Grab your favorite fall-inspired drink (Pumpkin Spice Latte, anyone?), and check out these fall foods inspired by the cozy season that we all know and love! 

Howdy, friends! Since it’s October, and I’m ready for this Texas heat to go away, I chose to write about fall foods. Yep, I jumped on the PSL, pumpkin-this, pumpkin-that, bandwagon but I’m totally okay with it because I’ve got autumn on my mind. Don’t worry, though! Not all the fall recipes that I am showing y’all will be pumpkin related. As much as I love pumpkins, I need a break from them, too!

Autumn is all about cozying up on the couch with your favorite blanket, watching college football, and eating warm yummy foods. Daytime is shorter and nights are longer. The air becomes brisker, and you can finally break out your favorite warm and comfy clothes. I love fall. I love the decor, the food, the fashion - I love it all. But since I live in the South, the leaves don’t really change color, and the weather doesn’t become very cold. So, I have to live vicariously through the fall foods that I eat!

All of the autumn recipes that I’ve chosen actually come from Pinterest, and the majority of them come from our Pinterest. And don’t worry, I’ve included links to each of the recipes!

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Fall Foods including One Pan Autumn Chicken Dinner with Easy Cleanup

Via Cooking Classy

The first recipe I’ve chosen is perfect for dinner. It’s called One Pan Autumn Chicken Dinner. I’ve chosen this recipe because when most people think of fall dishes, the first thing they think of is soups and pumpkin themed desserts, and there’s nothing wrong with that (in fact, I’ve included some of those types of recipes below); but I wanted to start off with something different to show y’all that fall themed foods are more than soups and pumpkins! This recipe includes chicken, sweet potatoes, bacon, and red Fuji apples. This is fall inspired because of its use of autumn vegetables, apples, and sweet potatoes. This recipe looks super yummy (and even more so than normal because I’m currently starving!). Check out this recipe, make it, and let me know what you think!

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Fall Foods with Caldo de Pollo Chicken and Vegetable Soup

Via Hispanic Kitchen

Fall is also known as caldo season in my hometown! That means soup season and fall soup recipes! This is a Mexican recipe that’s meant to be made when it’s cool outside. I’ve chosen Caldo de Pollo because I eat poultry more than any other meat, but you can also find beef or shrimp soup recipes. It’s prepared with lots of vegetables, so that makes it healthier, too! Plus, this soup is good to freeze if you make too much. This is perfect on a colder night when you want a hearty soup and are eager to make one of these fall dinner recipes!

Fall Foods with Pumpkin Spinach Walnut Spaghetti

Via Lazy Cat Kitchen

This next recipe is a combination of savory and sweet. Pumpkin Spinach Walnut Spaghetti uses the sweetness of roasted pumpkin with savory foods like butternut squash and spinach. I picked this recipe because I do enjoy regular spaghetti, but I wanted to mix it up a little! This is the perfect recipe for that. It is meatless, healthy, and can be gluten-free if you decide to choose gluten-free spaghetti noodles. I can’t wait to try this one!

Fall Foods with Pumpkin Mousse topped with Coconut Whipped Cream and Cinnamon

Via Dessert Now Dinner Later

What would this post be without fall desserts?! This dessert is perfect for anyone who’s trying to watch their diet and eat clean. This pumpkin mousse is gluten-free and has no dairy products. According to the author of this recipe, this mousse isn’t as light as traditional mousse, but it is still delicious! If you need a pumpkin-pick-me up, give this recipe a try! It’s perfect for our autumn dishes theme!

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Fall Foods with Roasted Maple Pears in a Maple Syrup Sauce

Via Amee's Savory Dish

Check out this next recipe that is categorized under fall dessert recipes! If you read the ingredient list for this Maple Pears recipe, you’ll see that it doesn’t require many items at all! Yay for easy fall recipes. This is a perfect and simple dessert for when you want something sweet and fall-themed. Pears are a healthier option than a traditional dessert (like ice cream - my personal weakness), but if you want, go ahead and “pear” this with vanilla bean ice cream (see what I did there?). Make this dessert on a Sunday night, and serve it warm to heat up your body on a cool evening!

Fall Foods with Caramel Apple Slices with Butterscotch, White Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate

Via Domestically Blissful

This last recipe that I have for y’all is called Caramel Apple Slices. It is perfect for fall because it’s a caramel apple, which just screams autumn, but also, this recipe is perfect for October and Halloween. These caramel apple slices are perfect for a Halloween party (eek!) because they're decorated so pretty! You can also top them with whatever you want - nuts, sprinkles, chopped up candy corn, etc.! I just love how cute these look, and they’re perfect to satisfy a sweet craving!

Ready for fall even though the weather hasn’t changed yet? Me, too! Join me by trying out some of these fall meals and foods, and comment to let me know what you think! Make sure you share these recipes with your friends!

**Featured image via A Night Owl Blog