Do you have an obsession with everything Disney? Get your Disney fix by checking out and making some of these super cute and fun Disney inspired recipes!

Like most of my friends, I am a die-hard Disney fan. I grew up with all the Disney princess movies, Bambi, Finding Nemo, Winnie the Pooh - you name it, I’ve seen it. If you were to walk inside my apartment, you’d realize that I’m totally serious about my Disney obsession. Every room has Disney decor. My living room is adorned with Thomas Kinkade artwork featuring the princesses, Disney couch pillows (orange bird, anyone?), and a collection of Disney DVDs. My kitchen is decorated with a Disney cookie jar, and every single one of my coffee cups is Disney themed. I have eight pictures on one of my bedroom walls, and each of these pictures is inspired by a different Disney movie (Snow White, Lion King, Winnie the Pooh, etc). I have Disney themed clothing. Even my bathroom has Disney bath bombs. Okay, so maybe I went over with my description about my Disney obsession, but this is a post about Disney inspired recipes.

Disney Inspired Recipes with Thomas Kinkade Princess Tiana Recipe

c/o Thomas Kinkade

This is a tangent, but I just want to show y’all my favorite Thomas Kinkade painting to highlight my Disney obsession.

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Anyway, as you can probably tell by now, I’m combining my love for Disney with my love for food! I want to show y’all all the cool Disney inspired recipes that I’ve come across. There are so many different Disney recipes out there that there is something for everybody. Some recipes have a subtle Disney hint, and other recipes scream Disney. Scroll through, read the recipes, and figure out which ones you can’t wait to make. Let’s get cooking!

Disney Inspired Recipes with Frozen Cookies, Elsa and Anna, and Blue and White Snowflakes Cookie Decorating

Via Disney Family

I want to start off simple with Frozen Cookies! These cookies are perfect to make on a Saturday afternoon when you have leisure time and want to bake and decorate something! Buy a package of premade sugar cookies and any icing/decorating tools that you’d like. Have fun with these! Like snowflakes - no two of your cookies have to be the same! Check out the recipe for more instructions.

Disney Inspired Recipes with Toy Story and Alien Avocado and Spinach Toast

Via Disney Family

When I was browsing for recipes and saw this little guy, I let out a big “awwww.” I love Toy Story! This Alien Avocado Toast is the perfect combination of healthy and Disney. Making this healthy Disney recipe is also a super smart idea if you have a picky eater in your home - give them some of this cute toast!

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Disney Inspired Recipes with Snow Whites Poison Apple

Via The Kitchen McCabe

If you love Snow White, you’re going to love this next Disney cake recipe. These Poisoned Apple Cake Pops are to die for! These are spooky, but that’s what makes them the perfect Disney party food for Halloween. This Disney cake idea is probably one of my favorite recipes from the list because Snow White was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid.

Disney Inspired Recipes with Dumbos Chicken and Peanut Dipping Sauce

Via Disney Family

I bet you didn’t think there were Disney dinner recipes! We all know that peanuts are Dumbo’s favorite snack, and that’s where the inspiration for this recipe came from. Dumbo’s chicken with peanut dipping sauce is a Disney original recipe. This recipe may require a little more work than the other ones that I’ve mentioned, but it looks so amazing. I can’t wait to try it!

Disney Inspired Recipes with Finding Nemo Fishbowls Limes Lemons Oranges Straws


Finding. Nemo. Fishbowls. Need I say more?

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This Disney cocktail is AMAZING! If you click the recipe it calls for various alcohols - and that’s perfectly great for anyone of legal drinking age! But omit the alcohol and you’ve just made a Disney themed drink recipe that is perfect for every occasion in your life. Finding Nemo themed Birthday party? Serve virgin Finding Nemo Fishbowls. Passed that college exam that you were worried about? Celebrate with this yummy punch!

Disney Inspired Recipes with Christmas Mickey Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Candy

Via Get Away Today

Now, what good would a Disney blog be without a recipe inspired by the Mouse that started it all? That’s right, Mickey Mouse! This Mickey Mouse Hot Chocolate is a great Disney Christmas recipe, but it’s also perfect all year around. The little white Mickey silhouette sitting in the hot chocolate is actually frozen whipped cream. Garnish your hot chocolate with chocolate donuts to make Mickey ears! This recipe is perfect to share with your family and friends while sitting around the Christmas tree and enjoying the holidays.

Disney Inspired Recipes with a Mickey Mouse Toaster Kitchen Accessories


Maybe cooking just isn’t your forte, but you still love Disney and want to make Disney inspired recipes. Check out this Disney toaster that does all the Disney cooking for you! When your bread is toasting, a Mickey Mouse glove is imprinted on it. Super cool!

Disney Inspired Recipes with a Brave Little Toaster Handmade


But what if you already have a toaster that you really like? Take inspiration from the Disney classic - The Brave Little Toaster - and turn your toaster into the protagonist! This is super cute, especially if you don’t mind drawing on your toaster.

Are you a #Disney fan? Get cooking with these Disney inspired #recipes!

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There are so many other Disney dishes out there. Here are some courtesy of the Disney Recipe Book.

Be creative! Think of other Disney movies that’ll give you recipe inspiration! There are so many different ways to cook up dishes inspired by Disney! Cooking is cathartic, so have fun with these recipes. If I didn’t list a recipe from your favorite movie, I’m sure there’s one out there! Let me know which recipe you can’t wait to make, and be sure to share this post with your fellow Disney lovers!

**Featured image via All Things Cupcake