After a long day of work or school, we always crave one thing: our beds. Check out these ideas for bedrooms to make yours extra crave-able! 

My oh my, am I a sucker for comfort. After a long day, I just want to dive into an endless sea of cushioned pillows, soft blankets, and cool covers - and not be bothered! The bedroom, more importantly the bed, is of HUGE importance to our health because it is where we get our much needed rest. Getting your proper rest is vital, and though you can sleep in a hard or even a limp bed, why would you want to? In honor of the bedroom and getting rest, I’ve chosen 7 comfy ideas for bedrooms that will suddenly make you crave your bed!

Ideas for Bedrooms Blue Red Yellow Bed with Tufted Headboard Wall Art Matching Bedside Lamps

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Comfort starts with the mattress. If your mattress isn't good, then you won't feel rested after a night’s sleep. What makes or doesn't make a good mattress is very subjective. Some people like deep cushion mattresses, while others would prefer theirs to be a bit more firm. A good mattress is going to fit your needs and leave you satisfied after a long night of sleep. If you wake up repeatedly throughout the night or still feel tired when you wake up, then it might be time for a new mattress.

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Ideas for Bedrooms Bed with Sheer Canopy and Skylight Rustic Bedroom with Stone Fireplace

Via the Tao of Dana

Check out this bedroom furniture! I love canopies! If I was to design a bedroom, it would have a canopy like this. They’re just so ethereal, and I’m pretty sure I would wake up every morning feeling like a princess, or some sort of sorceress if the canopy was in a darker shade. Definitely one of those bedroom design ideas that is always in the back of my head!

Ideas for Bedrooms Pink Peach and Gray Bed with Bare Walls

Via the Tao of Dana

Pillows are a fun way to add style and comfort to your bedroom. I like for my back to be propped up and my head nicely supported when I sleep. So I use my handy-dandy pillows to help me accomplish this by tucking them behind me. Let me explain the rule of quality over quantity as it relates to pillows. If you have many pillows on your bed and only a few provide comfort, you might want to consider whether or not you really need all of those pillows.

I am a decor girl too, but pillows are supposed to kill two birds with one stone. If they look nice, but don't provide support, then they could hinder the comfort of your bed. And, unless you want to spend time every night removing pillows and every morning putting them back, the costs may outweigh the benefits. This, of course, is entirely a matter of personal preference. My mother has lots of pillows that are specifically for decoration, and they do make for beautiful bedroom decorating ideas.

Ideas for Bedrooms White Bed with Turquoise Accent Wall and Crystal Chandelier

Via DigsDigs

Love the pop of turquoise in this space, and can we just take a moment to appreciate that awesome crystal chandelier? Hello, gorgeous! Chandeliers are fun decorating ideas for bedrooms, and you get to fall asleep curled up in your comfy bed while staring up at your beautiful chandelier. What’s not to love?

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Ideas for Bedrooms Bed with Yellow Tufted Headboard Chevron Lamp Shade Sunburst Mirror

Via the Tao of Dana

I love thick comforters!!! On a cool, rainy day they keep anyone who snuggles under them nice and warm. For me, the key to good bedroom designs is all in how comfy that comforter is. Personal tidbit: It might sound odd, but even when I'm not cold I snuggle under my comforter, because it's so soft. Anyone with me?

These 7 bedroom decor ideas will make you want to dive right into bed! What are some of your tips & tricks to make your bedroom oh-so cozy & comfy?

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Wednesday, April 27, 2016
Ideas for Bedrooms Black and White Striped Headboard Wall Art Plant Decor

Via Homedit

Check out the striped decor in this bedroom design! Talk about fun! I absolutely love stripes, so seeing a striped headboard and bench in a bedroom kind of makes me happy. Plus, I have this thing for black and white, especially when it’s bedroom decor, and that extra pop of olive green is just perfection. Add in a cute little plant, and this bedroom is ultra-cozy!

Ideas for Bedrooms Bed with Gray Tufted Headboard Chandelier Floral Curtains Flowers

Via Rambling Renovators

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So now that you've got some inspiration, how can you actually get a comfy bed? A key to any comfy bed is to make sure you have a lot of padding! It doesn’t matter how you get your cushion as long as you have it.

  1. One way to get some extra comfort is to have a good mattress. A good mattress is going to provide you with the support and the cushion that you need to sleep through the night or day, whatever floats your boat.
  2. The simplest way to get extra cushion comfort is to add pillows! If you're pillow-lacking, you might consider stepping up your pillow game. My bed is covered with pillows. Not those hard, I have a lump in my back pillows, but those I am on a cloud floating pillows. If you're trying to sleep on limp pillows, then prepare for that blasted neck pain.
  3. My favorite way to add cushion and comfort to the bedroom is with a fluffy, warm comforter. A comforter is supposed to make you comfortable, hence the name! If yours doesn’t provide you with enough comfort, consider bedding ideas like adding layers of comforters and other blankets or sheets.
  4. The final way to add comfort to your bedroom is to consider elevation. This basically means how high or low you want your bed from the ground. I have noticed that I get better sleep when my bed is elevated than when I simply have my mattress on the floor. You can change it up to see what works best for you.

What makes you crave your bed? Fluffy pillows, soft blankets, a top-of-the-line mattress? Please share, comment, and let us know!

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