Channel Jasmine’s palace with this Disney home decor inspired by your favorite Disney princess! 

I can show you the world...of Disney home decor that is! Disney decor is something that I’m very passionate about and have been wanting to write about for a while now. I’ve been a fan of Disney my whole life, so much so that I made the decision to pursue animation in school. I follow many Disney artists on social media religiously, and their lovely creations never cease to inspire me. In turn, their creativity has inspired me to mix my two loves of Disney and home decor into one, resulting in Disney-inspired interior design!

In this handy guide, I’ll show you how you can decorate your home like a true Disney princess—Princess Jasmine, that is! I’ve chosen to focus on Princess Jasmine because she was my favorite Disney princess growing up (and that palace was to die for). Looking back on it now, I have fond memories of my mom making me a Jasmine Halloween costume in third grade, harem pants and all. That costume was an absolute dream come true for me because it made me feel so much like a real Disney princess. Speaking of dreams coming true, here are a few ideas (inspired by scenes from the actual movie) for how you can transform the rooms of your humble abode into Jasmine’s regal palace!

Disney Home Decor Princess Rajah Decor Jasmine Tiger Aladdin Fairytale Exotic Carpet Bedroom Canopy

Via Oh My Disney

Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose Disney princess bedroom is the most glamorous of them all? Jasmine’s, of course! Jasmine’s bedroom embodies a classic Moroccan home decor style, from its alabaster columns to the vibrant patterns and plush comfy pillows, not to mention a wild animal or two thrown in for good measure! This Moroccan style decor gives off an effortless exotic look that mirrors this princess’ exotic flair. There are so many options when it comes to playing with textures, mirrors, patterns and colors that it’s so easy to have fun and get carried away (on a magic flying carpet)!

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Disney Home Decor Moroccan Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas Canopy Fireplace Oversized Mirror Bright Colors

Via Decoholic

Canopy beds are the perfect choice when it comes to rocking this princess bedroom look. I always thought of canopy beds as glamorous and inherently royal. It’s almost impossible not to feel like a princess when you wake up in one of these! When it comes to accessorizing your canopy, try to aim for light and airy fabrics such as linen tied together with decorative intricate tassels. To add a little touch of glam, overlay your bedspread with intricate and exotic looking tapestries and don’t forget about accessorizing with your own mirrors and Persian magic flying carpets!

Disney Home Decor Exotic Lanterns Throw Pillows Candles Moroccan Style Home Accessories

Via Colin Cowie Weddings

When it comes to illumination, check out these magic lamps! Hanging lanterns are a gorgeous and perfectly princess option when it comes to setting the mood lighting in your bedroom. You can easily find similar lanterns available from your local Earthbound Trading Co. or World Market. Lanterns like these are found all throughout Jasmine’s palace. If you’re looking to match the color palette of the movie, incorporate ethereal and peacock-inspired items into your living space. Jasmine’s bedroom is distinctively colorful so feel free to run wild with your color choices!

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Disney Home Decor Princess Jasmine Tiger Aladdin Fairytale Exotic Mirror Lantern Tapestry Flower Vanity Chaise Lounge

Via Disney/Style

Princess Jasmine’s Disney bathroom decor is defined by its overhead canopy, layered carpets, and golden vanity. If you’re wanting to accessorize this relaxing room, aim for Moroccan-inspired hand-painted vases and colored glass perfume bottles to add a touch of exotic home decor glamour. This is also the perfect opportunity to incorporate Moroccan-style picture frames and mirrors into your vanity space! You can find the perfect accessories to match such as this picture frame. To add a subtle princess touch to your Disney home decor, incorporate a delicate animal figurine such as an elephant or Bengal tiger as an homage to Jasmine’s furry friend Rajah!

Disney Home Decor Moroccan Bathroom Ideas Exotic Interior Design Bright Colors Carpets Chandelier Mosaic Tiles

Via Decoist

What Princess palace has a bathroom without the perfect bathtub to match? This bathroom decor is insane when it comes to royal opulence. The Moroccan-style blue tiles and wooden canopy arches of this tub have an exquisite amount of detail and help set this tub above the rest. When it comes to home decor lighting, this lovely room is illuminated by its Mashrabiya-style window and a hanging chandelier. The ceiling also offers a surprising Moroccan motif that can be applied to other rooms of your home as well! I can almost smell the exotic bath oils in this gorgeous powder room.

Disney Home Decor The Sultans Palace Aladdin Couches Jewel Tones Elephant Floor Seating Exotic Rugs

Via The Disney Wiki

You ain’t never had a friend like these living room accessories before! The living room of Jasmine’s palace is likely where official palace business was taken care of, so why not accommodate your royal guests with comfy seating arrangements? The cushions placed on the floor are a surprising way to channel this royal style. I try my best to always make sure my living room is the comfiest place in the house so that entertaining isn’t a problem. With a plethora of colorful and diverse pillows, you can transform the look of your living room like magic!

Disney Home Decor Aladdin Lounge Area Tapestries Hanging Curtains Pendant Lamps Couches Floor Cushions Exotic Interior Design

Via Intimate Weddings

Shining, shimmering, splendid… Check out these metallic pillows! I love how the rugs of this living room were layered on top of each other for added texture. These intricate exotic looking carpets are the perfect staple for tying this Disney princess room together as well. When it comes to lighting your living room, don’t be afraid to experiment with alternative window blinds like Roman shades. This room is also the perfect place to display your treasures from around the world! Unique frames and mirrors can be blended together here to fit a cohesive theme. Though Jasmine’s living room totes shimmery golden tones, it doesn’t mean you can’t lean into the silver look as well! Whatever your heart desires will work just fine when it comes to this princess room decor.

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Disney Home Decor Princess Jasmine Aladdin Fairytale Exotic Lantern Blue Door Gold Trim

Via Fanpop

As you can see, Jasmine’s palace is defined by its high ceilings, intricate wall motifs, and blue statement door. Since this Disney room decor is all about blending eclectic elements, the red, gold, and blue color motifs are really working it here! Because blue is such a popular color for paint, our eyes aren’t strained when it's heavily used as seen in this screenshot from the movie. Don’t be afraid of going overboard with a little color!

Disney Home Decor Turquoise Kitchen with Hardwood Floors Pendant Lights and Chrome Accessories

Via Lady Darwin Design

I’m going to wrap up with the kitchenmy favorite place in the palace! Though Disney kitchen decor was not directly addressed in the movie (that I know of, please correct me if I’m wrong!), it isn't difficult to visualize what this delicious room would have looked like. I imagine there would be blue painted cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling, hanging lanterns, and maybe some Moroccan style backsplash tiles. I'm not as much of a cook as I would like, but I bet there’s some delicious exotic dishes cooking up in this kitchen! Yummy! Do you know of any Moroccan-inspired recipes we could dish out? Share them below!

Well folks, that about does it for this enchanted cave of wonders! If only we had a genie to grant our wish of the perfect princess-themed home. I hope you have picked up a few Disney-inspired tips and tricks along the way. Which Disney princess or character would you like to see featured in the next Disney home decor post? Share your comments and ideas below, and don’t forget to share this post with your fellow Disney fanatics!

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