We’ve all seen artists who paint, draw, use oil pastels, or alcohol inks to make art. But have you seen an artist use thread as their medium? You have now! 

You may or may not know this about me, I am an avid crafter. I started quilting at the bright age of 4, and never looked back. Now, I pretty much do it all: quilt, sew, knit, crochet, spin, embroider, cross stitch. You name it, and I can probably either do it, or I’m learning how. I even knit, crochet, or embroider during long classroom lectures. It sometimes gets me into trouble with professors, but most of them are quite fascinated with it, and leave me be. I have finished a lot more projects because I work on them in class. Like I said, avid crafter. So, when I see an embroidery artist like Chloe Giordano and her gorgeous works of threaded art, I am in love. And I totally have to share her embroideries with you all!

Embroidery Art Stitched Fawn with Thimble for Size Comparison Chloe Giordano

c/o Chloe Giordano

Chloe Giordano takes her love of hand embroidery and creates these super cute (and tiny!) woodland creature portraits. I mean, look at them and tell me they aren’t precious. This little sleeping fawn. Gah. How adorable. It looks so real! I bet you’re wondering how she can make a couple colors of thread look like real woodland creatures. You probably think it’s magic, because it should not be possible to turn cloth and thread into something so hyper-realistic. And although it’s not magic (I know you're let down by that as well), it is simply magical to look at!

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Embroidery Art Stitched Bird in Progress with Multiple Needles and Brightly Colored Threads Chloe Giordano
Embroidery Art Stitched Bird Surrounded by Flowers Leaves and Dragonflies Chloe Giordano

Images c/o Chloe Giordano

Giordano uses a technique called thread painting to create these masterpieces. Essentially, she layers stitches of different colors over and around each other to create her image. Her needles are like paint brushes, her embroidery thread is like paint. Hence the term thread painting. It’s a skill I have yet to master, as it is not easy to do. Plus, it’s pretty tedious and takes a lot of time to complete. I love how she has pictures of her process, and you can see how many different colors she has threaded on her large number of embroidery needles!

Embroidery Art Stitched Sleeping Fox Chloe Giordano

c/o Chloe Giordano

This sleeping fox is just beautiful. The gradation across his fur, the curve of his body as he sleeps. It’s all impeccable! I hope I am not the only one geeking out over here about how fantastic these works of art are. You can even tell this tiny fox has a huge bushy tail! I have seen some gorgeous embroideries and thread paintings in my travels, but nothing that compares to Giordano’s embroidered art!

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Embroidery Art Stitched Sleeping Rabbit Next to Small Mushroom Chloe Giordano

c/o Chloe Giordano

The amount of detail Giordano puts into her embroidery artwork is astounding. I am super impressed. Look at that tiny little mushroom! You can even see the fur change colors across the bunny’s body, from his black tipped ears to his white tipped tail! He looks like a baby jack rabbit I rescued from a dog when I was in high school. He was a cute little thing, and his coloring is a lot like the coloring of this embroidery. It almost looks like Giordano took a snapshot of the rabbit and just had it printed on cloth, but no, she embroidered it herself. Simply amazing!

Embroidery Art Stitched White Ferret Standing And Peering at Snow Complete and Framed Chloe Giordano

c/o Chloe Giordano

This one may be my favorite. I think ferrets are too cute, and this one is definitely sweet. Just look at the way this adorable little thing is peering at the falling “snow” around it. It is definitely curious! If I was to purchase one of her gorgeous pieces, I think I would want a ferret like this one. It just caught my eye, and I have fallen completely in love with it! Plus, I like how several of her pieces are hung in embroidery hoops. I think it just adds to their charm, don’t you?

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Embroidery Art Stitched Bunny Rabbit Surrounded by Colorful Flowers and Leaves Chloe Giordano

c/o Chloe Giordano

Last piece of embroidery art I’m going to share with you! I can’t get over how sweet this tiny little bunny is. It has a sweet little face, bright shining eyes, and a cute fluffy cotton tail. I think I like this one a lot because I grew up in the country, and cottontail bunnies were everywhere. You literally cannot walk outside my parent’s house without spotting at least ten of the skittish little critters. And they always hang out in the patches of wildflowers my dad so carefully watches over, so seeing this embroidered bunny surrounded by bright flowers reminds me of home.

We thought we'd seen it all, but then talented artist, Chloe Giordano, stepped into our lives and nothing has been the same!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Friday, April 22, 2016

There you have it, folks! I hope you enjoyed the artwork created by Chloe Giordano! If you’re interested, she updates her Facebook page and blog frequently with new pictures of her projects, and she even sells some of them! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family, and comment to let me know which was your favorite tiny embroidered creature! Stay creative, my friends!

**Thank you to Sara Barnes at My Modern Met, which is where I first saw this amazing embroidery art! Images c/o Chloe Giordano