Invite Mother Nature into your home with beautiful indoor plant decor. Whether you prefer the real deal or its artificial alternative, a green thumb isn’t required. 

Plants, plants, and more plants! Spring has sprung and I can’t get enough of all of the green popping up everywhere. There's something about incorporating greenery and florals in my home that instantly relieves any lethargy or blah-ness I may be feeling. Not only are they pretty to look at, plants and especially fresh flowers put a smile on my face! It really is about embracing and appreciating the little things in life and if that means buying yourself a few stems from the grocery store, then so be it. I have been in the habit of doing just that and placing them in a vase on my nightstand. Every morning I wake up to beautiful blooms and then head to the kitchen where I have a small succulent garden in the center of my kitchen table. Not a bad way to start my day, that’s for sure!

You can add instant color to any room with your favorite blooms and blossoms, or even make a sculptural statement with elegant foliage. There are so many different ways to use flowers and other plants to decorate an interior. The options are endless. Keep it simple with a single flower or pump up the volume with a full arrangement. Even as the seasons change, verdant accents remain classic and timeless. Not only will they grace your home with aesthetic charm, but houseplants can be exchanged or removed with minimal effort. There’s no need for nails, glue, and other tools. At the most you’ll need a little water, and you can look forward to finding stylish vases or planters that will complement your space.

The sky’s the limit. Well, maybe your ceiling! These leafy accents can be placed almost anywhere. It’s important to know which type of arrangement will suit your interior. No one wants their pretty florals or vibrant plant decor to look out of place, so make sure you take advantage of empty spaces or undecorated surfaces. This will keep certain parts of the home from looking too bare or, on the other hand, overly cluttered. The trick is to not over- or under-dress your space.

Flourishing Bathrooms

Indoor Plant Decor Bathroom Dual Vanity Sinks with Pink Flowers

Via Remodelista

If your bathroom is lacking color, placing a vibrant bundle on the counter will fix that! A pink bouquet adds vibrant energy to this double sink set-up. It’s small, yet radiates color, so it flatters the minimalistic style motif. I know that keeping real, fresh-cut stems in the home can get pricey. That being said, there are tons of artificial flowers out there that don’t look extremely fake. Just use your best judgment.

Indoor Plant Decor Bathroom White Clawfoot Tub Aqua Accent Wall and Windows

Via Homelife

On the other hand, maybe your bathroom isn’t completely void of color, but it still needs more variety. A well-placed indoor plant is the way to go if all that’s needed is a bit of a pick-me-up. The flourishing accent beside the tub keeps this bathroom from looking too empty and perfectly complements the aqua wall paint. Plant decoration wherever you feel there is a lack of cohesion in a bathroom or any other room (Did you catch that pun? Hehe).

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Botanic Dynamic Dining

Indoor Plant Decor Dining Room Table with Wall Art Collage Gallery Wall Home Decoration Interior Design Hanging Plants Hardwood Dining Table

Via Homelife

The wall art collage is a great focal point for this cozy dining area, but the additional decorative plant displays add extra color and beautifully accessorize the negative space. I love that each of these interior plants are spread throughout the dining room and are used in different ways. We have a floor plant, one set on the chair, and another hanging in the corner. Anything goes in this home!

Indoor Plant Decor Bright Light Dining Room Table with Yellow Flowers Bouquet

Via Home Bunch

The kitchen nook you see here is breezy, open, and ready for anything. Even though there is plenty of color without the addition of florals, it definitely doesn't hurt the look of the table. As you may have noticed, these two long-stemmed yellow bouquets serve as artistic centerpieces for this charming, well-lit area! Personally, I love that they went with such a standout color because blue and yellow always look great together. It puts a playful spin on it, don’t you agree?

