The Pantone Spring 2015 colors have had a huge influence in fashion already. Now, it’s time to explore this season’s colors in home decor! 

Well friends, we’ve given you our take on this year’s Pantone Fashion Color Report. Who’s ready to explore this season’s colors in the world of home decor? I sure am! If you haven’t already learned, Pantone’s Spring 2015 color scheme is called En Plein Air. According to Pantone, “This season, cooler and softer color choices with subtle warm tones follow a minimalistic en plein air theme, taking a cue from nature.”

I love that this season’s color report is leaning more on softer, airy tones with bold accents. I feel like this season’s colors are perfect for relaxing, serene home decor color schemes, as well as impactful color pairings.

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Pantone Spring 2015 Colors En Plein Air Color Trends

Via Polyvore

My personal favorite colors in En Plein Air are Toasted Almond, Classic Blue, Lucite Green, and Marsala. I couldn’t just pick one so I had to pick four! Actually… I like them all! Sorry, sometimes I can be indecisive when it comes to picking favorites.

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors Home Decor Color Classic Blue and Marsala Living Room

Via HomeGoods

Let’s begin our Pantone Spring 2015 color rendezvous! Shall we? For starters, let’s check out this awesome, bold living room! This room features the colors Classic Blue and Marsala. Can I just say that this room is stunning and that this color scheme screams confidence and exuberance! This home decor is definitely not for the faint of heart or color shy. I like how the designer utilized the bolder colors of En Plein Air. Although the wall color is fairly bright, the room is grounded by the dark navy textiles and crisp whites used throughout. Furthermore, the textiles and prints used in this living room make it more visually interesting and just plain fun to look at.

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors Home Decor Color Marsala and Classic Blue Table Setting

Via Every Last Detail

I know all you color lovers out there adore these bold color schemes, but why don’t we tone it down for the sake of our color shy friends. For all of you who aren’t fans of using bold colors on such a large scale, why not use just a few dramatic accent pieces instead. This table set-up featuring Marsala and Classic Blue is a great example of how to add little touches of this season’s colors into your home decor. What I love about this tablescape is that it uses Marsala in a non-permanent way by using Marsala colored flowers to bring freshness and a trendy splash of color.

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors Home Decor Color Marsala Couch

Via DigsDigs

And while I'm on a Marsala tangent, check out this living room that features a Marsala colored couch. Talk about big color impact in this almost all white space! What I love about this space is that the couch absolutely steals the spotlight.

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors Home Decor Color Tangerine and Titanium Home Decor

Via The Savvy Sistah

Now friends, I realize I’ve been showing a lot of living rooms. I’m not entirely sure why? I think I just naturally gravitate towards living room decor because that’s the room where I spend most of my time whenever I am home. So to give you a break from living rooms, check out this bedroom that beautifully utilizes the colors Tangerine and Titanium. My favorite part of this bedroom is the tangerine graphic prints because they give the room a lot of character. In my personal opinion, the prints are what pull this entire design together! Don’t you agree?

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors Home Decor Color Strawberry Ice Titanium and Scuba Blue Living Room

Via My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Alright, I know I’m going back to living room decor, but like I said before, I can’t help it! This space features Strawberry Ice, Scuba Blue, and Titanium. I adore this living room! I love how feminine and beautiful it is. The color scheme is right on-point with my personal style because it’s soft, but still very vibrant. My favorite part of this space is the pops of Strawberry Ice and Scuba Blue in the “field” of grays and whites. I think this room would be perfect for any chic lady who loves neutral rooms with vibrant pops of color (like me!).

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors Home Decor Color Strawberry Ice Aquamarine Custard and Marsala Living Room


Here’s another living room that features Pantone’s Strawberry Ice along with Aquamarine, Custard, and Marsala. This is a somewhat feminine room because of the pink wall color. I really like this living room and how eclectic it is. I think the color scheme highlights the varied style in a lovely and cozy way.

Pantone Spring 2015 Colors Home Decor Color Classic Blue Strawberry Ice and Tangerine Home Decor Living Room


Lastly, here’s a bold living room that I truly love. This stunning space features Classic Blue, Strawberry Ice, and Tangerine. What I love most about this fun and bright sitting area is not only the eclectic style, but also the vivid prints and graphics used in it. Check out that couch! From the fun, bright floral print to the tufting and curved edges, this couch is stunning. So there you go, friends! I hope you got your fill of this season’s colors and that you’ve been inspired to incorporate some of them in your own home decor. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

What are your thoughts on this season’s color scheme for home decor? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you liked this post, be sure to share it with all your loved ones. They might like it too!

**Featured image via DigsDigs