Treating yourself with simple luxuries, like fresh flower arrangements, can kick your home decor up a notch, while showing how awesome your taste is...bottom line is you’ll want these in your house! 

Hello! I’m back and I come bearing a gift, the gift of flowers. Unfortunately, I can’t drag these beauties out of cyberspace and hand-deliver them to you, but I can show you my favorites and what they can do for your home. Before I delve into the world of floral design and get all flower-power on you like it’s the seventies, I’m going to have to give you a little backstory. When I was younger, I thought flowers were a downright waste of money and would not, could not, wrap my head around the fact that someone would spend SO much money on something that dies. (That’s pretty much as blunt as it gets. Sorry about that…) As I've gotten older, I've realized that they’re nice to both give and receive and that simple gestures are what keeps this world from being a super sad place. I also came to the realization that flower arrangements are not only good for others, but they're good to buy for those times when nothing seems right and you just need to treat yo’self!

The image above is from a flower shop! Do you know how happy that makes me that those exist outdoors?! It may be a little out of reach, but I’m in the process of collecting reasons why I need to visit Nice, France anyway, so that can just be added to the list. If only it were that simple! Okay enough about my bucket list, here’s one off of my list of favorite flowers: Peonies. It doesn’t get better than this. I mean, have you seen these things?! If not, just look right below and you’ll instantly agree with me. As you get lost within this intricate flower’s delicate petals, it becomes impossible not to love them! I’m picturing myself picking them up at that phenomenal flower market in Nice. Ahhh…dreams!

Flower Arrangements Blooming Peonies Flower Market Fresh Flowers Bouquet Newspaper News This Just In Home Decor Beautiful Blooms


And now, I’m picturing them on my counter to greet me when I come home...they’re even pretty when they have yet to bloom! I think it’s obvious why they’re my fave!

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Flower Arrangements Fresh Cut Flowers Vase Bouquet Peonies Blush Pink Home Decor Interior Design Gardening

Via Camille Styles

I would also love to see a vase full of ranunculus whilst skipping through the door (lol I don’t really do that but maybe I would if I had these to greet me). Look how pretty they are!!! The coils their petals create are the prettiest!

Flower Arrangements Fresh Cut Flowers Florist Floral Arrangement Bouquet Floral Design Ranunculus Orange Yellow Pink Blooms Home Decor Gardening

Via Martha Stewart

As my relationship with flowers has progressed, I now have a few other favorites as well. This was necessary since peonies are on the pricey side (Mom always said I had champagne taste on a beer budget) and are kind of hard to find. Also, it’s not a real thing to stop by the grocery store florist and grab you some ranunculus on any given day. When I realized this, it became necessary for me to reach within my small college budget and find some more flowers to love on, at least until I get a little more jingle in my pocket.

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Here are my two favorite alternatives (not saying they’re cheap but they’re easier to find!): lilies and hydrangeas. White lilies are so beautiful when they bloom and are sure to brighten up any room in even the dullest of homes. They look great in long and tall vases, or in the case of the picture below, a really neat spherical one. Hydrangeas, on the other hand, look better in smaller, shorter vases. Both are easy compliments to any home decor. Fresh flower arrangements instantly up the ante of any interior.

If you’ve never been one for a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your home (until now because I just showed you how awesome they are) and you’re wondering where the heck you’re going to put them...have no fear. You can put them ANYWHERE, give or take a few places but mostly anywhere you want… Here are a few visuals that you can use to imagine where they would look best in your house! The first is on a coffee table and the second is on a desk. I’m sure I didn’t need to clarify that but just in case! I couldn’t miss out on stating the obvious, now could I?

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Imagine this coffee table sans blooms? No! It just doesn’t have the same effect!

Flower Arrangements Long Stemmed Tulips Bouquet Vase Home Decor Coffee Table Design Interiors Black and White Chic

Throw some fresh flowers on your desk and you’ll probably get so much more work done because their beauty will inspire you to do so. Try it!

Flower Arrangements Productivity Fresh Flowers Desk Work Computer Apple Black and White Pops of Pink Garden Roses White Vase Home Decor Interior Design

Via Decoholic

You can also put some on your bedside table, kitchen or bathroom counter, dining room table, entryway console table...the options are never ending (for the most I mentioned before). Now that everyone in cyberspace knows all about my favorite fresh cut flowers, what are y’all’s favorites? I love hearing about things y’all love! Please comment and share below!

**Featured image c/o Tristan Schmurr