Are you the type of person who loves to cozy up in flannel fashion by the fireplace with a cup of chai tea? If so, this post’s for you! 

Sweater weather is upon us, friends! Well kind of… In Texas, the weather hasn’t quite reached the point where sweaters are appropriate and won’t make you sweat midday—seriously cold weather needs to come now! We have waited long enough to be able to wear our cool weather outfits! In anticipation of the cold weather coming (and because I know that it has already arrived in other places), I’ve been on the lookout for all sorts of rad autumn and cool weather worthy flannel fashion ideas. Every time fall comes, I always gravitate to one of my go-to fashion pieces: flannel.

Flannel Fashion Fall and Winter Fashion Plaid Flannel Shirt Blue Jeans Black Rain Boots

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Every fall and winter, my no-fail outfit consists of boots, dark jeans, a flannel top, and some kind of jacket or vest. Scarves are a good accessory to add to that list of fall fashion pieces, too. In all honesty, I don’t know why I love flannels so much. Maybe it’s because of the coziness of a flannel or how easy they are to make into an outfit? Maybe it’s because flannels are so fitting for the fall and winter? Maybe it’s because flannel is so dang cozy and is so much fun to buy. For whatever reason, I think flannels are fantastic and they look great on anyone! Seriously, they do though. Check out the proof below. If a baby can look this good in flannel, so can you!

Flannel Fashion Baby Boy in Red Flannel Shirt with Jeans and Boots Gray Cardigan Mommys Little Cutie Adorable Babies

Via FurnishMyWay Home Decor Pinterest

Take away from the example above: flannels are super cool and fresh looking… and babies are adorable. Basically what I’m trying to say is that anyone 6 months and up can rock flannel. The proof is in the picture, folks. There are tons of different ways you can wear flannel during the fall and winter months. And, many of them are super easy to plan out and put together! That’s probably my favorite part of flannel. The plaid pattern makes a great statement, so all you need are pants or a skirt, and other minimal accessories. You can go super minimal or not, whichever you prefer. Flannel just rocks, and let me show you why. Flannel scarves, for example, are a great way to add some color to your everyday fall or winter look.

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Flannel Fashion Flannel Scarf Red White and Blue Red Clutch Blue Jeans Black Vest with Gray Sweater Gold Bracelets Statement Watch


What I love most about this look is the accessories. I’m all about using accessories to bring color and texture into an outfit. I like that this look isn’t overwhelmingly bright, but the gray and black balance out the bright blue and red found in the flannel scarf. Plus, coordinating the bag to the scarf was brilliant. It adds some metal to this otherwise soft outfit, and you can totally add bracelets like she did here! I love this look for fall! The vest and plaid flannel combo is just beautiful, and I love it so much. Can’t you tell? This is totally a photo representation of my go-to flannel outfit, just on someone else.

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Flannel Fashion Teal Plaid Shirt with Ripped Black Skinny Jeans and Pale Scarf with Large Handbag

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If you want to pair flannel and scarves, they can be separate! Flannel scarves are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but if you don’t have a flannel scarf, that’s okay! You can still totally pair your awesome flannel shirts with a simple scarf or infinity like this one here. It adds to that super cozy vibe that flannel gives off, and you can use what you already own! I also love how she paired this with dark ripped skinnies. I like how it adds an edgy side to this cozy look! This outfit doesn’t have a lot of accessories, just the big purse and the watch. See? I told you that you can go pretty minimal here!

Flannel Fashion Green Red and White Plaid Shirt with DIY Black Tulle Skirt Green Pumps Snow Winter Landscape

Via Extra Petite

Ladies, if you’re looking for a feminine and flirty way to dress up your flannel, check out this outfit inspo right here. I LOVE tulle skirts. I just adore how feminine and chic they are. When paired with a large print flannel, this airy skirt is grounded and adds a great femininity to the outfit. I also just have to add that those emerald pointed toe heels are absolutely stunning. Whoever thought to pair flannel with cute heels and a skirt like this was an absolute fashion genius. Seriously this is an adorable outfit for those colder months. Pair it with a nice jacket or trench coat and you’re good to go. Maybe add some sheer stockings if your legs get cold!

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Flannel Fashion Tied Around Waist with Skinny Jeans, White Tee,  and White Converse with Brown Messenger Bag

Via Hairstylism

Flannels are super cool, feminine, cozy, insert other awesome adjectives about flannels here, and they are so SO perfect for fall. Wear flannel in the form of a scarf, a button-up, or whatever your heart desires. You can even wear it tied around your waist if you’re like us and begging the weather to get cold again. Honestly, though, this is probably my second favorite way to wear flannel. Why? Because I know I won’t get too hot this way if the weather isn’t cooperating, and it looks so chic! Maybe, just maybe, if we all wear flannel like this, the weather will think we are daring it to get cold and it will be cold again! Who knows? There is no wrong way to wear flannel, so wear what suits you!

Cozy, effortless, and oh-so warm! When cool weather arrives, #flannel fashion comes with it!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, January 2, 2017

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, friends. If so, let us know in the comments below. Remember, flannel looks good on everyone: you, your significant other, your kids (if you have any!), your parents, etc. For that reason, share this post with everyone. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

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