If you’re planning a long movie marathon party, you gotta have good finger food for you and your friends! Check out these great recipes! 

Hello again, and welcome to the continuation of my movie marathon series! I don’t know about you, but food is my life. I pretty much eat constantly, especially during movies. I love to have finger food to munch on while relaxing and watching a good flick. Popcorn is great and all, but if I’m watching a marathon, I gotta have something themed, you know? It really makes the marathon come to life.

Plus, we’re talking about movie marathon parties. You have to have food at parties! And, if you read my last post on drinks, when you serve alcohol to your friends at a many hour long movie marathon bash, be a good host and give them food too. Pretend you’re a hobbit, serving food and libations at one of your well-renowned parties. There, now you’ve got it! So, to help you throw this fantastic party, let’s go over some movie marathon party food recipes!

Harry Potter

Finger Food Movie Marathon Harry Potter Sorting Hat Pita Bread

Via Diamonds for Dessert

Sorting Hat Pita Bread:Oh you may not think I'm pretty, but don't judge on what you see, I'll eat myself if you can find a smarter hat than me." Well, Sorting Hat, this pita bread may not be smarter than you, but it is so much tastier! This easy to make pita bread recipe is perfect to serve at any Harry Potter movie marathon! Plus, I mean c’mon it looks like the sorting hat. That’s awesome. This party food is actually pretty easy to make, and pita bread is good for you. You can serve it with hummus, or make your own awesome dip that goes well with pita bread. The possibilities for this easy party food are endless.

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Finger Food Movie Marathon Food Harry Potter Weasley Twins Dragon Roasted Nuts

Via Food in Literature

Weasleys' Dragon Roasted Nuts: Another great and tasty treat to snack on during the movie: Dragon Roasted Nuts! If you remember, when the Weasley Twins finally created their awesome shop, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, there were tiny dragons outside roasting nuts, and you could buy them. I myself am not big on nuts, but I would totally make an exception to try these! I like to try new things, and even retry foods that are made differently. Like these! You can find the recipe here, and try these party snacks yourself!

The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Finger Food Movie Marathon Food Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Lembas Bread

Via Veggietorials

Lembas Bread: Oh, I have been wanting to try Lembas Bread since the first time I saw the movies! Okay, I was a bad nerd for this series: I saw the movies before reading the books. I know, terrible. But hey, I love both the movies and the books, and I did actually finish The Hobbit before I saw the movies, so I guess that’s a plus right? I always looked at the Lembas bread recipe and wanted to try it. Well, here is a great finger food for you to try as well! This will definitely help keep you and your fellowship full and happy during a very long movie marathon!

Finger Food Movie Marathon Food Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Seed Cake


Hobbit Seed Cake: This yummy Seed Cake is actually not sweet, and rather tasty. It’s more like a bread than a cake, so it makes another great Lord of the Rings themed party recipe for movie marathons! You can find the recipe here. It makes up really well, since it’s very cake like, and you can serve it simply with some butter. I would totally make these in either really small bread pans, or even as cupcakes, so everyone gets their own “loaf” of this seed cake! These would be great, easy finger foods to hand out to your friends after giving them some of the delicious drinks from the last post!

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Star Wars

Finger Food Movie Marathon Food Star Wars Lightsaber Pretzels

Via Two Sisters Crafting

Lightsaber Pretzels: At many of my family gatherings, we have pretzel sticks covered in almond bark or chocolate. They are just nice, sweet and salty party snack ideas that are very relaxing and comforting to me, which is why when I saw these lightsaber pretzels, I had to add them to the list. They’re super easy to make, like you can make them in no time at all. They’re also really yummy, especially knowing that they take seconds to make. You can find the recipe here so you can whip these easy party appetizers up for your next Star Wars movie marathon!

Finger Food Movie Marathon Food Star Wars Han Solo Peanut Butter Carbonite Bars

Via Just Jenn Recipes

Han Solo Peanut Butter Carbonite Bars: Okay, this one may be stretching it a bit when it comes to snacks, because I was trying to stick with more savory finger food ideas, and stay away from desserts. But I figured, hey, this is mostly peanut butter anyways, so this cheap party food is not really a dessert. These peanut butter carbonite bars are fantastic. You can buy these super cool molds online to be able to make the carbonite shape, and I think that’s just too awesome. Imagine what else you can make with those molds. Ice cubes, gummies, the list goes on and on. But I digress. Here’s the recipe for these yummy, peanut butter and chocolate bars!


Finger Food Movie Marathon Food Marvel Black Widow Popcorn

Via The Tiptoe Fairy

Black Widow Popcorn: Well, a movie marathon has to have popcorn, right? I couldn’t resist this recipe. It’s Black Widow themed, and popcorn. What’s not to love? I love that it’s got that great mix of savory, salty, and sweet, which is like totally perfect food for parties! Depending on how many people you have invited, though, you may have to adjust how much you make. I could totally knock out a bag of this by myself, but that also depends on how many other party appetizers there are. So, keep that in mind when getting the food ready, and always make sure you have plenty of party treats to go around! 

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Finger Food Movie Marathon Food Marvel Avengers Chicken Shawarma

Via Tangylife

Avengers' Chicken Shawarma: Shawarma! I was so excited when I found an easy to make at home shawarma recipe. In the first Avengers movie, Tony kind of went crashing by a shawarma place, and in the end of movie credit scene, the whole Avengers crew is in that same shawarma place chowing down. I love shawarma, but it’s not easy to make. This simple party food recipe, though, is one of the best and easiest recipes to make in the comfort of your own home. This is perfect for an Avengers marathon, and if you’ve been following with my other posts, it’s wonderful to give people food if you’re serving alcohol. Plus, this is totally in theme with the Avengers, and it’ll go great with the rest of your marathon treats!

There you have it, folks! Some pretty yummy snacks to get you through your favorite movie marathons! Which one is your favorite? Personally, I’m excited to try out the shawarma next time I watch the Avengers. Or, the Lembas bread. Yeah I’ve always wanted to try that, and now I have a recipe! Tell me below in the comments what you’re most excited to try, and if you have any other recipes too. Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends! Until next time, stay nerdy, friends!

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