You asked and we answered! Adding indoor trees to your home is still easy, but we’re back to clarify a few things about dwarf trees and potting ideas!

Your indoor fruit tree post has my attention. Where are good places to order dwarf fruit trees and in what size container should they be potted? Thanks!


Hello Shannon! Buying fruit trees for your home can be daunting. What tree do I get? Do I have to get a dwarf variety? How do I take care of it? Well, the answers are actually simpler than you might think!

First off, you don’t necessarily have to get a dwarf variety. Sure, they make it easier, but you don’t have to. So, you just need to find the tree you want. I buy a lot of my trees online, mostly through Amazon. There are many sellers on there that have great reviews, and you can purchase trees through them. You can choose who you buy from depending on what type of tree(s) you want and buyer reviews. I spent a few days researching the trees I wanted and looking at various sellers before I chose who I wanted to buy from. You can usually talk to the sellers too, and figure out if the variety they sell will do well in your climate zone.

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If you don’t want to buy your fruit trees from Amazon, you can always check out local nurseries! Many trees can be bought when they are still small, only a few years old, so they are perfect for indoor use. Again, talk to the owners and sellers about what tree varieties would be best for you and your home! If you don’t have a good selection locally; you can always purchase trees through other online vendors or plant stores.

When you finally get your tree, you’ll need to replant it into a nice pot. This is where you get to more or less choose what you want. The bigger your pot is, the more room the roots will have to grow and the bigger the tree will get. With that being said, I would let your tree arrive at your house before choosing a pot. When my little mulberry tree came in, he was maybe 6” tall. I originally wanted a pot that would probably hold a couple gallons of dirt, and was around 24” in diameter. If I had planted my little bitty tree in that, he would have looked so silly! Instead I went with a much smaller pot, maybe half the size and he grew well. He sadly did not survive my last move (RIP pretty mulberry tree), but he ended up being about 2’ tall at the end. If he had gotten any bigger, I might have replanted him.

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Bottom line, there isn’t really a pot ‘size’ to start your trees in, but you do want them to be able to have room to grow. Now, if you buy a full sized tree that’s already over 5’ tall, you may not want to get a pot that is too big. Get one a few sizes bigger than what it is in, so you have room to add more dirt and he can grow. But, as you can see by the pictures, you don’t really need a super huge pot to have a happy, healthy tree! Remember, you can always move the tree to a bigger pot. Going to a smaller one isn’t so easy!

Don’t forget as well, you can prune your trees to make them smaller too. I am not very versed on that, since each tree will need different care, but you can always talk to experts at nurseries about pruning. You can also take a healthy fruit tree and make it a bonsai fruit tree. Again, talk to experts about how to prune your tree to make it smaller if need be, or just to make it into a cool bonsai.

Thanks for the great questions!

**Featured image via Erwan Hesry on Unsplash