Going green and being more sustainable is key nowadays, so why not try to add in just a few new eco-friendly products? These items can be DIYed or bought!

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another eco-friendly post by yours truly! I’ve slowly yet steadily been making my life a little more sustainable and eco-friendly, and love sharing with you guys what I do. From growing sprouts and microgreens, to adding a few sustainable items to your home, I’ve covered many different things already. Typically, I love to share things that can be easily purchased or made, and today I have those types of things just for you! All of the items I’m sharing with you today can be bought, if that’s more your style, and almost all of them can be made quickly and easily by you, if you’re a little crafty. So, let’s talk about how easy it is to add eco-friendly products to your home to help you be a little more green, and save you some green too!

Eco-Friendly Products Sustainable Items DIY Paperless Cotton Towels Unpaper

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In an effort to create a more eco-friendly house, I’m working on not using paper towels. I used to go through so many paper towels, and now, I go through way less. You never realize how often you reach for a paper towel until there isn’t a roll there anymore! I started using a lot of cloths and cotton towels to clean and dry things off in my kitchen and bathroom, and let me tell you, I am saving a lot of money because I’m not buying several (rather large) packages of paper towels anymore. 

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At first, I was a little worried about cleanliness, but I haven’t noticed any difference in my home. In fact, I have enough cloth towels so that I don’t have to continually reuse one if I don’t think it’s clean enough. I have plenty ready to go, and a nice little bin to toss the dirty ones in. I just throw them in the wash when the bin is full, and I have new, clean towels!

Eco-Friendly Products Sustainable Items DIY Market Tote Bag from Upcycled T Shirt

I’ve mentioned reusable grocery bags already, but seriously you can’t have enough of these. If you really want to get eco-friendly with it, you can upcycle old T-shirts you can’t bear to part with just yet and turn them into bags to help you carry your groceries around. Also, if you move a lot, never underestimate how many bags you will need. Trust me: you need all of the bags you can get your hands on. 

I have a bunch of old shirts I need to turn into reusable bags. This awesome pattern makes a super cute tote, and it would even be great for carrying books to class. I love how this one used iron on letters to customize the bag, but you can also use paint or ink if you’re really crafty!

Eco-Friendly Products Sustainable Items DIY Produce Fruit and Vegetable Bags

I always hated produce bags. Honestly, I rarely used them. They’re so flimsy, and make a huge mess. If I can, I don’t use them at all. But, sometimes you need a little bag to put your produce in so it doesn’t roll all over the place, or if they’re things like green beans, you need them so you can check out and not have the cashier hate you. There’s another solution though! These awesome little tulle bags are perfect replacements. You can buy or make these eco-friendly items really cheaply, and they weigh the same as the plastic ones so your tare weight on your produce won’t change. I made a few and use them a lot (when I remember to bring them!) and I love them. If you hate those little plastic bags and want to go green, you’ll love these!

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Eco-Friendly Products Sustainable Items DIY Wool Dryer Balls with Lavender Essential Oil

I made a whole bunch of these for my sister a few years ago, and now that I’m in a new house with a less awesome dryer, I need to make some for myself! These green items were totally easy to make, and replace dryer sheets. They actually help make your clothes dry faster because they bounce around in the dryer, and if you add some essential oils to them, they can freshen your clothes up too! I love using lavender for this or eucalyptus if I want to add a little more ‘fresh’ scent to it. You can make them yourself easily with either wool felt or yarn (make sure it is 100% wool). Make a ball, tie it in a mesh lingerie bag or pantyhose if you have nothing else, and wash and dry them a few times until they are felted. And that’s it!

Eco-Friendly Products Sustainable Items DIY Bees Wraps Beeswax Wraps

I was never a plastic wrap person anyway, but I used a lot of Ziploc baggies for my snacks and my sandwiches. I was introduced to bee’s wraps and I haven’t looked back. I made my own with beeswax I bought from a very nice beekeeper in town and some cotton fabric. I use them to wrap my sandwiches and they work so well! The ones I made are just sheets, nothing stitched up or fancy, but next time I want to make some that tie together, and make little bags. 

So, how do these work? The beeswax is watertight, and keeps the fabric from breathing so your food stays airtight as well. You can mold the beeswax because it warms up under your touch, and you can form the fabric to fit around your items, like above. You can also add ties and buttons if you wish. With a quick rinse of cold soapy water, they’re cleaned and ready to use again!

Eco-Friendly Products Sustainable Items Stasher Bag Reusable Baggies

Via Food52

This is one item I haven’t bought yet, but it’s on my list! These stasher bags are silicone baggies that can be used again and again, and they’re dishwasher safe. I absolutely love the idea, and one day I will buy some. They’re the perfect eco-friendly item to keep with your lunch stuff. Plus, these are better for those who are vegan, or don’t want to mess with beeswax. There’s some hesitation on whether or not beeswax is okay for those who are allergic to bees to use, so if you are allergic, stay on the side of caution and use something like these. I’m only mildly allergic to bees (Essentially I hallucinate when I get stung. I don’t swell up or anything. Just trip out.) and I haven’t had any adverse reactions to beeswax (or bee pollen for that matter). But, just be safe. You know your limits!

There you have it! More awesome eco-friendly home products to add to your green home. Do you use any? Which would you implement? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your sustainability-loving friends and family. And, as always, stay green and creative, my friends.