Embroidery artwork is a precise art form, but some people take it to a whole new level. Check out these stunning anatomical embroideries by Chilean artist Juana Gomez!

Hello everyone! I haven’t shared any awesome embroidery artists with you guys in a while, and I wanted to show off these fascinating works of art by Chilean thread artist Juana Gomez. She created these embroidered art pieces in 2015, but the cool thing is not the fact that they are embroidered. The cool thing is they are self-portraits, and she added in her own nervous system and other anatomical awsesomeness. Hand embroidery is detailed enough without trying to recreate your own anatomy! I find this series just too amazing, and I had to share it with you guys. Let’s take a look at some of the rest of her fantastic embroidery artwork!

Embroidery Artwork Juana Gomez Anatomical Embroideries Constructal 4 pt 1 Diptych

First, I want to take a step back and talk about the artistic awesomeness that’s going on in this project. I just love the faded, black and white look Gomez has in the background. Then, when she embroiders the nervous system, muscle mass, or whatever she is embroidering over the top, it shines like a beacon. I never thought anatomy could look this cool, but it’s kind of amazing. Though, it makes total sense to combine embroidery and anatomy. What better way to show off the intricacies of the human body than through the intricate art form of embroidery? There are a lot of itty bitty stitches on these embroideries, and each stitch was put down with a purpose and in the exact spot Gomez envisioned. Very cool stuff, I would say. And such an awesome way to showcase the human body!

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Embroidery Artwork Juana Gomez Anatomical Embroideries Constructal 4 pt 2

Gomez created these self-portraits based on dreams she had. Also, she has had a lifelong love for the human body, anatomy, and embroidery, so of course she combined all of these things! If you love something, why not make it even better! She takes the photos and has them printed onto fabric. Love that idea! It makes it look like she is embroidering through an old faded photograph. And then she takes her needle and thread and gets to work, painstakingly adding in various parts of the anatomy. This one was both creepy and cool to me. You can actually see the teeth, the eyes, and the brain. It’s the eye that wigs me out for some reason, but I love it all the same! The creep-factor doesn’t take away from these portraits, but actually enhances my fascination with them!

When you mix anatomy with #embroidery, you get this gorgeous #embroideryart collection by Juana Gomez!

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Embroidery Artwork Juana Gomez Anatomical Embroideries Constructal A

Gomez doesn’t just do the nervous system or organs like the brain. She does muscles too! This one is super cool because the structure of human muscle tissue has always looked so awesome to me. She really shows how the muscles of the face fit within her own face. Plus, I do love the bone structure she added. Such a plus! You can see how the muscle fits over the bones in her face. It’s definitely not for the squeamish, but it’s still pretty cool. How awesome would this be to have hanging in a classroom for students to see? That would be pretty cool! Or, even better idea, have the students create this on their own bodies. What better way to understand the muscle mass on bodies than to embroider it and make it art?

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Embroidery Artwork Juana Gomez Anatomical Embroideries Constructal 3

Gomez mostly seems to embroider on her own face, but she does other parts of her body too. I love this torso shot showing off the bones in her neck, shoulders, arms, and chest as well as her heart and the vessels around them. Another super cool piece that would be great in an anatomy classroom or even hanging on my wall. I love the colors she chooses for her embroidery projects as well. I love how this one has a golden yellow side, and then a mix of blue and red embroidery floss. It seems to me that the blue and red show what vessels are sending oxygenated blood to the body, and that are bringing blood back to the heart. Pretty awesome! I’m not sure what the yellow stands for, but at first glance I see the primary colors, where all colors begin, and then the heart, where life begins, and I like the symmetry.

Embroidery Artwork Juana Gomez Anatomical Embroideries Constructal a 1

I love this embroidery artwork Gomez did of her lower legs and feet. There is just something cool about the contrast between her legs. One shows off her tattoos, with some vessels seeping out almost like roots on a tree. The other shows off the veins within her other leg, but in a vivid turquoise. Again, this foot has the veins extending out of her foot. I wonder if this has anything to do with potential grounding energies, or that feeling of being pulled towards the earth because you’re a part of it. Whatever the reason, I love it. There’s just something magical and beautiful about it. I love the contrast between what is shown and what is under the surface. All of her embroideries show off this magical, whimsical quality that pairs well with the clinical nature of anatomy.

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Embroidery Artwork Juana Gomez Anatomical Embroideries Constructal b 2

Juana Gomez has created many works over the years. You can find her embroidery art here at her gallery website. I had a hard time picking my favorites, and there are other collections I didn’t even get into! I have always loved when people take what is seen as a very traditional domestic craft, like embroidery, knitting, or quilting, and transform it into a more modern art form. I especially love it when this art form is a little more off-the-wall and unique, like embroidering the nervous system onto a faded picture of yourself. It’s pretty fantastic, don’t you agree?

Well, that’s all I have for you today, folks! What did y’all think about Chilean artist Juana Gomez’s handmade embroidery art? It’s totally unique, maybe a bit morbid, and yet so beautiful and cool. Which piece was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family! As always, stay creative, my friends!

**All images c/o Juana Gomez