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Elegant Entries

Indoor Plant Decor Entryway Hall with Indoor Decor Plants in Tall Black Flower Vase

Via Lonny

This freestanding flower vase is elegant, and doesn’t overwhelm this tight entryway. A compact bundle might look constrictive, but this loose arrangement has a carefree air that is really quite gorgeous. Side note: vases are a fantastic way to give regular houseplants a personalized feel. Whatever your style may be, there is definitely a planter or vase waiting for you to pick out and plant in! Where I’m from, there is a pottery warehouse where they sell every size and color of ceramic planters…I’m sure there's one where you live, as well! The prices are usually pretty cheap for what you’re getting, aka another added bonus!

Indoor Plant Decor Entry Foyer with Indoor Decor Plants White Flowers Table Centerpiece

Via Lonny

This grand foyer wouldn’t really benefit from a tiny centerpiece. A large arrangement is perfectly scaled for this open space. It provides a feeling of grandeur, while the smaller bouquets keep the area well-balanced. The blooms match the surrounding decor which I love, but any other bright color would work in this space, too. There's nothing more inviting than walking into a home with a bundle of living flowers or plants to greet you! I am definitely giving you the go-ahead to make a similar addition to your entry area!

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Delicate Displays

Indoor Plant Decor White and Light Blue China Display with Purple Flowers

Via Home Bunch

This light blue and white china display looks effortless and utterly chic. It’s all about presentation and what makes this one even more amazing is the violet bouquet! With a calming design like this one, adding a bolder hue contributes a sense of vitality that is on another level. Any other vase would completely change up this scene, but the choice to use a rustic bucket and bushy florals is right at home in this cottage style interior.

Indoor Plant Decor Kitchen Table with Colorful Pink Orange Yellow Flowers in Glass Vases

​Via Home Designing

These basic and vibrant floral arrangements brighten the area without taking away from the modest style in this kitchen and dining area. Sometimes less is more, depending on personal preference, of course. The fun part of this creative idea is that you can use different sizes and shapes of glassware—there are no rules to abide by other than to keep it minimal. I’m vibing this look for springtime.

Coffee Table Cultivation

Indoor Plant Decor Living Room Coffee Table with Potted Cacti Cactus

Via Happy Interior Blog

Coffee tables are a wonderful spot for products of a green thumb. Even better, is this modern vignette for you to fuel up on inspo to make one of your own! It's really easy to put together, which makes me love it even more. All you have to do is collect different small potted plants for a chic coffee table display and curate a mix of vibrant greens and cacti! The difference in plant-types makes for good use of different textures.

Living Room Coffee Table with Indoor Plant Decor Leaves Twigs Branches in Glass Vases

Via Happy Interior Blog

In other living room related news: It’s no shock these glass vases are the real attention-grabbers on this coffee table. Using leafy twigs makes the presentation more dramatic because it shows off the faded-ombre glassware. I would love to see an olive branch or eucalyptus used in these! Artistic and natural, this combination is a great addition to a contemporary interior.

Lively Living Rooms

Indoor Plant Decor Living Room Coffee Table with Large Centerpiece Potted in Black Vase

Via Lonny

This tall potted plant has a statuesque demeanor that impeccably fills out this sitting area. The height and volume are both proportionate and flattering. Black accents really add to the dramatic appeal of this den, but the pot filled with dark green foliage really forces that “wow” moment to occur. Something to remember is that height is so important in decorating any interior. It can make it or break it—make sure you aim for the former, not the latter!

Indoor Plant Decor Living Room Brown Sofa Loveseat Tribal Print Area Rug Coffee Table with Pink White Flowers Centerpiece

Via Design Love Fest

Every home calls for different measures in the decorating process. If your ceilings aren’t very high, but you’ve got a lot of horizontal room, then you can use an overflowing arrangement like this one to balance out a spacious area. You won’t have to worry about what to put on your coffee table because no matter what goes next to it, the florals stand out more than anything else would!

Go green (or pink, yellow, purple, etc.) with some gorgeous indoor plants. Nature truly provides the best decoration. Comment with some of your favorite indoor floral designs and be sure to share our post if you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading. Now go get yourself some flora!

**Featured image via Uncovet Blog