Up the ante on your kitchen makeover with these design ideas for unique statement sinks! 

When you picture your dream kitchen, what’s the first thing you think of? Custom cabinetry? State of the art appliances? A grand island with bar seating? A chic new kitchen sink probably didn’t make your list. A sink can’t be chic, you say? I beg to differ! Kitchens are and always have been the heart of the home - nothing new - but interior design has been making some remarkably innovative strides the past few years. We’ve seen it all: yards upon yards of natural stone countertops and flooring, larger-than-life refrigerators, endlessly elaborate tile backsplashes. Well, everything but the kitchen sink - that is, until now!

Washing dishes. Washing hands. Washing produce. Kitchen sinks have always recalled such tedious imagery.

Statement Sink Black and White Photograph Woman Washing Dishes Vintage Kitchen

Via the Tao of Dana

Really, though, nobody is actually happy washing dishes. That’s why automatic dishwashers were invented.

The sink is an appliance we often take for granted. It is such an integral part of the kitchen - could you imagine not having one? Sure, it’s not the most glamorous appliance, but you can’t deny its utility. The history of the kitchen sink is, in reality, quite dynamic. Before the invention of running water, people were forced to haul their water from the nearest body of freshwater - ponds, lakes, creeks, etc. - back to their homes, a time-consuming, grueling process. It wasn’t until the 1930s that running water made its first appearance in the U.S., and wasn’t readily available to the average American until the late 1940s to early 1950s. This revolution in plumbing and plumbing fixtures, of course, extended its reach far beyond the kitchen. It probably made its biggest impact on bathrooms as they contain sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets, all of which require running water. But let’s not forget why we’re here. The kitchen sink has evolved past its utilitarian core and now possesses aesthetic value as well.

Bet you never thought kitchen plumbing could be this stylish!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, September 7, 2015

Yes, the kitchen sink is definitely making a comeback. Despite its almost-too-close-for-comfort association with tiresome housework, we simply can’t live without it. And, if nothing else, the basin’s increased width and depth can now hold even more dirty dishes, postponing your chores even longer. Although, I think the gorgeous custom island sink below just might persuade me to wash some dishes.

Statement Sink from Soapstone Paired with Yellow Cabinets and Accents Pendant Light Hardwood Flooring White Kitchen

Via Belle Maison

Made from solid soapstone, the countertops in this kitchen flow straight into the sink. The island’s yellow cabinets are bright without being overpowering, drawing a subtle contrast against the various blue-greens and grays residing in the soapstone. This is a truly breathtaking piece that honestly looks more like an art installation than a sink. And the depth of that sink with faucet fixtures like that? Can you imagine how easy it would be to wash your dishes and prepare your food? I think I need one of these!

Talk about statement sinks! Let’s take a look at what else can be done with that boring old kitchen sink!

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Statement Sink with Crisp White Decor and Plant Life Light Fixtures Cabinets Kitchen Countertops Black Soapstone Sink


Light and airy throughout, this sink interrupts the flow of this kitchen in the best way possible. I’d say this daring statement paid off. The sleek white kitchen looks awesome with the black sink. And, plants are always a plus. I love the way the black and white make the plant life pop! That large window will bring in so much natural lighting. You could easily keep a small herb garden in your kitchen with the way this space is set up! Natural lighting and home grown herbs. This is definitely sounding like a dream kitchen! I also love how the sink has a sheen to it, while the white cabinets are more matte. Pretty cool, right? Also, I think I have a thing for cool looking faucets. Check out this one! Isn’t it just awesome?

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Statement Sink in Blue and Gold Kitchen Stainless Steel Colorful Wallpaper Chrome Appliances


This one is much more understated. Subtle and sleek with a slightly industrial feel. Its elegant simplicity allows the lively pastel backsplash to be the star. The way the steel of the sink and dishwasher play off each other to make this homey kitchen go from drab to industrial fab is just fantastic. And super easy to recreate for any space! Is anyone else looking at that faucet like they need it? Because I can’t get over how amazing it looks! That has to make it so much easier to rinse off fruits, vegetables, and spray your friends or family and begin a small war. I can’t be the only one who does this with their kitchen taps. If anyone asks, Dad started it, okay?

Statement Sink in White Paired with Black Cabinets Chandelier Hardwood Floors Exotic Flowers


A more conspicuous example of contrast, this sink serves an impressive, yet modest, supporting role behind those glossy black cabinets, which take center stage. And again with the gorgeous kitchen sinks and faucets! This one is pretty great, and I can totally picture how useful this set-up would be. Plus, it’s stylish!

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This new trend, the farmhouse sink, is stylishly sweeping the globe, overtaking kitchen renovations everywhere. It is definitely not a one-note bird; sleek, classic, industrial - the options are endless! Because kitchens tend to show their age more so than most rooms, they are one of the first things to go in an older home. So, if you’re looking to make a statement, and think you’ve tried just about everything, ask yourself: Have I thought about everything and the kitchen sink?

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For more info on the kitchen sink and the history of indoor plumbing: Delta Faucet, Rachiele, and Wikipedia.

**Featured image via Dream Book Design