Bring that vibrant bird into your home via your decor elements! Flamingo decor is a fantastic way to brighten up your home with a gorgeous pop of pink!

My favorite color is pink. If you go to my bedroom in my parent’s house, the first thing (and probably only thing) you’ll notice is that I have pink walls and pink carpet. I love pink! And that is perfect because today I want to talk about ways to incorporate pink flamingo decor into your home (flamingo what?!).

As a little girl, I loved going to the zoo to the see the flamingos. I loved how bright and pink they were. There is literally nothing else like them. My love of pink, flamingos, and summer is what brought me to this idea. Flamingo decor is perfect if you’re a single 20-something year old like me, if you’re decorating for summer, decorating a little girl’s room, or just decorating in general! Flamingos (and pineapples and anything tropical for that matter) have become popular in the last couple years, which is awesome. Anytime my best friend sees anything with a flamingo on it she’ll send me a picture. Speaking of flamingo decor, I actually have a flamingo shower curtain and shower mat. My obsession is very real. A N Y W A Y, let’s see some pictures of flamingo decor!

Flamingo Decor with Pink Flamingo Picture Artwork Tropical Wall Art Print

Via MoonBerryPrints

I want to begin simple and just start off with flamingo art. This is a super gorgeous piece that is lifelike. If you’re not totally sold on decorating your home with a bunch of flamingo decor (like me) but still want to incorporate it in your home, flamingo wall decor is a great way to do that!

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Flamingo Decor with 2 Antique Gold Flamingo Figures on a Dresser Cactus Pineapple

Via LeftCoastRevivals

Maybe you want an accent piece, instead. I have the perfect decorative flamingos for that! Check out these vintage brass metal flamingos. I love how they’re displayed in this photo. So pretty!

Flamingo Decor with 2 Flamingo Plant Pots Cactus Grow Plants

Via SnapdragonOnlineLtd

These are so chic. I need them. I am a horrible gardener (I am trying, okay!), but these make me want to plant an entire field of cacti… which I don’t have the space for… but maybe you do! If you’re actually good at gardening, pick up these flamingo plant pots and bring some extra color and yard art to your garden!

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Flamingo Decor Wall Paint with Different Pink Wall Colors Flowers Paint the Walls

Via Home-Styling

Maybe you’re loving all these flamingo decor ideas and want to take it to the next level. Well, I have the perfect idea for you, if you do. Paint your walls with the colors of a flamingo!!! Doesn’t that sound amazing? I know I’m biased with my pink childhood bedroom, but I would love to have another pink bedroom. Or maybe a flamingo themed bathroom? Kitchen? The odds are endless!

Flamingo Decor with a Handmade Flamingo Baby Mobile and Palm Tree

Via CozyFeltCraftAndMore

Remember how I said flamingo decor would be perfect for a little girl’s room? Well, here you go! This flamingo baby mobile is sooooo cute. I love how there’s a palm tree in the middle with a sun. And the pink clouds! Don’t get me started. Anyway, this product is entirely handmade, and the flamingos, clouds, sun, and palm tree are constructed using felt! Pair this mobile with flamingo pink walls and white furniture, and boom! Flamingo baby room.

Flamingo Decor with a Hot Pink Flamingo Christmas Tree Skirt

Via KaysGeneralStore

Okay, I need this. My mom recently bought me a frosted fake Christmas tree (I don’t think that’s what it’s called, but it’s one of those Christmas trees with the white tips that are supposed to look like snow), and this hot pink flamingo Christmas tree skirt would be the perfect accompaniment! The only problem that I see is that I do have a theme with my ornaments - candy - but if you know me, you’ll know that I don’t care if I have an eclectic variety of themes. I like what I like, and who cares if it doesn’t match! My best friend is going to be so mad at me when she reads this. Anyway, maybe you have a tropical theme with your ornaments, or maybe you just love flamingos! Get this super cute Christmas tree skirt either way!

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Flamingo Decor with Plastic Fake Pink Flamingos in the Yard Front Porch

Via CultureMap Houston

If you read through this post thinking “please give me more flamingo ideas!” Well, I’m going to send you to find some of the pretty fake plastic flamingos that started it all - that’s right - the fake plastic pink flamingo. I’m not sure why, but I love these yard flamingos! I know you’re probably thinking girl, what are YOU DOING! THESE ARE SO TACKY! But like I said before, who cares! Maybe I won’t go overboard like this yard… maybe I’ll only place two lawn flamingos in my tiny apartment yard... who knows?

If you’d like a little history of the “tacky” pink plastic flamingo, check this out!

If you love to flock with flamingos, decide how you want to incorporate flamingo decor into your home. You can go big or small! Let me know how you plan to decorate your home with flamingo decor by commenting. Make sure you share this post with your friends so that they know you’re on #TeamFlamingo.

**Featured image via Design Sponge