Here at FurnishMyWay, we adore DIY floral centerpieces. They make homes so lovely! Check out these fresh ideas! 

I hope all of you are having a grand week so far. I’ve been prepping myself for a break, and by prepping I mean I’m more than ready to get a little R & R and spend some time with my family. I’m really excited to go home and be able to rest do wedding DIYs! Seriously, I’m super pumped to marry my fiancé.

Lately, I’ve been really into DIYing floral centerpieces. It’s become a hobby of mine simply because I love the creative process of designing floral arrangements and I love showing off the “finished piece.” Fresh flowers in any home are fabulous. End of story. Before anyone gets worried that they might not be able to make pretty flower centerpieces, trust me when I say that all it really takes to DIY a flower arrangement is a little patience and a lot of creativity. Oh, and flowers of course!

April showers brought May flowers, so bring 'em home and design your own #DIY flower arrangement!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Friends, I’ve been making flower arrangements since I was 10. Growing up, I had a serious love for wild flowers (and still do). I would always pick flowers in my aunt’s backyard and get attacked by mosquitoes in the process. At the end of every picking session, I’d always be super itchy, but super happy with the flowers I had collected.

But enough about me, if you’re arranging flowers to beautify your home, then your best bet is to go to the grocery store. However, if you’re arranging flowers for a bigger event like, let’s say… a wedding (I have plenty of experience in that department), then you may need to look at what flowers are in season so that you can DIY your floral centerpieces at a reasonable cost. Since it is spring, let’s take a quick look at what flowers are in season.

DIY Floral Centerpieces Flowers Available in Spring Flowers Tulip Poppy Heather Lilac Blossoms

Via Green Wedding Shoes

I just thought I’d share this because as nice as floral table centerpieces are, they can get pricey even when you DIY them. Always opt for flowers that are in season if you’re trying to stay on budget!

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Now let’s get down to business! For starters, I think it’s always super helpful to look at a video on how to create floral arrangements. This video from Carol's Daughter is a great reference.

Via Carol's Daughter

Side note: When it comes to designing flower arrangements, trying out new makeup ideas, or even looking for home decor tips, YouTube is a great resource!

Alright, so now that you have a basic idea of where to start, let’s talk supplies.

  • Flowers of your choice
  • ​Vase (or other container) - You can really get creative here!
  • ​Flower stem stripper - I strongly recommend this one from Chrysal.
  • ​Floral foam (depending on what type of container you choose)
  • ​Flower food
  • ​Buckets
  • ​Water

Now that we have all of our supplies ready, let’s get our DIY on! Whenever I make a floral centerpiece, I tend to just kind of “wing it.” The last flower arrangement I made was a mix of pink garden roses, baby’s breath, and white alstroemerias. (Fun fact: all these flowers were picked out by my fiancé.) I just did a “free-flow” design and put them all in a mason jar. The final result was absolutely lovely! But, let's check out some examples, shall we?

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DIY Floral Centerpieces Bright Flower Arrangements for Spring Weddings Pink and Red Blossoms in White Milk Jug

Via Weddingomania

To recreate this particular floral piece, you’ll need to find a white milk glass vase of some sort. It doesn’t have to be exactly like this one but it needs to be similar. The flowers I recognize in this floral arrangement are pink hydrangeas, roses, and stock. What’s great about this centerpiece is that it doesn’t require floral foam, but can be done by simply arranging the flowers in the container.

DIY Floral Centerpieces Roses and Hydrangeas Flower Arrangements in Glass Vase Pretty Blooms


Feast your eyes on this lovely arrangement that features more gorgeous hydrangeas and roses. Plus, the added tulips make this design so lovely! I love the sunset color scheme of this floral arrangement. Unlike the previous example, designing this floral centerpiece will require either floral foam or waterproof floral tape. I think it’s time for me to go friends, but before I do, here are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your own flower arrangements:

  1. Always strip your flower stems before arranging them. Any unnecessary leaves can fall off in the water and they also make it more difficult to arrange the flowers.
  2. ​Always put flower food in your flowers’ water so they’ll last longer!
  3. ​Whatever you do, do not freeze your flowers. Some flowers do tend to wilt in heat, but the common practice of “freezing” flowers is actually NOT good for them at all.
  4. ​When arranging your flowers, have a small bucket of water to place the flowers that you’re waiting to use in.

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I hope you enjoyed these centerpiece ideas! If you did, please let me know in the comments below. Please share this post with your loved ones; I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. Have a great, sunshine-y day and thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Weddingomania