We’re excited to announce that today we’ll be talking about the fabulous and gorgeous styles of our fave fashion bloggers! 

Hey, friends! I hope your day has been wonderful so far! Before reading this blog post, I’d strongly suggest you read the disclaimer below.

DISCLAIMER: This blog post may induce strong feelings of envy towards these fabulous fashion bloggers’ wardrobes. Read at your own RISK!

I’m assuming since you’re still reading, you’re totally cool with handling the risks of STRONG envy over these fabulous fashion bloggers’ outfits. Seriously these style bloggers are our faves for a reason. Namely because well… just look at them! They’re fabulous! Side note: Before I continue with this blog post, when you guys read, comment on, and share my posts, it gives me so much joy and puts a huge smile on my face. Seriously, you guys make me so happy. That being said, I think it’s time to look at some fierce fashion bloggers. Shall we, friends?

Carissa Alvarado - Wear I Am

Fashion Bloggers Carissa Rae Gray Jumper Black Heels and Sweater Street Style Wear I Am

​Via Carissa Rae

Carissa Alvarado (Rae) is one of my favorite fashion bloggers ever. I love her straightforward, chic style that always features well-tailored clothing along with minimalistic jewelry. I first learned about Carissa’s fashion blog when I happened to stumble upon Us The Duo, which is a music partnership between her and her husband. I gotta say that their voices and harmonies are on point! Other than being amazingly musical, Carissa’s style blog for women (Wear I Am) is one of my absolute favorites.

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Fashion Bloggers Carissa Alvarado Denim Outfit Brown Booties Sunglasses Street Style

Via Wear I Am

This look is one of my favorites by Carissa because I actually have a very similar outfit. Carissa’s style is always trendy, but still very streamlined. I love her love of minimalist jewelry. If I could borrow anything from her, I would definitely want to borrow her brown booties and rad aviators. Oh and her hair. I like her balayage hair color a ton!

Jalynn Schroeder - The Red Closet Diary

Fashion Bloggers The Red Closet Diary Pregnancy Photographs Sweater with Pancho and Leggings Uggs Mountains

Via The Red Closet Diary

Goodness, I think there’s something so beautiful about pregnant women! I love kids and I think they’re such a blessing. Jaylnn started her style blog, The Red Closet Diary, because fashion is one of her passions. She started it long before she ever became a momma, but I just have to say that her showcasing her pregnancy style is so beneficial for all the soon-to-be moms out there who are struggling to stay stylish, while still being comfortable.

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Fashion Bloggers The Red Closet Diary Yellow and Blue Pregnancy Maternity Clothes Apparel

Via The Red Closet Diary

Is Jalynn not the cutest style blogger in the world? This is one of my favorite looks because I love how vibrant the yellow of her cozy cardigan looks against her comfortable light blue day dress. Pregnant women and mommas-to-be, take note! This look is absolutely perfect for you!

Julia Engel - Gal Meets Glam

Fashion Bloggers Gal Meets Glam Colorful Plaid Scarf Gray Beanie Jeans and Tan Jacket Winter Wonderland

Via Gal Meets Glam

I could talk endlessly about Julia Engel’s gorgeous style. If you check out her style blog, Gal Meets Glam, it’s stocked up with tons of gorgeous spring looks. I love Julia’s ability to mix and match classic pieces with bold patterns and prints.

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Fashion Bloggers Julia Engel Alpaca Cape Thigh High Boots Snow Bunny Snow Capped Mountains

Via Gal Meets Glam

Ok, ok, I know it’s technically spring, but these winter looks are just too cute! Julia looks like a model in this shot. Seriously, she’s gorgeous. This is by far my favorite winter look by her. I really love how classy that alpaca cape looks. Oh, and those tall camel boots are super cute too. Notice that her look is overall very neutral, but it has a nice pop of vibrant orange added in the mix. I love that! Pops of color are so fun!

Kristina Bazan - Kayture

Fashion Bloggers Kayture Outfit of the Day Black Mini and Thigh High Boots Backpack Street Style

Via Kayture

This Swiss model blogger is totally off the charts awesome when it comes to her fashion. Kristina Bazan has a bold style and isn’t afraid to make unique fashion choices. Personally, looking at outfits by Kristina makes me want to try different trendy pieces that are outside of my typical closet norm.

Fashion Bloggers Kayture Electric Blue Outfit with Backpack and Long Hairstyle

Via Kayture

I love the vibrant blue color of this outfit on Kristina. Her bold color choices are so fun and inspiring. If you’re the kind of person who likes to step outside of their comfort zone and try different fashion looks, I’d strongly suggest you check out Kayture. She’s got tons of fun and unique looks that’ll inspire anybody!

In the need for some fashion inspo? Check out our Fave Fashion Bloggers!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, April 17, 2016

How are you feeling, friends? Are those fashion jealousy levels at an all-time high? It’s ok if they are! I’m definitely not judging! Which of these bloggers was your favorite and what look did you love the most? Let me know in the comments below. Feel free to share some of your personal favorite fashion bloggers as well. Share this post with your loved ones because sharing is caring. Thanks for reading!

**Featured image (clockwise from top left): Wear I Am, The Red Closet Diary, Kayture, and Gal Meets Glam