From the traditional, to the modern, to a bold pop of color, to a natural wood tone, statement doors can really make or break your home’s exterior. 

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This holds true both in life and in design. I think we all tend to prioritize the interior design of our homes. And that’s okay. Since the inside of your home is where you spend the vast majority of your time, it makes sense to put a little extra effort to get it just the way you like. However, even if you're starting from the inside out, don’t put the exterior of your home on the backburner so long that you completely forget about it!

Designing the outside of your home can be even more stressful and overwhelming than designing the inside. There are just so many more variables. Landscaping, garden decor, porches and decks—the list goes on. So, where do you start? Pretty front doors add instant curb appeal and personality to your home. Changing up your front door can be as simple or as involved as you like. It can be a bucket of paint on a sunny Saturday afternoon; or, it can be a completely new and customized masterpiece. Either way—budget, design, materials, color—it’s all up to you! So check out these cool front door pics and discover which style inspires you most.

Statement Doors Red Outside Black Inside Mini Double Front Exterior Door Ivy Facade


A subtle twist on the classic red door, this red-orange color is so exciting and welcoming! And, if you like the idea of having a red front door, but it just doesn’t match your decor, you can always paint the inside a different color. I love a good two-toned door. They painted the inside of this one black, which, from what I can see, matches the decor flawlessly. 

This is a great idea to keep in mind. If you want a bold, bright front door, you don’t have to paint the entire door that color. You can paint the outside a bright color, and the inside can match your interior decor. Whoever thought of that is a genius! And can I just say that mini double doors are absolutely adorable? They remind me of a cozy little woodland cottage of the sort you might find in a Disney movie. The ivy facade totally adds to that image, don’t you agree? I’m expecting either a woodland fairy or a long lost princess to come walking out those doors.

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Statement Doors Lavender Front Exterior Door Black and White Tile Porch

Via Things That Inspire

I am in LOVE with this lavender door located in London. It’s classy and sophisticated, but has a bit of quirk to it. I have never seen a door this color before. Ever. I’ve seen yellow doors, my parents have a royal blue door, and I distinctly remember seeing a pink door before when I was traveling in Mexico. But never a lavender door. This is definitely one of the most beautiful front doors I have seen! The black and white tile on the porch really makes it stand out. If I were in the market for a city home in the center of London, I would be sold before I even walked in!

Statement Doors Dark Teal Front Exterior Arched Door Paneled Beadboard with Purple Ivy Facade


I don’t normally go for the whole ivy-covered-walls thing, but this color combo is perfection. Dark teal with this amazing purple hued plant that is somehow both deep and bright all at the same time. My love affair with jewel tones is real and thriving, like this plant here! They’re bold and complex, yet mellow and a little dreamy. Moving on from my color obsession, the beadboard paneling in combination with that ever-so-elegant arch adds just the right amount of texture and visual interest to the design. Plus, vertical striping on small doors like this one help guide the eye up to the top, making the door seem taller, and then you get the purple hue of the plant with this one! This one is my favorite design of the lot, by far!

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Statement Doors Mint Chevron Paneled Front Exterior Door

Via The Bride Concierge

Traditional with attitude! The chevron paneling adds some flair to this conventional door design. The tiny window panels lining this front entry are very cool, as you can see right through the home to the backyard! The natural lighting that goes through this house has got to be amazing. The crisp mint door framed in white against a light gray backdrop gives this facade a cool, fresh look. Mint is probably my favorite color that is not a jewel tone, and it is well employed in this design. And that home address number idea is too cute! The black color of the numbers and the door knob help ground what otherwise could be a very airy and too-light color scheme. Whoever designed this knew exactly what they were doing, and they totally nailed it!

Statement Doors Traditional English Oak Front Exterior Door Vertical Beadboard Paneling

Via New From Old

Okay, so maybe you aren’t into the whole pop of color thing. Here’s a lovely traditional English oak door for you. This just screams quaint cottage, doesn’t it? Well, a personified quaint cottage probably wouldn’t scream. Rather, it would probably speak with a soft and gentle voice, with a light accent. I mean, it is an English door. Gorgeous natural wood tones arranged in vertical panels—a classic combination. The door knocker also gives this facade a very traditional look. I love door knockers. They just look cool, and they seem more fun to me than your typical doorbell. Whenever I own my own home, I won’t have a doorbell. No sir, I will have a door knocker. And it will be glorious. My facade would actually look a lot like this, with all of the plant life in pots surrounding the door. They really were trying to nail the cottage look here, and I think they did a great job!

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Statement Doors Modern Contemporary Wood Glass Paneled Front Exterior Door

Via Doors by Decora

Maybe the last few doors haven’t quite struck your fancy? Maybe you’re looking for something a little more modern? Just take those panels and turn them 90 degrees. The horizontal orientation of this modern-contemporary design offers a completely different feel. I like that the smaller slices of frosted glass wedged between the wooden panels warrant a bit more privacy while still permitting the passage of light. Unlike the mint door from above, you cannot see through this house! You still get that natural light, which is oh-so important, but you don’t have to worry about people peeking through your cool front door.

Statement Doors Modern Oversized Front Exterior Door

Via Home Trend Design

Or, if you really want that go-big-or-go-home kind of modern, this might be the design for you. I just love cool front doors like this. This is a door made for those who want to live out where their neighbors aren’t too close, but don’t want to succumb to that mentality of “I’m in the country, so my home must look rustic.” The modernity of this door mixed with the apparently secluded home is fascinating to me. Also, you’ll get a great look at wildlife that lives around you with this door! To me, truly modern design is all about finding a way to make the biggest statement with the simplest design possible, creating the perfect juxtaposition.

Statement Doors Contemporary Geometric Wood and Glass Paneled Front Exterior Door

Via Houzz

If that last one was a little too modern for you, try this contemporary door design on for size. I love the look of sheer glass on an exterior door, but am wary of the lack of privacy it offers. Though, this home almost seems to have that secluded feel as well, or at least that’s what it looks like through the reflection off that glass! How did they get it so clean and shiny? I must know their secrets. If I had an enclosed foyer that didn’t reveal too much to the eye of the passerby, I suppose it could be plausible. The frosted window panel in the center is a nice touch too. Such a subtle accent, I almost overlooked it. If you're like me, though, and still wary about privacy, you could always go with frosted glass throughout the entire facade. I don’t think it would change the overall look too much.

I can’t wait to start designing my very own unique front door! (I probably need to own a home with a front door steps.) Comment with your thoughts and opinions, and let us know which door was your favorite. Thanks for reading—please share our post and spread the love!

**Featured images (L to R) via Stagetecture, Road to Murray HillMy Fair Lily