Don’t go overboard and spend lots of money on a Halloween costume! Check out these super cute DIY Halloween Costumes that are both unique and fun! 

Halloween is arguably my favorite holiday for many reasons. I love the spookiness that is the holiday, jack-o'-lanterns, Halloween candy, Halloween costumes - you name it, I love it! Halloween is fun and exciting, and Halloween costumes should be no exception! However, that doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend a fortune. You can make a super cool DIY Halloween costume! It’s fun, less expensive, and original.

I didn’t really trick or treat as a kid, so maybe I’m trying to make up for lost time. That being said, I’m terrible about choosing a costume until the last minute (except for this year, ironically!). Maybe that’s why I’m such a huge fan of DIY Halloween costumes! Anyway, last Halloween, I didn’t think I would go out; thus, I didn’t have a costume (or any costume ideas, for that matter) prepared. Well, long story short, my friends and I decided to celebrate Halloween, but of course, I didn’t have a costume. I ended up painting my face with black eyeliner and throwing on a leopard print blouse so that I looked like a cat. It was such a last minute rush, but hey, it did the job.

So this year I decided I wanted to be prepared! I already have my costume picked out in my mind, and I just have to go buy the right dress. Since I’m feeling inspired about my own super cool DIY Halloween costume idea, I wanted to share some ideas with y’all so you can also be inspired to make a DIY Halloween costume! Read on!

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DIY Halloween Costumes with Inside Out’s Sadness in all Blue

Via Costume Works

This first DIY Halloween costume is inspired by Disney’s Inside Out. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it. I bawled when I watched it. Anyway, to summarize the movie without giving away any spoilers, this movie is about a young girl and her emotions. I’m sure you can guess which emotion this DIY Halloween costume is inspired by! Sadness! 

Sadness is super gloomy (what else would we expect?), but she makes the perfect DIY Halloween costume because we have most of these blue clothing items in our closet. Jeans? Check. Blue t-shirt/blouse/whatever? Check. All I think most people would need is the blue face paint and wig! This is a great idea for either an adult Halloween costume or a kid’s Halloween costume! Super easy, super cheap, and still super cute!

Don't have a #Halloween costume yet? Don't fret! Here are some quick and easy DIY ideas that anyone can recreate!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Saturday, October 29, 2016
DIY Halloween Costumes with Cat Lady in Bathrobe and Stuffed Kitties

Via Costume Works

This next homemade Halloween costume is the epitome of my life. As a lover of all things cat, this should be my Halloween costume, but it’s not. I live the cat lady life 24/7, 365 days a year. I can have a few hours as an exception (but don’t let my cat know!). I love this DIY cat lady costume because it is super original. I love how most of us ladies have pretty much all of these items - bathrobe, slippers, long socks, hair rollers. I don’t have any cute stuffed cats (ironically), but I’m sure you can go buy some for a reasonable price!

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DIY Halloween Costumes DIY with Disneys Up Carl and Ellie Couples Costume

Via Huffington Post

What if you have significant other and y’all want to do a couple’s costume? No worries - I have an idea! Check out this super cute DIY couples Halloween costume inspired by Disney’s Up! FYI - I bawled watching that movie, too. Honestly, I cry watching most movies. I can’t remember a movie that I haven’t cried while watching. Eek.

Let’s get back to Carl and Ellie. This unique Halloween costume is perfect for you and your significant other if y’all want to keep it chill and classy. You can’t go wrong with this idea! Blow up some balloons, get the essential pieces (links listed below), and you’ve got your couples costume ready to go.

You can find Ellie’s grape soda pin here and Etsy has a bunch of aviator hats and goggles listed here.

DIY Halloween Costumes with the Magic School Bus and Ms Frizzle


Magic School Bus, anyone?! I remember watching this in kindergarten, which was a while ago. Ms. Frizzle was the science teacher that we all dreamed of having. She was fun, quirky, and super knowledgeable! She’s also the perfect DIY Halloween costume! At first I was slightly worried about this Halloween outfit because I know that you can’t find this dress at a Halloween store, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if you could find a science themed dress at all, but I solved that dilemma (see the link below). Everything else is pretty easy to find at a general superstore! If you have straight hair, you can always find a curly red wig (like in the photo) or just curl your hair. I really like this DIY costume idea!

Check out these science dresses here!

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DIY Halloween Costumes with Beanie Baby Dog

Via PureWow

As I was searching for DIY Halloween costumes, I came across this super cute puppy and his Halloween costume and knew I couldn’t pass it up. If you’re going to DIY your own costume, why not do it for your dog, too?! I don’t have a dog, so I don’t have the luxury of dressing my animals up. I have one cat who would *maybe* let me do it, but in all reality, probably not.

Turn your dog into a beanie baby! This simple Halloween costume is very easy to make. All you need is poster board to make the “ty” sign! I can’t get over how cute this is. Please, somebody do this and comment with a picture of your doggy!

Did you see a DIY Halloween costume idea that you liked and are inspired by? There are so many different ideas out there, and you can’t go wrong with an original costume! Let me know if you have any other DIY Halloween costume ideas by commenting below. Also, make sure you share these ideas with your friends!

**Featured image via The 11 Best