Love art? Check this out! With a scalpel, eye surgery scissors, & a magnifying glass, Chris Maynard made this mind-blowing bird feather art. 

As an avid art lover, I’ve seen a vast array of artwork, made of all sorts of mediums, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the work done by feather artist Chris Maynard. Thanks to Yatzer’s Flights of Fancy: Bird Feather Art by Chris Maynard, I happened to stumble upon Maynard's stunning masterpieces, all part of his Featherfolio. And let me tell you, my mind was completely blown at how intricate and beautiful these works of art are.

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Feather Art Eat 1 Pheasant Feather 12 x 17 Inches Chris Maynard Featherfolio Shadow Boxes

Via Chris Maynard

Seattle-based artist Chris Maynard is passionate about bird feathers: he likes to use [them] to create vivid compositions depicting all sorts of birdlife by cutting tiny shapes into real feathers, which he then pins on a canvas inside small shadowboxes. Maynard creates these delicate works of art using a scalpel, a pair of fine eye-surgery scissors and magnifying glasses, usually using the feathers of the bird that he is depicting: turkey feathers for turkeys, crow feathers for crows and so on.


Feather Art Crow Roost Capercaillie Grouse Tail Feather 22 x 19 inches by Chris Maynard Shadowbox Black and White

Via Chris Maynard

Ok, for starters, can we all acknowledge just how amazingly intricate this feather is? Just trying to imagine Maynard steadfastly working on this work of art with a scalpel and magnifying glass blows my mind! The amount of patience, perseverance, and determination (with a little creativity of course) that Maynard puts into his feather art is evident in the beauty of this masterpiece. This feather has a close resemblance to the massive swarms of ravens in the movie, Kaw. Although it isn’t nearly as freaky as that movie, it’s just as thought provoking!

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Feather Art Jay Sun Bather Blue and Gold Macaw Wing Feather 11 x 14 inches by Chris Maynard Shadowbox Color

Via Chris Maynard

I really like this piece, not only for the color, but also for the playful imagery. This particular work appears very lively to me. I think this is because of the circle cut outs and polka dots used throughout. This fanciful art is kind of ironic in that it depicts something as annoying as a bird pecking things, but it does it in a way that is appealing.

Feather Art Circle of Flight Impeyan Pheasant Feathers 14 x 11 inches by Chris Maynard Shadowboxes Blue and Gold

Via Chris Maynard

This shadow box is in the running as one of my favorite works by Chris Maynard. I absolutely adore the metallic colors of the impeyan pheasant feather he used in this piece. Fortunately, Chris Maynard is a strong advocate of wildlife conservation and legislation protecting birds, so we don’t have to worry about this work being created at the expense of these beautiful birds. Maynard only uses feathers that have been naturally shed from birds that belong to zoos, aviaries, and from some that he actually owns!

Feather Art Eat 6 Peasant Feather by Chris Maynard Shadow Boxes

Via Chris Maynard

This intricately cut out feather set is simply amazing. I mean, not only do the feathers look awesome, with their stripes and how they are cut out, but the cut-outs make gorgeous shadows as well. I love that this one has a more tribal look to it than the other bird feather art we’ve seen thus far from Maynard.

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Feather Art Blue and Gold Macaw Wing Feather Art by Chris Maynard Shadowboxes Two Feathers

Via Chris Maynard

This is my absolute favorite work in Chris Maynard’s Featherfolio. I love the intricacy of all the clean cuts Maynard did in order to create the symmetric composition of this beautiful feather artwork. I also love the contrast of blue and gold. Simply put, I love everything about this piece. Something about it just makes me feel tranquil and reposed. Part of me just wants to purchase a print of this piece and put some kind of inspirational quote on it like, “Let your dreams take flight.” Cheesy? I know. But, I mean, come on guys, just look at how beautiful and inspirational this piece is. Don’t deny that you want to put an inspiring (and slightly cheesy) quote on it as well!

As a whole, Maynard’s artwork is not only inventive, but inspiring. I’ve got to give props to this guy because the creativity he put into these pieces is off-the-charts! From the beautiful colors and patterns of the feathers to the elaborate designs and composition of each shadow box, you can truly tell that Maynard put a lot of heart and attention into each piece. Maynard’s Featherfolio truly inspires me to allow my creativity to take flight (pun intended) and create art in unique ways as well. All I have to say now is, thank you Chris Maynard for being the Picasso of Feather Art. You’re fantastic!

Did Maynard’s feather art inspire you as much as it inspired us? Let us know by commenting below. If this feather art blew your mind, you should probably share it with all your friends and family so that they can be wowed as well. Friends, sharing is caring!

All images used in this post are c/o Chris Maynard. A big thank you to our friends at Yatzer for blogging on the amazing work of Chris Maynard!