Have extra craft materials and ribbon scraps? Use them to create a fun and vibrant upcycled ribbon chandelier; perfect for parties or to spice up home decor. 

Recently, I was chatting with my mother-in-law about life and moving and how I feel like I’ve been stuck in transition after transition over the last several months. During that inspirational conversation, she made a comment about me being a “nester.” She reminded me that wherever I go, no matter how long, it’s important for me to be comfortable in my space and to create an atmosphere in my home that allows anyone who enters to be comfortable as well.

The challenge of the last couple of months for me has been one of moving to a new city, moving into a new place within that new city, and, last month, getting married. As I transition into my new home (and role), I know I need to make it my own before I lose my sanity staring at blank walls strewn with nail holes where the previous owner lovingly embraced the sheetrock with decor.

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I know, I know, I truly can’t call these problems, but it did get my creative mind going. How can I easily transform my boring bedroom into a fun space in my little corner of the world with some of the things I already have in my possession? These “things” are ribbons, wires, and possibly string lights. For what you ask? A DIY upcycled ribbon chandelier of course. I think these beautiful eye-catching pieces can add the perfect touch to any space or even add to your party decor!

Colorful Ribbon Chandelier

I love this idea. When I stumbled across this photo my eyes were quickly drawn to this shabby chic design. And how easy would it be to gather scrap ribbons from past crafts, after you manage to untangle them, of course? I think this would be very easy to accomplish with scraps of material instead of ribbon as well. Different sizes, colors, and materials will add texture and depth. If you do a little Pinterest surfing, you can see these used in bedrooms and nurseries, at parties and weddings, and so on. Ribbon chandeliers are a great way to add a pop of color to a room.

Ribbon Chandelier Made with Upcycled Material Scraps of Bright Colors DIY

Via desire to inspire

So, I don’t want to just throw a picture out there and then give us an excuse not to accomplish the idea because of a lack of instructions! Here is a list of things you need to clean out your craft drawer and accomplish your dream ribbon chandelier:

  • A hoop(s) of sorts: some people use hula hoops for large chandeliers, while others use embroidery hoops to make small chandeliers. I recommend any hoop you have around the house (you could even make a wire hoop) as long as you’re happy with the size. Feel free to add more than one hoop to dress it up with multiple tiers.
  • String (anything thicker than dental floss should do!)
  • Cuts of ribbon or material. If you don’t have any leftovers, Walmart and Hobby Lobby are great places to buy affordable ribbon. Or, ask friends and relatives if they have any scraps they would like to put to good use! You can choose a variety of colors for this project. Or, just one color if you like. I think a black chandelier or a white chandelier would look very modern and pretty, while brightly colored ones like those you see here are just fun!
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue (optional if you would rather tie the ribbon to the hoop).

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On an evening when you’re not tied up, or maybe have better things to do but need a break, make yourself your favorite drink, gather your hoop, ribbon, string, scissors, and glue, and get ready to create your very own whimsical and colorful ribbon chandelier. You could even make this one of those projects you make with others! Friends, family, children, or nieces and nephews would even work if you don’t have any little munchkins of your own and want to make this a family-type craft. Since this project is super easy, as you will find out below, you’ll be able to make this with anyone you like!

  1. Using different lengths of ribbon (or material scraps), glue or tie ribbons until they cover the hoop.
  2. Attach three strings spaced evenly around the hoop.
  3. Tie the three strings together at the center of the hoop, allowing the right amount of slack for the chandelier to hang.
  4. Attach one string to the center of the three you already tied, and voila!
Ribbon Chandelier with Lights and Bright Colors DIY Party Decor

Via Style Me Pretty

The ribbon chandelier above is definitely an eye-catcher. I plan on adding lights to my chandelier to use it as a ceiling light because I’m obsessed with twinkle lights. If you came to my house in the evening, you would see that I prefer them far beyond any other kind of lighting…this could be because I am slightly obsessed with Christmas in general. I think that basic white Christmas lights (a strand of 50 to 100) would do and are probably something you have stored away in your garage or attic. A fun fact about a typical strand of Christmas lights is that on average they last for 1000 hours! If you want it to look a little cleaner, check out these amazing copper lights on Amazon. I had quite a few strands of these on my wedding registry.

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Okay, I hope I've convinced you that this simple idea can easily add both a whimsical and eye-catching touch to any room. Or bring your next party to life! If you do decide to add lights and make this a hanging lamp, this will provide a relaxing glow. I think this DIY ribbon chandelier lighting will truly help in my own room and make me feel a little more at home in a new place!

Don’t be afraid to get creative and upcycle the old craft scraps you have lying around. Let me know if you’ve made one of these before and how it turned out. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Don’t forget to share this post so others can be inspired as well!

**Featured images (L to R) via Shannon Berrey DesignHart's Desire Photography and Simplified Bee