baroque motifs, but by their Gothic themes as well. This includes a Gothic-style canopy bed, blackened chandeliers, deep purple color palette, not to mention a mysterious enchanted rose.

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Belle’s Disney princess bedroom decor is defined by a canopy bed, delicate floral wall motifs, and talking furniture, of course! We may not have furniture that will talk to us, but that doesn't mean we can’t incorporate French-inspired pieces that speak for themselves! The Palace of Versailles in France was used as inspiration for much of this movie’s interior design, and the palace stands as an incredible reference for any French-inspired decor. If Disney princess furniture ideas similar to this style are your wish, gravitate towards furnishings with exaggerated features, yet delicate details.

Disney Decorations Interior Design Bedroom Canopy Bed Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Gothic Architecture Rose Enchanted

Via Zillow

If you’re looking for a dramatic Disney princess bed frame to match Belle’s boudoir, have a go at this Gothic-inspired canopy bed! The blackened wood frame and intricate Gothic details make this four-poster an essential for any enchanted castle and are sure to cast a spell on anybody who sees them! If you look closely at this picture, you may spot a crystal chandelier strung from within the bed’s canopy overhead. This is an inventive take on traditional lighting methods and adds a hint of majesty to this queenly queen-size.

Disney Decorations Interior Design Bedroom Canopy Bed Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Gothic Architecture Rose Enchanted


The Disney bedroom decor of Beast’s private sleeping chamber is defined by its masculine darkness, thrashed furniture, and an element of mystery. This is the perfect look and feel for any prince with an affinity for seclusion! The color palette may be more subdued than we’re used to seeing, but then again when you’ve been cursed by a magic spell you’re going to want a place to brood. Luckily, the Gothic style can be fun and a refreshing addition to any enchanted fortress!

Disney Decorations Interior Design Bedroom Chair Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Gothic Architecture Castle

Via 1Decor

Talk about fit for a king! This black Baroque-inspired royal throne is the perfect addition to any Gothic bedroom. This chair offers a vampy-ness that isn’t commonly seen in home decor furniture and would be the highlight of any private suite. When it comes to decorating the bedrooms of your Gothic mansion, look for similar motifs such as intricate woodwork and daring color choices. Beast’s bedroom is known for its dark shadows and mystery, why not make that look of mystique your very own?

Disney Decorations Interior Design Bedroom Interior Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Gothic Architecture

Via 1Decor

If you’re not ready to go full-on black paint just yet, brushed metallic paints offer a happy alternative! These brushed-metal motifs offer a middle ground between the historic and modern. Silver accessories such as that modern lamp are the perfect addition to this bedroom. Notice how the paint selection incorporates hints of lavender in a surprising and subtle way? The color purple is known for being the color of royalty and would complement golden or silver princess bedroom accessories perfectly. I absolutely adore this regal room, the only thing that’s missing is an enchanted talking wardrobe with great fashion advice!

Disney Decorations Interior Design Bathroom Clawfoot Tub Gold Chest Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Mirror

Via Spanengrish Ramblings

Though only briefly referenced in the movie, the Disney bathroom decor of this enchanted castle is defined by its opulent gold bathtub and equally lavish gold-framed mirror. This claw-footed bathtub was clearly made for royalty with golden embellishments and a royal blue interior. On the left-hand side of the scene, you see a golden chest used for storage of dirty clothes. What kinds of trinkets would you store in a lavish case like that?

Disney Decorations Interior Design Bathroom Gold Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Mirror Washbasin Cabinet Vanity

Via Archi Expo

If you’re interested in incorporating Baroque motifs into your own royal vanity, look no further for inspiration! This particular bathroom decor totes gold framed mirrors, a French-style vanity, an elegant crystal chandelier, and a gold-trimmed washbasin cabinet, to store your royal regalia, of course! The gray marble used on the floors and back walls presents an astonishingly regal presence and is the perfect addition to any extravagant estate. This bathroom would be fitting for any Disney princess, I’m sure!

Disney Decorations Interior Design Library Books Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Staircase Study


Finally, what is an enchanted castle without a gigantic library to match? There are few scenes in this movie that are as breathtaking as the reveal of the great library. Belle is a lover of all things book-related, so this room was sure to be her dream come true! Notice the gold trim on the coffered ceilings and upper walls? Gold is a color that you will definitely want to incorporate into your very own Baroque castle. Which fairy tales would you stow in this gorgeous library?

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Disney Decorations Interior Design Chair Beauty and the Beast Belle Baroque Rococo Throw Pillow Gold Accent Trim

Via 1Decor

Luckily, with the help of a little gold paint, you won't need a fairy godmother to pull many of these looks off! For example, this painted armchair is the perfect addition to any home office or library. With gold trim and striped black and white upholstery, this chair is bringing 18th-century France into the new age! A yellow throw pillow adds a nice pop of color, perhaps as an homage to Princess Belle’s iconic ball gown?

Beast’s Castle is known for its regal elegance, charm, mystery, and 18th-century French Baroque and Gothic motifs. As Cogsworth quipped, “if it's not baroque, don't fix it!" I hope you have enjoyed this tour of Beast's enchanted castle, who knows what home decor innovations and inspiration you might have found! Perhaps there's something there that wasn't there before?

Which Disney decoration pieces would you incorporate into your enchanted castle? Do you have any Disney characters or places in mind that you would like to see featured? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your fellow princes and princesses! Until next time!

**Special thanks to 1Decor for all the awesome Baroque style chairs. Check out their post here for even more amazing choices! Featured image via Hindustan Times