Believe it or not, sometimes having a fireplace can start to look like exactly what it is: a hole in the wall. Rise up from the ashes with this simple styling trick – fireplace screens! 

Hello! I don’t know about the weather in your part of the world, but I do know about the weather here in Texas and I can tell you for a 100% fact that it’s MUCH more bipolar than years past. Waking up and getting dressed has been a bit of a challenge for me these last couple of weeks because I have to dress for both 50 and 80 degree weather. Mornings are cold, afternoons are hot—the seasons come and go in a matter of hours and it’s nuts! The nice thing is that the cold happens during the times of day that I’m always home, which couldn’t be more perfect. I can sit back, relax, and warm up by a nice fire! Because that is one area that I’ve been staring at abnormally often lately, I decided that I really appreciate fireplace screens. My reasoning could either be more or less silly depending on how you feel on the subject but as per usual I have to share with all of you the things I find to be pretty!

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Fireplace Screens Living Room Coral Home Decor Accessories Accents Greige Gray Coffee Table Focal Point Design

Via Homedit

For instance, picture this living room without any kind of hearth accessories and suddenly you have one giant hole in the wall and it’s not the kind we like, you know, the one with the good food. It’s a literal hole. Centered in the middle of the chairs and in line with the coffee table, that fireplace is what my eyes are immediately drawn to. Opposed to looking at a black hole, the cover is kinda like the jewelry for the fireplace and really dresses it up! A home is really just a bunch of details and it’s your job to decide which ones are good to go and which you can live without... Let’s look at a few more examples and see if you agree!

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Up next is one of my faves and it’s a great way to add a metallic touch to your living room or wherever your fireplace may be. The golden branches are cool for many reasons, one being that the iron reminds me of what the fire behind it actually looks like, but just on a more defined scale. Another reason is that it adds definition and dimension to the fireplace by sitting a few inches in front of the fire.

Fireplace Screens Golden Branches Neiman Marcus Shopping Department Store Fire Gold Metallic Home Decor Accents Interior Design

Via Neiman Marcus

Using your imagination is fun and all, but I’m going to help you out a bit! The photo below will give you some insight as to what these branches would look like all set up. The goal of this glam cover, in my opinion, is to sit there and look pretty! It’s doing the dang thing, don’t you think?! Details people, details.

Fireplace Screens Pink Flowers Glass Coffee Table Black Mantel Home Decor Golden Branches Neiman Marcus Department Store Staged House

Via Neiman Marcus

You know a certain piece of decor is a good add to your home when you can find it in many different styles because that means someone liked the idea enough to create it with their taste in mind! The styles I tend to gravitate toward are all over the spectrum and I know not everyone likes the same things, so as to appeal to all audiences I have two modern fireplace screens up next. They’re each special in their own way! You’ll see why.

Fire up your interior decor with some of these cute and stylish fireplace screens!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Saturday, May 21, 2016

You can’t go wrong with this one. Four glass filled panels and some wrought iron later, this is what you get! I don’t just consider this number to be filed under “modern fireplaces” because although it has an industrial flare, it’s also very classic, which is super important to me. If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that I love the small touches and am a true believer that you get what you pay for. So, for certain things I say go cheap, but for something that has a design that is classic, not trendy, and something that I won’t likely feel the need to change any time soon, this is my pick!

Fireplace Screens Industrial Design Four Panel Screen Fire Bonfire Modern Interiors Home Decor Accents Details Mantel

Via Blog of Francesco Mugnai

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All of the fireplace screens I’ve shown you so far all have one thing in common: they are meant to be placed in front of the fireplace. Next, I’m going to show you something different that requires more effort than simply picking a place to put it! This is the sliding door of firescreens and it’s really cool. And modern. And I like it. I also think it’s worth mentioning that if you don’t want a more transportable fireplace screen because you have small kids or pets this is the way to go! No way this thing is going to get knocked over!

Fireplace Screens Modern Sliding Door Fire Screen Home Decor Sunflower Accents Vase Hardware Wrought Iron Panel Interior Design

Via Robin Chell Design

Fireplaces can be customized to your liking and dressing them up using any extra design tools you have up your sleeve is never a bad idea! Like I said before, it’s like wearing jewelry!! Hearth screens are one of those things that you won’t regret having bought because of all the compliments you’ll receive when guests come over…or maybe that’s just something I would comment on? Is that weird? No matter! 

Tell me your thoughts on this dose of design and why you would or would not implement it into your home. I love hearing what y’all have to say! Until next time.

**Featured image via Home Bunch