What does my dream house look like? Today, I’ve been inspired to share my heart and a bit of how I envision my dream home! 

Hello, friends! Not going to lie, originally I was going to write about flower curtains, but my heart is brimming with ideas of what my future dream home would look like. As many of you know, I love home decor. In fact, I’ve had a deep love for home decor since I was a little girl!

When thinking about my home decor preferences and potential house plans, I’ve noticed that over time my taste has changed quite a bit. In fact, my taste in a lot of things has evolved the older I get. I didn’t realize how much I’ve changed until I started planning my own wedding.

I always thought I’d have a rustic, ethereal, and whimsical wedding. When I actually got down to planning, I realized I wanted something traditional and elegant with simple, rustic touches. I kid you not; the original Pinterest board I made for my wedding has changed entirely! When I realized that my taste in decor had changed, I started to realize that I began to prefer transitional home decor over eclectic, country cottage home decor. (P.S. Not sure what transitional home decor is? Check out Hailey's awesome blog post here...)

Dream House Transitional Living Room Home Decor Chandelier White Fireplace and Mantel

Via Traditional Home

Also, if you need proof that I actually prefer transitional home decor, I took a quiz on Houzz (haha) and here are my results. Everyone reading this should take the quiz for fun and let me know what style you got! Anyway, I love the quote from Lisa Frederick on this page to describe transitional home decor because it’s everything I love about the style.

“This sophisticated look hits the sweet spot between traditional elegance and contemporary cool for harmony in your home."

Though I love transitional home decor, I think my dream home design would have a little rustic chic (and cozy!) style in it. This is partially influenced by my love of farmhouse home decor and Fixer Upper. I could totally see my transitional home having those rustic touches common to farmhouses.

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Dream House Blue Bathroom Freestanding Tub Elegant Mirror and Vanity Hardwood Floors

Via But Decor

Seriously, it would be a dream of mine to have an airy and bright transitional styled barndominium. What I really want in my dream house is a relaxing place to retreat. My dream is to come home to a simple, but elegant and cozy space that I can just relax and catch my breath in after a long day.

My Dream House Location: That Country Life

Dream House Home Design Barn Architecture Cement Walkway


Although I have a deep love for city life, I also have an appreciation for country life and privacy. My typical day-to-day schedule is pretty hectic. Whenever I come home, it’s to retreat from the busy-ness of life. That’s why, for me, country life (that’s close to a nearby town) would be perfect. I’d still have the privacy I dream of, but not be in the middle of nowhere!

With my fiancé in mind, he would love to live on a place with land. Since we are getting married, I should probably keep in mind what he’d like too, right? My dream house has definitely been influenced by my current craze, Fixer Upper. I can’t lie, after I saw a barndominium, I wanted one. It’s the perfect mix of country and city. Plus, it’s private!

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My Dream House Interior: Vaulted Ceilings and Open Windows

Dream House Vaulted Ceilings Contemporary Dining Room with Chandelier and Bay Windows

Via Homesthetics

I love vaulted ceilings, sky lights, and open windows. There’s just something so relaxing and dreamy about natural light. This dining room area for example is literally everything I have ever wanted and dreamed of in my future dream home.

My Dream House Interior: Marble or Slate Countertops

Dream House Marble Countertops Kitchen with White Cabinets and Hardwood Floors Chandeliers Kitchen Island


Other than vaulted ceilings and tons of natural light, I’ve always wanted bright stone countertops in the kitchen. I have a thing for white marble, friends. The color is so bright and refreshing.

Dream House Kitchen with Pendant Lights and Island Dining Area Hydrangea Flowers

Via Studio M

Despite my love for white marble, I really love this kitchen. I think with all the white in this gorgeous kitchen and dining area, the dark slate countertops provide a nice contrast.

Say hello to the #home of my dreams! Check out this transitional & farmhouse influenced #homedecor.

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My Dream House Wish List: Dreamy Bathroom

Dream House Transitional Style Vanity Area White Cabinets Chandelier Hardwood Floors

Via Houzz

It’s an absolute must for my dream home to have a stunning bathroom complete with a gorgeous vanity area, chandelier, and huge bath tub! That’s the biggest WANT I have for my future dream house.

Dream House Bathroom with Chandelier Double Sink Large Bathtub Hardwood Floors

Via South Shore Decorating Blog

Check out this stunner of a bathroom! Look at that marble tub! Oh, and those built-ins and double vanities. Gosh, I’m drooling. Let’s not forget the bright arched window, wooden beams, and crystal chandelier. This bathroom is probably the dreamiest bathroom I’ve ever seen!!

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My Dream House Color Scheme: Crisp White with Bold Color Pops

Dream House Contemporary Living Room White Couch Flowers on Coffee Table Area Rug

Via South Shore Decorating Blog

Now, if you haven’t noticed, nearly all these photos have immense amounts of white. I do love white… a lot. I’m actually just a big fan of neutrals in general. Although, I do love a good pop of color. I think this living room shows how a bold contrast with white in minimal ways can look super chic. Plus, those pretty pink flowers add such a lovely softness to this room.

My Dream House: It's the Little Things

Dream House White Flowers in Vase Books and Candles on End Table

Via Paperblog

Last but not least friends, let’s cover the little details that make a home cozy! Flowers and stacked books are a must in my home decor. I think it’s the little things that pull everything together. Accessories in any home add tons of character. I hope that my dream house has a garden with fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, and flowers. That way I can have lots of organic fruits and veggies in my home, along with plenty of fresh flowers!

Dream House Rustic Ladder with Blanket Armchair Throw Pillows Fresh Flowers

Via Rustic & Woven

I love blanket ladders! They’re cozy, rustic, and add a quaint little touch to just about any room. Plus, I love blankets and pillows. There’s just such a cozy quality to these home decor accessories. That’s why they’re a must in my dream home designs!

Well, there you go, friends. I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I personally love farmhouse decor and transitional designs. I would seriously love my future dream home plans to be a combination of the two. Let me know in the comments below what you thought of these ideas. Also, make sure to share this post! Thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Magnolia