Disney makes the best animated movies… but did you know they also have the best fans? Let me show you a whole new world of Disney fan art.

I'll be honest with you… the idea for this blog came from a question I answered on Quora about Disney villains and pop art. I’d never thought about there being artwork that was both Disney and pop art. After a quick internet search, I discovered there definitely IS Disney pop art. Which got me thinking… what other styles were Disney characters drawn in?

I quickly discovered that Disney fans are a very creative bunch. There is some seriously cool Disney art out there! Just about any artistic style you can think of, there’s a Disney fan who has rendered a character in that style. From pop art to realism, and cut paper to stained glass, the world of Disney fan art is limited by no style or medium!

Disney Fan Art Pop Art Villain Witch Poisoned Apple Evil Queen Grimhilde Wicked Witch Old Hag Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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We’ll start with the art that was the inspiration for this whole blog post. Pop art! Personally, I LOVE these renditions. I mean, come on! How funny is it to see Snow White singing to the Twitter bird? Or the artwork with a warning that the poisoned apple is unsafe? You get good art and humor - a two-for-one deal! Honestly, you can’t get much better than this.

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If there’s one thing I love, it’s reimagined movie posters. I had to do a similar project in my undergraduate coursework, and I loved it! And frankly, what’s not to love about these two posters? These two pieces are actually a part of a larger project (25 to be exact) entitled “Nothings Impossible.” The set was created by numerous artists and was shown at Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas, in 2014. I love all the posters from this project - it was so hard to select only two to share in the blog. If you want to see the rest, check them out here.

Speaking of redesigned posters, I have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to minimalist posters. I love these pared-down poster designs. After all, at this point, you don’t need much to tell you what the movie is about… most everyone knows the stories of Toy Story and Up. Now you can enjoy clean posters that highlight just a piece from the movie.

On a far more intricate note, take a look at these gorgeous pieces of art! No, these are not real pieces of stained glass, but they sure do look that way! This artwork created by Mandie Manzano is truly one-of-a-kind. I get lost in the beauty and details of each piece! If you consider yourself a Disney Princess fan, do yourself a favor and check out more of Mandie Manzano‘s artwork on DeviantArt.

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From intricate, to what gives the appearance of simple… I give you: cut paper art. Don’t be fooled, though! Cut paper Disney princess art is no simple art form. Nathanna Erica on Etsy sells digital reproductions of her paper-cut artwork. I can’t blame her for selling reproductions - I wouldn’t want to give away those gorgeous pieces of art either! These Ariel and Pocahontas designs aren’t her only Disney art prints! Check out her Etsy shop for more!

Stylized artwork isn’t the only type used by Disney fans. Some, like Heather Theurer, take the characters into a much more realistic, fine art space. Theurer created the painting of Lilo and Stitch on the left. I cannot get over the realism of this artwork - Lilo looks like a real living girl! Even Stitch looks real… and he’s an alien! Theurer has more where that came from - check out more of her art here.

While not quite as realistic, the image on the right of Rapunzel takes on a bit of another fine art technique: impressionism. The art itself is by Christi Lu and she created it by digitally painting (instead of using a real brush and paint). Not all of her artwork is done in this style, but please take a look at it on her Tumblr page.

Everything’s gone all topsy-turvy! Sometimes Disney fan artists decide to take things a step further… and swap the genders of the characters! While at first Disney gender swap art may seem a little weird, how cool are these two? A male Cruella de Vil and Elsa? I’d watch those movies just to see how it all turns out! They certainly make you think, don’t they?

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Disney Fan Art Merida Brave Hair Red Hair Journal Sketch Book Pen and Ink Copic Markers Colored Pencil Pages Book


And just for funsies… a pen and ink drawing of (mostly) Merida’s hair! Look at that mess of curls! They take up almost two whole pages!

I could literally show you Disney fan art for days, but I think I’ll have to stop here. So what’d you think? Aren’t these Disney fans extremely talented? Do you love their Disney art? It’s hard for me to pick a favorite style - they’re all so amazing! Have I opened up a whole new world for you? I hope so! But don’t keep all this Disney goodness to yourself! Share with all your Disney-loving friends!