We are captivated by what some people can create with needle and thread! The embroidered art by Lisa Smirnova is no exception. Check out her gorgeous portraits!

Hello again, lovely readers! As you all know by now, I love a good embroidery artist, and I found another that y’all needed to see! Lisa Smirnova is from Moscow, Russia, and she creates wonderful embroideries that look like they were sketched by colored pencils! She has a great eye for color, and is super creative. She not only creates portraits, but she even embroiders onto shirts, skirts, mittens, and other items! So cool, right? I love her style, and how she mixes her thread mediums. But enough of me gushing over her, let’s look at some of her gorgeous embroidered art pieces!

Embroidered Art Lisa Smirnova Embroideries Thread Painting In Progress Surrounded by Threads Yarn and Floss

Via HereNow Singapore

I gotta say, I love how many of Smirnova's photos are of her working on her embroideries, or just the embroideries themselves surrounded by piles of embroidery thread and floss. It’s a hodgepodge of color and I honestly adore it. I think my favorite part is that there is more than just normal embroidery floss in her works. She has yarns, threads, and many other types of strings and strands. This adds a different sort of texture to her designs, and makes them different from other embroidery artwork.

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Embroidered Art Lisa Smirnova Embroideries Thread Painting In Progress Tattooed Man Surrounded by Threads Yarn and Floss

c/o Lisa Smirnova

I have always been partial to embroidered art that shows off the different stages. I love the incomplete look where you can see where the portrait is headed, but it’s not finished yet. Also, again with the mass of embroidery threads and floss surrounding the fabric. This is what my space looks like when I embroider. I make a huge mess around me, and I appreciate when people add in the ‘real life’ aspect to their pictures. Like the mess around the beautiful art. It makes it feel even more real to me, and is a side of art that most people don’t show. Art makes a huge mess, but that’s how you make beautiful works of art. You gotta get messy first.

Embroidered Art Lisa Smirnova Embroideries Thread Painting Tattooed Man Surrounded by Threads Yarn and Floss

c/o Lisa Smirnova

This tattooed man really caught my eye. I said already that I love Smirnova’s style, and this man really shows that off! You can really see the texture from the different threads, yarn, and floss that are used in this piece. The colors blend very well, and you can see the facial features and facial expression of the man. So cool. And, honestly, I really love the tattoos! You can tell those are created with her own hand, and handwritten too, and I just love them. Another thing I love about this one is that usually, leaves are the parts that are colored in, and yet in this portrait, the leaves are negative space. Totally unique, and so awesome!

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Embroidered Art Lisa Smirnova Embroideries Thread Painting In Progress Girl In White Surrounded by Threads Yarn and Floss

c/o Lisa Smirnova

I told you I had a thing for the in-progress works. This Girl in White really intrigues me because it’s stitched on white. You can tell her T-shirt is going to be white in color, but there is so much depth to it. Pale pinks, blues, yellows, creams, grays; you name it, it’s there. So much shading and color is going into this white shirt, and honestly it’s going to finish up beautifully. That’s one thing Smirnova is good at. Her shading and mix of colors are just fantastic. Just look at the hair and face of the girl. So much texture and shading. It’s absolutely wonderful, and really adds to how gorgeous her embroideries are.

Embroidered Art Lisa Smirnova Embroideries Thread Painting Frida Kahlo

c/o Lisa Smirnova

Since we have a love for Frida Kahlo here at FurnishMyWay, I had to include Smirnova’s gorgeous Frida embroidery! Frida herself would have been super proud of this portrait. Again, so much texture and color within even the solid color pieces (Frida’s hair and skin, the grass and leaves in the background). And the negative space of the flowers. So beautiful. I also love how this one is done on a darker background. Let’s just say, as someone who embroiders myself, stitching on a dark colored fabric is not easy. However, it really does help create a softness within the portrait, instead of having a harsh, light background.

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Embroidered Art Lisa Smirnova Embroideries Thread Painting Charles Bukowski

c/o Lisa Smirnova

Another wonderful portrait on an even darker background! I love this hand embroidery of Charles Bukowski. It’s much simpler than Smirnova’s other works, but still gorgeous nonetheless. Again, she uses many colors and textures to create skin and hair, and I am in awe. This type of work is not quick. It takes a long time to stitch in multiple colors and types of yarn, floss, and thread. I wonder if she keeps a bunch of needles already threaded with whatever colors she is using at the time, or if she goes one color at a time and just layers the colors like paint. Either way, she’s still thread painting, and her embroideries turn out lovely!

Embroidered Art Lisa Smirnova Embroideries Thread Painting In Progress Heart and Flowers Surrounded by Threads Yarn and Floss

c/o Lisa Smirnova

The last one I wanted to show you is another in-progress shot. This is not a portrait like the other works I have shown, but I couldn’t resist showing off the colors and depths of this bouquet. It’s a bit macabre, because there is literally a human heart stitched into the middle of these flowers, but man, it’s pretty. I don’t know how she does it! She somehow mixes stitched flowers and a heart into her art and it looks absolutely awesome, not creepy. Her thread painting technique on this one, though, is even more impressive to me than the rest of her works of art because of how much thread she has put into the piece already. Look at how thick and full of color each leaf, petal, and flower is. So awesome.

There you have it, folks! Another set of wonderfully talented and artistically creative embroidery art for you to feast your eyes on. What piece was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. Stay creative, my friends.

**Featured image via LISSOME

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