Ever wondered how to style floating shelves that hold whozits and whatzits galore? Allow me to break it down for you! 

Hello! I hope everyone is having as great of a day as I am! Why so good, you ask? Well, I woke up, started my day at the gym, made a spontaneous shopping stop, and found the best little table for that corner of my room. I say that in the most loving of ways, it was the corner that is everything boring and blah and empty. There was no denying something needed to go there. So I took it upon myself to purchase the coolest mini agate and gold table, which I styled with great little trinkets and books that had previously cluttered my desk. All this got me thinking about shelves. I know, I know...table to shelves...what? Just try to follow me on this one...for home decor’s sake.

Floating shelves are crazy suckers. You can’t just have a shelf on the wall for the sake of it. They offer empty space for you to put random things on and that’s the main reason I like them. If you’ve read any of my blog posts of past, you’ve probably gotten the hint that I’m all about the little things and that even the tiniest trinkets make a big, big difference. That being said, I’m giving you the go for when you’re out shopping and find some random accent that would “look good somewhere” or is “so small and cute” that you “have to have it.” Any of those sound familiar? Not judging here, I’m in the same boat. To give a bit of a visual, here is something I’ve been looking for and, if I found, would definitely, without a doubt, throw onto a stack of books on a wall shelf.

Floating Shelves Shelving Designer Books Hardback Book Library Gold Elephants Home Decor Accents Trinkets

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The goal is to help the small stuff make a big impression. If you’re having a hard time believing me, think about it this way—if you didn’t have the mini elephants on top of a few books piled high, would the books stand out? Not so much. If it works, work it! Another example of a trinket that's perfect for dressing up floating shelves is this gold ampersand. It’s a little bigger, a little bolder, and a whole lot of gold. But, I like it! The cool thing? You can totally paint inexpensive trinkets a metallic color to really make a statement! So if you can’t find what you want in the color you like, look into spray painting it!

Floating Shelves Home Decor Trinkets Gold Accent Decoration Home Accessories Pink Box

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You know what else looks great on bookshelves? Succulents. If I’m being entirely honest, they look good everywhere...that being said, if you don’t have any in your home right now, stop reading immediately and go paint your thumb green. I’ll still be here when you get back. On a less serious note, we all know and love plants. They’re the best kinds of pets and we should all have them on our wall shelving units and elsewhere. Adding succulents or flowers of some sort brings a different element of style to the table and it’ll instantly diversify the flow of your shelving! And you can create your own tiny little gardens too! So cute!

Floating Shelves Black and White Bowl Home Decor Fresh Plants Garden Succulents Planters Flowers Cacti Quartz Crystal

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Floating shelves are the #modern way to take your #homedecor to the next level while showing off your fun finds!

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Aside from bowls with plant life in them, I’m just as zealous about plain, empty bowls whose destiny it is to simply sit there and look pretty. You’re probably like “what, why would I put an empty bowl on my shelf?” but the second you see one on your shelf you’ll call me and thank me for being so inspiring. If a bowl is this pretty, you don’t need to fill it with anything! It makes its own statement just as it is.

Floating Shelves Shelving Home Decor Lace Bowl Home Decor White Pottery Decoration

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If the plain ol’ plain look just isn’t working for you, then I suppose you can add a little something to it. Decorative balls were made for this sort of thing. You can make your own with Styrofoam balls and fabric strips or yarn. I totally have made these before. Find colors that coordinate in your space, and wrap different sized balls for a really cool look!

Floating Shelves Decorative Balls Fabric Decorative Vase Fillers Ball Teal Turquoise Home Decor

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The easiest form of decor, in my opinion, has to be picture frames. The entire concept of pictures is still so cool to me. It’s the closest thing we have to freezing time in its place, which is pretty rad. Imagine your fondest memory, now go get it printed, put it in a frame, and place it on one of those display shelves. You will instantly be happy every time you see it and it will add even more variety to your shelving.

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If you want to get creative with it, I have an amazing DIY for you to try, you may have even heard of it before! I can actually say it’s amazing because I’ve done it about 10 times and given them as gifts and I have one hanging as part of my gallery wall at home. Instead of a picture frame, transfer photos onto a block of wood. It’s sooo EASY and you’ll feel artsy/innovative/awesome when you finish. PLUS it would be a great addition for that floating wall shelf in the corner over there...just saying. P.S. it stands up by itself which is pretty neat. DIY here.

Floating Shelves Shelving Home Decor Decoration Pictures Memories Photo Transfer DIY Do It Yourself Mod Podge Easy Tutorial

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Alrighty, I think it’s time to boil it down to what floating bookshelves were originally intended to be used for and as I’m sure you've already guessed, that is books! Ahh literature, how interior decorators all over the world love you...for better or for worse and for your spines and hardback qualities. Books are easy to find if you don’t have a few to spare to share with your wall of shelves! Gathering books can really add a splash of color to whatever you’ve got going on in your shelf-sitch. All heights, genres, and ages are welcome!

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Floating Shelves Bookshelf Bookshelves Literature Reading Education Home Decoration Decor DIY Library Minimalism

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I know I just ranted on and on about random objects, so I wanted to come full circle with this final picture. It shows trinkets, pictures, vases, plants, books...pretty much everything we’ve talked about, plus some! The best part is that you can be creative and not worry if it’ll look bad because it probably won’t. But, if you have doubts, feel free to comment with photos of your own decorative shelves and I’ll tell you what I think!

Floating Shelves Bookshelf Trinkets Home Decor Decoration Vase Plant Books Magazine Picture Frame Gold Accents Monogram

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Last of all (and I think most importantly), if you feel discouraged because you decided to look online at small items that are way out of your price range—stop looking! Everything you might want to put on decorative shelving can be found around your home, in your kitchen, at a garage sale, thrift shop, or home decor section of places like TJ Maxx or Home Goods. Don’t forget, you can always DIY, upcycle, or paint what you can’t find! That being said, HAVE FUN WITH IT! I know it’s going to look awesome.

Questions? Tips? Just wanna talk? Comment below and I’ll get back to you! Please share with all your friends!! Thanks for reading, peeps!

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