It’s a struggle when you want the closet of Carrie Bradshaw but don’t have the budget for it. No worries! Here are frugal DIY clothes even Carrie would love! 

There are many things in life that I personally think go together wonderfully. For example, peanut butter and jelly (of course), cozy blankets and fluffy pillows (definite must), and being fashionable while still being budget-friendly. Being fashion forward doesn’t mean spending your last dime on the trendiest top. Sometimes it means purchasing classic closet staples and putting a little elbow grease and ingenuity into some DIY clothes to make them sparkle, shine, and be uniquely suited to your taste. Even our favorite fictional fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw, started her early fashion statement making days with a fabulous DIY.

DIY Clothes Carrie Diaries Black Purse with DIY Paint Black Shorts Long Sleeve Top


If Carrie can do it, so can you! Don’t fret about not being “crafty enough,” just open your mind and check out the awesome ideas I have to offer you today. Let’s go on a fashion frenzy that’s totally budget-friendly. Here are some of my favorite DIY fashion projects that any fashionista will love!

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DIY Detachable Fur Collar

DIY Clothes Frugal Fashionista Detachable Fur Collar on Long Coat with Faux Leather Pants and T-Shirt

Via A Beautiful Mess

Lately, I’ve been in love with the look of fur (faux of course!). Fur adds such a luxe feel to any outfit. However, I do have to say that fur can be a hit or miss. I’ve seen a few pictures of fur outfits that look nothing short of a hot mess. But, when worn properly, fur can truly make you look like a million bucks! Fur (both fake and real) can be pretty pricey though. Not everyone is going to have the budget. Thankfully, A Beautiful Mess wrote an awesome DIY post on making your own detachable faux fur collar. Thank you A Beautiful Mess for giving every frugal fashionista this gem of a DIY! Now no one has to be deprived of every fashionista’s right to having fur in their closet. I think Carrie would approve of this DIY for sure!

What I love most about this fashion DIY is that not only do they properly style fur, but they make this DIY easy enough to do on any jacket in your closet. Of course, it’d be best to stick with a simple symmetrical collared jacket. Furthermore, if you can’t find a good jacket to do it on, consider upping the sass of your dresses! (Yup, I just gave you a double-whammy of a DIY!) If you’d like to try this DIY, you can find it here.

DIY Monogram Shoes

DIY Clothes Monogram Converse White Chucks with Skinny Jeans

Via The Polka Dot Chair

There’s so much to love about this ultra fab DIY from The Polka Dot Chair! For starters, who doesn’t love the classy look of a clean monogram? Celebrities like Cara Delevingne, Olivia Palermo, and Suki Waterhouse have all been rocking monogrammed outfits lately. Reese Witherspoon is also known for loving monograms. As Reese would say, “If it’s not moving… Monogram it!” If you're handy at freehand drawing, this is a DIY you should definitely give a try. If you struggle at painting a straight line, then I’d suggest you use a stencil or even a Cricut to make your monogram. Or, if you have an artistic friend handy, bribe them with sugary sweets and nicely ask them if they will paint the monogram for you. Whatever route you take to make these adorable shoes, just know that you should take pride in your adorable kicks and the fact that you didn’t spend a fortune on them!

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DIY Sequin Elbow Patches

DIY Clothes Sequin Elbow Covers Cream Sweater Jean Shorts Fashion Latest Trends

Via a pair & a spare

Every girl deserves to sparkle! Take your ho-hum white sweater and give it an extra dose of sass with this stunning DIY. This is great if you have some old-time, classic sweaters that are a bit beat up and torn. If you have a hole on the elbow of your sweaters, not to worry; patch it up with these ultra-glam sequin elbow patches. This DIY is super easy and affordable compared to buying a new sweater that is pre-made with elbow sequin patches. If you can do a few basic stitches, then this DIY will be right up your alley. If you aren’t too into sewing, you can opt for an easier route and use fabric glue. If you want to give this DIY a try, check out A Pair & A Spare's DIY clothes post here.

But, wait! The sparkle fest isn’t over. I’m not just giving you one sequin fashion DIY project today. I’m not even giving you just two sequin fashion DIY ideas. I’m giving you three! You heard me right. Three sequin clothing DIY projects! Here are two more sequin fashion DIYs by our good ol’ friends at A Pair & A Spare (Thanks A Pair & A Spare!) that I think you’ll love!

DIY Sequin Blazer & DIY Sequin Embellished Denim Shorts - There you go, friends. Go have a party and shine on!

Hello, beautiful and shiny clothes! These DIY Sequin Blazer and DIY Sequin Embellished Denim Shorts tutorials are just to die for. Keep calm and shine bright like a diamond (or a sequin) right? These lovely tutorials are so easy to follow, and you can shimmer and shine in all your fashionista glory without spending a fortune on sequined clothing! Don’t you just love a good DIY that saves you money? I know that sequined blazer would look lovely for a night out on the town! Go snag you a blazer from a thrift store and get started ASAP!

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DIY Tulle Skirt

DIY Clothes Frugal Fashionista White Tulle Skirt with Gray Shirt and Metallic Heels

Via Sparkles and Shoes

Alright my Carrie Bradshaw lovin’ friends, here’s my final (and favorite!) frugal fashion DIY! Drum roll please! A tulle skirt! I mean, come on, what’s not to love about a tulle skirt? Not only are they ultra-feminine, girly, and dainty, but they are so on-trend. However, these skirts can be a tad bit pricey costing up to $60+ a pop! Everyday Reading wrote an awesome blog post on how to DIY this princess-like tulle skirt. Warning: only attempt this DIY if you know how to sew. And for all those out there who aren’t talented tailors, you can still make this super cute DIY. Check out this no-sew video tutorial.

There ya go my frugal fashionista friends! That concludes this fun little blog post. I hope you've enjoyed it and are inspired to DIY your own fancy and affordable fashion pieces and accessories. No fashionista should board the “Struggle Bus” of being broke as a joke and not having the closet of their dreams. Being the cheesy and pun-ny girl that I am, I’d like to end this post with two lovely quotes: “The best is yet to come!” and “All good things will come in their own time.” Although our closets are not quite up to par with Carrie Bradshaw’s yet (emphasis on YET!), one day they will be full of cute DIY clothes. ‘Til then, we’ll be staying fabulous while DIYing our fave frugal fashion finds. Hooray for DIY fashion! Remember friends, keep calm and DIY on! (Yes, I did just throw in a third cliché! Yay!)

Did you love these frugal fashion finds? Let us know in the comments below, especially if you tried any of these DIYs! If you loved this post, feel free to share with your fellow frugal fashionistas. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time.

**Featured image via a pair & a spare