Like most things, doormats serve a purpose, the least you could do is make them feel pretty while you walk all over them! 

Hello! It’s time to be blunt for a sec—I’ve been noticing something that I’m not all that fond of…I’m talking about doormats. Well wait... I love doormats and entryways, but I’ve noticed a trend that’s become popular lately and I don’t get it. I’m referring to entry mats that are in the shape of an x-box controller or that have sayings like “nice underwear” on them. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a robot. I see the humor in it and all, but “nice underwear”...? Step in some mud and wipe your feet all over those words! I’m going to slap a big roll of yellow caution tape on that idea and then I’m going to show you what truly creative doormat ideas I’m loving right now.

Stand apart from your neighbors and spruce up your front porch with these ah-mazing doormat ideas!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, April 3, 2016

First, I want to say that sometimes a doormat isn’t even a doormat; i.e., the featured image. It can be as simple as slapping some paint on the cement. I like the option above because it’s straight to the point! “Welcome!” Easy as pie and cute as can be. On the topic of paint, you can get crazy with it, too! What I mean by that is:

Doormats Painted Floor Concrete Yellow Turquoise Blue Paint Brush Stencil Entryway Doorway House Home Decor Exterior

Via Paint + Pattern

Way better than an outdoor mat made of old T-shirts!!! The best part is that you don’t even need to be crafty to get the job’s all about getting your stencil action on! I probably wouldn’t even want to walk inside the house because I would want to stare at this all day.

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If you’re like me and can’t paint the concrete in front of your house because it doesn’t technically belong to you (s/o to the renters out there!), I found a sturdy option that you can take with you when you go. A couple wood slats can go a long way with this DIY! Another positive is that you can clean it off easily!

Doormats Doorway Doors Front Door Home Decor House Exterior Monogram W Wood Planks Dark Stain Creative DIY

Via Babble

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Bad sense of direction? Not sure if you’re at the right house? Assuming street numbers are hard to see, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just look down and be like, “perf, I know that the door I’m about to knock on is the right one?” Yes, I think it would be very nice, especially if it looked like this! This is one of my favorites because unlike many personalized door mats, it’s not an obvious detail. No one can have an argument good enough to change my mind on this one...I love it and you should too.

Doormats Door Mat Street Address Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side Mat Etsy Front Door Green Moss Homemade Decor

Via agokc

In my personal opinion, sometimes it pays to incorporate some Plain Jane on the porch. Hmm...I guess I wouldn’t really call this plain, but this doorway is definitely not busy like the painted turquoise and yellow number we discussed earlier. This exterior has a quietness about it that I really enjoy. The long, narrow doormat blends perfectly with the house and the trim pairs well with the black door. BUT what stood out to me the most in this photo was the way the planters were staged on the mat. Most of the time, you don’t see large doormats that are long enough to fit planters on, but it sure does do a lot for the design aspect!

Doormats Long Length Planters Symmetric Doorway Entryway Front Porch Home Decor Exterior Black Door Wood Flooring Outside Design

Via Home Bunch

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Fun fact #1: this custom door mat was made from a rectangular mat and cut to fit the door frame like a glove. Fun fact #2: you can make one too!! Here's how. You can open and shut the door while maintaining a completely cohesive doorway design. It has the whole you complete me thing going on and I dig it.

Doormats Half and Half Original Square Traditional Semicircle Inside and Outside Matching Interior Design Home Decor Exterior Accents

Via Chez Larsson

Now, I know that these are somewhat different from doormats you might be used to seeing, but that’s what’s so great about them! Who wants a house that looks like the one next to it? Stand apart from the “nice underwear” neighbor and paint the porch red! A lot of these you can make yourself which is a real $$ saver and a good DIY will leave you feeling accomplished, which just so happens to be one of my favorite feelings to feel 🙂

What doormat ideas do you have? Be sure to comment and share below. Ta-ta for now!

**Featured image (L to R): Her Paperweight and c/o Neosnaps