Stuck in a home decor rut? No clue what you’re going for in your home design? Try replicating this ultra fab, eclectic flat featured on French by Design. 

Friends, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we just aren’t sure how we want to style our homes. Don’t be bummed because you’re lacking inspiration and ideas. Our friends and fellow bloggers at French By Design featured an awesome flat in Copenhagen that belongs to Tina Seidenfaden Busck, co-founder of The Apartment. Tina’s flat is so fun and fresh because it features a lot of colorful prints and patterns, as well as a bunch of interesting and unique art! Everything about Tina’s flat makes me feel happy. This feeling reminded me of the importance of home decor and how it should make us all feel happy and joyful. With that in mind, I felt I should share the love and give you some tips on how you can re-create Tina’s fabulous home decor style in your own home!

French by Design Tinas Flat Study Area Simple Desk with Colorful Rug and Tricycle

Via French By Design

Tina has a soft spot for art, and art can be found throughout her personal space, along with some vibrant colorful accessories such as the beautiful vintage boucherouite rug. Tina loves to mix different era finds, from the 1920-30s to Danish design or mid-century American pieces.

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From the bright colors to the quirky home accessories, it is clear that Tina’s style is the very definition of fun and eclectic! If you are interested in bringing this fun, cute style into your own apartment, here’s what I think you should consider doing.

Embrace color - This is probably the most fundamental tip I can give you so that you can replicate Tina’s vibrant style. Tina is not afraid of color what-so-ever! Splashes of color are literally all over her floor, bookshelves, and home furnishings. The reason Tina can pull off this vibrant color scheme is because her white walls and dark wood floors provide a solid backbone that can support the multitude of colors in her flat. So if you have white walls and a bare canvas to work with, not to worry, you’re on the right track to achieving Tina’s awesome home decor style. Just get your hands on some bold, colorful pieces and get a little color crazy in your home.

French by Design Colorful Home Accessories in the Living Room White Couch with Bold Throw Pillows


​Give your floor some lovin’ - My favorite part of Tina’s flat is her boucherouite rug. That baby is absolutely stunning! It looks like a lush piece of art lying on her floor. From the texture to the colors, I adore everything about that rug. Fun fact about boucherouite rugs by Secret Berbère is that they originate from the mountains of Morocco! These “Berber” rugs are considered an art form and are very precious. Additionally, these rugs are very, very expensive. Not everyone is going to have the budget to have one of these beauties in their home. If you can't have a boucherouite rug you can still give your floor some love by incorporating a vibrant rug that interests you—whether it has a chevron, floral, or textured print, just make sure to pick whichever colorful rug suits your fancy!

French by Design Colorful Rug with Chevron Stripes


Mix n’ match furniture from different eras & styles - Tina knows a thing or two about elegantly combining pieces from different styles and eras. In Tina’s flat, you may notice that she takes the “best” of a certain style and time period and mixes these odd treasures together to beautifully create a happy, feminine look in her flat. Doing what Tina is doing is very common in eclectic spaces.

French by Design Eclectic Living Room with Contemporary Touches Chevron Striped Rug Leopard Print Pillows Yellow Lamps


Use art to express yourself - According to French By Design, Tina loves art. If you’d like your space to mimic Tina’s flat, I’d suggest creatively mixing and matching art, quotes, and whatever catches your fancy in order to create a stunning and fun wall gallery.

French by Design Tinas Wall Gallery

Via French By Design

I could go on and on about how to create a stunning wall gallery, but, for the sake of staying on topic, I’m going to leave this point and allow a few photos of wall galleries to inspire you instead!

French by Design Eclectic Colorful Wall Gallery with Paintings

Via Glamour

Have fun with fabrics - This last tip is especially crucial if you are trying to replicate Tina’s fun and fresh style. Why? Because Tina chose floral prints that featured a vast array of textures—some embroidered, some quilted, and some that were screen printed. When choosing your home accessories, specifically pillows, opt for floral variations with fun, bright colors and different textures. The mix of patterns will add a lot of character and visual interest to your home decor.

French by Design Eclectic Colorful Pillows and Textiles

Via French By Design

There you have it friends! You now officially have everything you need in order to re-create your own personalized version of Tina Seidenfaden Busck’s flat. I’m so glad that French By Design featured this flat. This really is only one of the many great home features and blog posts they have on their site. I strongly encourage you to go check out their blog and get more awesome home ideas and inspiration. Have fun decorating!

Were you inspired by French By Design’s featured flat? Let us know in the comments below! Be sure to share this post with all your friends and family so they can be inspired by French by Design’s interior design as well! Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time, friends.

**Thanks so much to the peeps at French By Design for inspiring this post. The featured image is via French By Design as well.