Want to know what our favorite tweets were this past month? You’re in luck. Check out our top 5 tweets from those we follow on Twitter!

Hello again, everyone! It’s the beginning of a new month, so you know what that means: another favorite tweets post! This past month (actually, the past two weeks) have been full of incredible and devastating natural events. With many of us living or growing up in the affected areas of Texas (myself from near Corpus Christi, and our editors/owners from the Houston area), it’s been a trying couple of weeks. Our hearts go out to those still struggling, and those who are down on the ground helping save animals, people, and what little belongings some folks have left. Today, we’re going to hopefully bring a little light to your lives, and show you some of our favorite tweets from our favorite Twitter folks. Let’s take a look!

This video brought us to tears. As someone who lived in one of the towns hit by Harvey, seeing videos like this makes me cry. Not only did this man return to his flooded home to retrieve stuffed animals for his kids, but he saw his piano, which is mostly underwater, and he just sat down on the bench and began to play. I’m so glad someone decided to video this magical and moving moment. No, I’m definitely not tearing up as I watch the video again while writing this post. Nope. Not at all. And especially not after seeing that someone is going to send him a new piano whenever he gets settled after the flooding. Nope. Definitely not crying over here. Carry on.

To be able to go from talking about a horrible natural event, to one this beautiful in the same post is definitely amazing. I absolutely loved seeing the eclipse. We didn’t get a full eclipse where I am, but I was able to see a great partial one. This photo here, with the Empire State Building in full view, is stunning to say the least. I cannot get over how beautiful this is. If you were unable to get a good view of the eclipse, you definitely need to see this photo!

What a gorgeous wallpaper! That shade of blue is stunning, and I love the texture and design on it. If you are looking for a new, eclectic, and fun nautical wallpaper, this may be the one for you. I love that it’s a nautical theme, with octopuses, deep sea divers, mermaids, treasure chests, anchors, and compasses. Very awesome, and would really make a great accent wall!

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This GIF created for Women’s Equality Day is really beautiful. Not only is the drawing style unique, but the different women featured in it come from all walks of life, races, religions, and cultures. Such a wonderful piece of art. Thank you, Libby, for sharing such a wonderful message and supporting equal opportunities for women!

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This snapshot of real life makes me happy. You can see the emotion and feel the bond between the people in this cafe. I love the look on the woman's face, and how she’s pointing her finger at the man in the picture. He almost looks sheepish. I wonder what was going on in the conversation to lead to this moment. Whatever it is, I’m glad someone caught it on camera. It’s a great moment, and I hope the people in the photo were able to see it!

That’s it for today! Our top 5 favorite tweets of the month made by those we follow on Twitter. What do you think of them? Is this something you want to see more of? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends! Ta for now!